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(from Lynch's Ready Guide to Victoria and British Columbia, 1892)

extracted by Hugh Armstrong

    What did visitors to Victoria in the late 1800's expect to see?
    Here is what this tourist guide recommended. 

BEACON HILL PARK - Overlooking Straits of San Juan de Fuca, commands a view of surpassing beauty and grandeur. The park is a popular resort of the people of Victoria and games of all kinds are constantly going on there in the day-time. Nature and art have combined in making it one of the loveliest parks on the Pacific coast. 

CLOVER POINT - A short distance east of Beacon Hill. 

FOWL BAY - Is a charming spot, and the drive there is delightful. 

GORGE - The beauty of the scenery surrounding the Gorge is exquisite, and a drive there will well repay the pleasure-seeker. A most enjoyable way of going there is by row-boat from Victoria harbor. It is the picnic camping ground of the residents of Victoria, and visitors to the city should not fail to see this beautful spot. 

HOLLAND POINT - Commands a fine view of the Straits and entrance to the harbor. 

OLD CEMETERY - Quadra street. Now never used, but well worth a visit by strangers. 

ROSS BAY - Where the new cemetery is, will amply repay visiting, as the drive is a charming one. 

CAREY CASTLE - Residence of the Lieutenant-Governor. 

DUNSMUIR CASTLE - Erected by the late Hon. Robert Dunsmuir, with its beautiful grounds, is the finest residence in Victoria and cost over half a million dollars. 

PROVINCIAL MUSEUM - Government Buildings; contains a most interesting collection of minerals, fossils, Indian curios, specimens of natural history, etc., which should be seen by all visitors. 

VICTORIA GARDENS - A pleasure resort on the Gorge road. 

CORDOVA BAY, OAK BAY, CADBORO BAY - Are beautiful drives for the visitor to take. 

MOUNT TOLMIE PARK - Probably the finest view of Victoria and surrounding country can be had from the top of Mount Tolmie, and the drive there is a delightful one. 

ROCK BAY - On the road to Esquimalt. 

ESQUIMALT - No visitor should fail to pay a visit to the British naval station, where the Dominion Government have built an immense dry-dock, 100 feet in length, 26 in depth, and 90 wide at the entrance. There are always several man-of war lying in Esquimalt harbor, and visitors are not only allowed on board, but every attention paid to them in showing them over the ships. It can be reached in fifteen minutes by tram car, but the drive by hack will also be found most enjoyable. 

OUTER WHARF - Where ocean steamers land will repay a visit. 

INDIAN RESERVE - A large number of Indians are generally camped on this reserve, which is situated on the west side of the harbor. 

AGRICULTURAL GROUNDS - Contains a fine exposition building. The electric cars run out to the grounds. 

CALEDONIA PARK - Is used daily during the summer months for athletic sports. 

SHAWNIGAN LAKE - Is a delightful spot on the E. & N. Railway, and is well worth a trip. There is a hotel, pleasue boats and good fishing in the lake. 

DUNCAN'S - Is another place worthy of a visit, there being excellent fishing in the neighborhood. In fact, a couple or three days can be well spent in visiting one or two of the beautiful places on the E. & N R.R. line. The scenery along the road at several points in grand. 

GOLDSTREAM - Also on the E. & N R.R. line, where there is a comfortable hotel and good fishing. 

SAANICH [North and South] - The drive out the Saanich road is one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood of Victoria. 


    • Hacks $1.50 per hour, so long as required. 
    • Driving one or two persons any place within the city limits 50 cents. 
    • For every passenger over two, 25 cents each. 
    • To or from any steamer or train, 50 cents per head, not including special orders. 
    • Balls, parties and theatres, one person to and from $2; two persons to and from, $2.50; three persons to and from $3; four persons to and from, $3.50. 
    • For weddings, to and from, each carriage $5. 
    • For funerals, to and from cemetery, each carriage $4. 
    • Trunks taken from any wharf, train, or house to any point within the city limits, 25 cents each; baggage carried in the hand of a person being conveyed in a licensed vehicle free. 
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