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Victoria Court Registry
Orders Issued in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1877-1931
Volume 5

Vol. 5 Pages 002, 3 Petitioner: wife
Perkins Alfred Ernest and --- Nellie
Married 31 May 1882 at Ottawa, ON Dissolved: 18 Jan 1924

Vol. 5 Pages 005, 10 Petitioner: wife
Sweetser Charles Walton and Wilson Janey
Married 8 Jan 1920 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): Mary Louise Lancaster
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null & void, 12 Feb 1924, because Charles Walton Sweetser was already married to Mary Louise Lancaster, who was then still living.
MR: Charles Walton Sweetser, 51, bach., farmer, r.Eberts, BC, b.Belfast, ME, USA, Epis, s.o. Charles Webb Sweetser, mariner & Louisa Walton mar Janey Wilson, 49, wid, r.Eberts, b.Bruce Mines, ON, Meth, d.o. William Edward Tremelling, farmer & Jane Semons, 8 Jan 1920, Victoria.
DRI: Charles W. Sweetser, 19 Sep 1945, 74, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 007, 13 Petitioner: wife
McIntosh George Spencer and Clapp Margaret Edna
Married 7 Oct 1914 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 21 Feb 1924
Remarks: Children: Margaret Adelaide.
DR: Margaret Adelaide McIntosh, 20, b.Victoria, 22 Apr 1918, d.Victoria, 10 Jul 1938, r.737 McClure St, Victoria, single, student, d.o. George McIntosh, b.USA & Edna Clapp, b.Toronto.
DN, Times, 11 Jul 1938, p.11: Margaret Adelaide (Billie) McIntosh, 20, b.& d.Victoria, r.737 McClure St, Victoria, leaves mother: Mrs Edna McIntosh, 737 McClure St.

Vol. 5 Pages 015, 20, 26 Petitioner: husband
Mason Ernest and Capewell Florence
Married 16 May 1910 Dissolved: 22 Apr 1924
Co-respondent(s): George C. Thomas
Remarks: Her name was entered as Florence Mason (otherwise known as Florence Thomas, formerly Florence Capewell). Florence married George C. Thomas were married in WA, USA and had a daughter, Dorothy, b.WA, USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 016, 18 Petitioner: husband
Robertson George Edward Livingstone and Connors Mabel Johanna
Married 16 Feb 1906 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 27 Mar 1924
Co-respondent(s): William Edward Gardner
Remarks: See Gardner divorce, v.5, p.24. See their other petition for divorce v.3, p.250.

Vol. 5 Pages 017, 23 Petitioner: husband
Harknett Arthur and Peacock Sarah Elizabeth
Married 11 Mar 1918 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 4 Apr 1924
Co-respondent(s): William Irvin Wright
Remarks: Child: Evelyn Isabell.
MR: Arthur Harknett, 26, bach., teamster, r.977 Cloverdale Ave, Victoria, b.N. DEV, ENG, CE, s.o.Henry Harknett, farmer & Susan Evelyn Major mar Sarah Elizabeth Pearl Peacock, 21, spin., r.920 Cloverdale Ave, Victoria, b.Sault Ste Marie, ON, Psb, d.o.James William Walton Peacock, farmer & Jane Isabella Hughes, 11 Mar 1918, Victoria.
MR: Arthur Harknett, div, 32, CE, r.2514 Rock Bay Ave, Victoria, b.Bradford, ENG, s.o. Harry Harknett, b.ENG & Susan Evelyn Mayer mar Mary Isabella Scott, spin., 16, Psb, r.2054 Trafalgar St, Vancouver, b.Glasgow, SCT, d.o. Thomas Scott, b.Edinburgh, SCT & Jessie Hoyle, b.Glasgow, SCT, 30 Oct 1924, Victoria.
DRI: Arthur Harknett, 3 Jul 1972, 80, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 019, 28, 30 Petitioner: wife
Porter George William and Beadle Minnie Jane
Married 28 Sep 1904 at Caterham, SRY, ENG Dissolved: 8 May 1924
Remarks: Children: Violet Rose & George Alfred. See v.5, p.48 for her other divorce.

Vol. 5 Pages 021, 82, 92, 393 Petitioner: husband
Anderson Jack Emmanuel and Dawson Margaret
Married 8 Sep 1918 at Mort Lake, ENG Dissolved: 12 Jun 1925
Remarks: WWI Attestation: Jack Emanuel Anderson, b.Gottenberg, SWE, 6 Dec 1888, r.corner 5th & Couch, Portland, OR, USA, blacksmith, single. NOK: John Anderson, Clinton,
MN, USA, brother. Papers signed: 20 Mar 1918, Victoria. They were divorced a second time on 6 Feb 1931, and had been married on 12 Jun 1925 and also 8 Sep 1918 at Mort Lake, ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 022, 27 Petitioner: wife
Johnson Willy Konrad and Poirier Cecilia
Married 4 Dec 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 23 Apr 1924
Co-respondent(s): Ruth Vernon
Remarks: MR: Konrad Willy Johnson, 25, r.Victoria, b.Bergen, NOR, bach., engineer, Lu, s.o.Ingemar Johnson & Ella Johnson mar Cecilia Poirier (d,D1, p.1, l.35), 18, r. & b.Sooke, spin., RC, d.o. Joseph Poirier & Ella Fatioux, 4 Dec 1912, Victoria.
MN, Times, 5 Jul 1917, p.12: William Henry Dilley of Scarff, BC, mar Victoria McLeod Porrier, d.o. the late Joseph Porrier (d,D1, p.1, l.28-35 for family) & Mrs Porrier of Sooke, 4 Jul 1917 Victoria.
DN, Times, 11 Aug 1921, p.9: Mrs Victoria Dilley, 37, w.o. William Henry Dilley, b.Sooke, d.10 Aug 1921, r.Sooke.
MR: William Henry Dilley, retired, wid, 48, CE, r.Sooke, b.London, ENG, s.o. Willaim Dilley, b.London, ENG & Sarah Abbot, b.COR, IRL mar Cecilia Johnson, wid, 28, RC, r. & b.Sooke, d.o. Joseph Poirier, b.QC & Ellen Vantrain, b.Portland, OR, USA, 13 Aug 1923, Victoria. Note this was before she had obtained her divorce from Johnson.
MR: William Henry Dilley, retired, wid, 49, Ang, r.Sooke, b.London, ENG, s.o. Willaim Dilley, b.London, ENG & Sarah Abbot, b.COR, IRL mar Cecilia Johnson, wid, 28, RC, r. & b.Sooke, d.o. Joseph Poirier, b.QC & Ellen Vantrain, b.Portland, OR, USA, 23 May 1924, Victoria.
DN, Times, 30 May 1938, p.11: William Henry Dilley, d.Sooke, 65, b.Eng, leaves wid, stepson & stepdau.
DRI: Cecilia Dilley, 27 Mar 1976, 82, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 024, 25, 29, 31 Petitioner: wife
Gardner William Edward and Thomas Charlotte Ann
Married 16 Sep 1899 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 1 May 1924
Co-respondent(s): Mabel Johanna Robertson
Remarks: Children: George Morris & Ilace Elvina. See Robertson divorce, v.5, p.16.
1901CEN: Gardner family, d.12, p.22, l.27-29.
MR: William Edward Gardner, 28, r.Victoria, b.Louisburg, NS, bach., Meth, marine captain, s.o. William Edward & Elbina R. mar Charlotte Ann Thomas, 21, r.Victoria, b.Eldersly Twp, Bruce Co, ON, spin., Meth, d.o. James Edward & Emma, 16 Sep 1899, Victoria.
1900DIR: Gardiner, W.E., master Str. 'City of Nanaimo', h.39 North Park.
MR: William Edward Gardner, mariner, div, 53, Meth, r.Victoria, b.NS, s.o. William E. Gardner, b.NS & Elvena Gardner, b.NS mar Mabel Johana Robertson, div, 38, Psb, r.Victoria, b.USA, d.o. William Connors, b.USA & Marie Connors, b.GER, 2 May 1924, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 033, 41, 43 Petitioner: wife
Burke William Patrick and Lovick Norah Maud
Married 16 Aug 1919 at London, ENG Dissolved: 5 Nov 1924
Remarks: MR: Arthur Hubert George Cutt, tinsmith, bach., 30, religion - City Temple, r.1327 Bay St, Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. Ernest Cutt, b.ENG & Louise Parsons, b.ENG mar Norah Maud Burke, saleslady, divorced, 24, City Temple, r.1737 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. Joseph Lovick, b.ENG & Blanche Jones, b.ENG, 11 Feb 1925, Victoria.
DN, Times, 28 Sep 1948, p.18: Arthur Hubert George Cutt, 54, r.Cordova Bay, Victoria, b.ENG, leaves wife, Norah, parents Mr & Mrs E.L. Cutt, Victoria.
DRI: William Patrick Burke, 19 Nov 1982, 95, North Cowichan.

Vol. 5 Pages 034, 38, 75 Petitioner: husband
Roberts Albert and Frederickson Hilda
Married 28 Mar 1910 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 2 Dec 1925
Co-respondent(s): H. Finnell
Remarks: Children: Esther Mary, 11 & David Olaf, 10.
MR: Albert William Roberts, 37, r.Victoria, b.Manchester, ENG, bach., bailler, Meth, s.o. Edward & Mary mar Hilda Marie Frederickson, 27, r.Victoria, b.SWE, spin. Lu, d.o. Olaf & Matilda, 28 Mar 1910, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 036, 40, 85 Petitioner: wife
Tivy William Elliott and --- Eva
Married 24 Mar 1913 at Rivers, MB Dissolved: 16 Oct 1924 Absolute: 19 Jun 1925
Remarks: Children: Violet & Henry.

Vol. 5 Pages 039, 132 Petitioner: husband
Dane Bernard Thomas and Gregory Dora
Married 20 Jul 1918 at Bredgar, KEN, ENG
Remarks: Filed 14 Oct 1924; last entry 10 May 1926. This marriage was ordered null & void by reason of frigidity or impotence of Dora.
WWI Attestation: Bernard Thomas Dane, b.Belvedere, KEN, ENG, 27 Jan 1889, r.St. Josef Bay, BC, non conformist, farmer, single. NOK: E.E. Dane, father, c.o. Vickers Ltd., Cost Dept., Barrow-in-Furness, ENG. Papers signed: 9 Feb 1918, Victoria.
DRI: Bernard Thomas Dane, 26 Dec 1976, 87, New Westminster.

Vol. 5 Pages 042, 46 Petitioner: wife
Williams Frederick and --- Harriett Frances
Married 19 Sep 1917 at St. Botolph, Bishopgate, London, ENG Dissolved: 18 Nov 1924
Remarks: MR: Frederick Williams, soldier, divorced, 41, CE, r.o.810 Phoenix St, Esquimalt, b.London, ENG, s.o.Alfred Williams, b.London, ENG, mother n/k mar Annie Elizabeth Thomson, domestic, divorce, 23, CE, r.810 Phoenix St, Esquimalt, b.Halifax, ENG, d.o.Albert S---fe, b.DBY, ENG & Mary Ellen Skinner, b.YKS, ENG, 23 Dec 1925, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 044, 68 Petitioner: wife
Temple James Pennington and Little Nellie
Married 11 Jun 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 16 Mar 1925
Remarks: 1901CEN: Temple family, d.3, p.13, l.29-33.
MR: James Penington Temple, 25, r.678 MacPherson Dr, Victoria, b.Liverpool, ENG, bach., book binder, CE, s.o. Benjamin Temple & Sarah Penington mar Nellie Little, 24, r.Victoria, b.Brighton, SSX, ENG, spin., CE, d.o.George Little & Jane Crowley, 11 Jun 1912, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 047, 65, 91 Petitioner: husband
Parker Howard and --- Jetska Johanna
Married 13 Mar 1908 at Hitchen, HEF, ENG Dissolved: 16 Jul 1925
Co-respondent(s): L.C. Calmyre
Remarks: Children: John Howard & Phyllis Mary.

Vol. 5 Pages 048, 50, 54, 55 Petitioner: husband
Bray Roderick and Beadle Minnie Jane
Remarks: Filed 21 Nov 1924; last entry 17 Dec 1924. This petition was dismissed. Roderick Bray had claimed that Minnie Jane was married to George William Porter when he married her (see v.5, p.19).
1901CEN: Roderick Bray, d.8, p.9, l.47.
MR: Roderick Bray, teamster, bach., 28, Psb, r.1160 Pandora St, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. Richard Bray, b.CON, ENG & Mary Black, b.Victoria mar Mary Jean Porter, divorced, 29, Psb, r.2217 Clark St, Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. Alfred Beadle, b.ENG & Mary Warne, b.ENG, 7 Jun 1924, Vancouver.
DR: Roderick Bray, 74, b.Victoria, 29 Dec 1896, d.Saanich, 20 Aug 1971, r.2869 Sooke Rd, Victoria, single, agriculture, s.o. Richard Bray, b.CON, ENG & Mary Black, b.Victoria, informant: E. Bray, 1232 Rudlin St, Victoria, son.

Vol. 5 Pages 049, 53, 60 Petitioner: husband
Briggs Albert Leonard and --- Edith
Married 9 Feb 1917 at Seaford, ENG Dissolved: 3 Feb 1925
Co-respondent(s): Richard Stewart
Remarks: Child: Frank.
WWI Attestation: Albert Briggs, b.Haworth, YKS, ENG, 25 Jun 1885, painter, single. NOK: Mr L. Briggs, Ryshworth Hall, Bingley, YKS, ENG . Papers signed: 25 Nov 1915, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 051 Petitioner: husband
Fagan Joseph A. and James Edith Martha
Married 15 Jan 1916 at Ladysmith, BC
Co-respondent(s): R. Wilkinson
Remarks: Filed 24 Nov 1924.
MR: Joseph Alexander Fagan, 22, bach., train conductor, r.Ladysmith, b.Victoria, RC, s.o. Gerald Fagan, farmer & Mary McDermott mar Edith Martha James, 19, spin., r.Ladysmith, b.Northfield, Ang, d.o. Frederick William James, miner & Tenna Rhodes, 15 Jan 1916, Ladysmith. Noted added: Marriage dissolved at Nanaimo, 29 Jan 1915.

Vol. 5 Pages 052, 61 Petitioner: wife
Gallicano John and Polkinghorne Rosina
Married 8 Jun 1912 at Chase River, BC Dissolved: 3 Feb 1925
Remarks: His name was entered as John Gallicano (otherwise known as John Gilligan). The year of marriage was entered as 1912. Children: Verna Elizabeth Ann, b.27 Jul 1912; Charles Earl, 4 Mar 1913 & Thelma Bernice, b.6 Dec 1914.
MR: John Gallicano, 22, r.Victoria, b.Detroit, MI, USA, bach., can inspector, Psb, s.o. Victor & Annie mar Rose Polkinghorne, 19, r. & b.Nanaimo, spin., Meth, d.o. James & Mary, 8 Jun 1911, Nanaimo.
WWI Attestation: John Gallicano, b.Windsor, ON, 10 Oct 1889, r.Nanaimo, car builder. NOK: Rose Gallicano, 37 Strickland, Nanaimo, wife. Papers signed: 20 Dec 1915, Victoria.
DRI: John Gallicano, 13 Dec 1936, 46, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 057, 74 Petitioner: wife
Hare Frank Leslie and Denning Mabel Florence
Remarks: Filed 13 Jan 1925; last entry 19 Mar 1925. See v.5, p.202 for his second divorce. Her name was entered as Mabel Florence Denning (otherwise known as Mabel Florence Hare). The marriage was ordered null & void, 19 Mar 1925, as Frank Leslie Hare was already married to Margaret Burford Pearce (see v.5, p.202 for the Hare - Burford divorce).
DR: Frank Leslie Hare, 70, b.Kemlis, SK, d.Surrey, 28 Sep 1957, r.578 Johnston Rd, Surrey, farmer, h.o. Anna Katherine Kisslinger, s.o. William Richard Hare, b.Pictou, ON & Alice Bertha Garratt, b.ON.

Vol. 5 Pages 058, 66, 70 Petitioner: husband
Manser Albert Reginald and Rendle Ivy Frances May
Married 23 Aug 1922 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 6 Apr 1925
Co-respondent(s): Frank Herman Smith
Remarks: Child: Douglas George.
MR: Albert Reginald Manzer, electrician, bach., 22, Psb, r.2465 Florence St, Victoria, b.Maple Creek, SK, s.o. Luher Sydney Manzer, b.Nashwaak, NB & Charlotte Elizabeth McBean, Nashwaak, NB mar Ivy Frances May Rendle, stenographer, spin., 17, Psb, r.Victoria, b.Pitney, SOM, ENG, d.o. George W.F. Rendle, b.ENG & Rose Hannah Force?, b.Cullompton, DEV, ENG, 23 Aug 1922, Victoria.
DRI: Albert Reginald Manzer, 13 Jan 1973, 72, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 059, 69, 87 Petitioner: wife
Perry Charles Kenneth and Warnock Helen Kier
Married 6 Aug 1924 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 29 Jun 1925
Remarks: Charles Kenneth Perry was in the Penitentiary of Washington State at Walla Walla, WA, USA.
MRI: Charles Kenneth Perry mar Helen Kier Warnock, 6 Aug 1924, Saanich.
MRI: Richard A. English mar Helen Kier Warnock, 25 Aug 1926, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 062, 64 Petitioner: wife
Chapman William Thomas and Cameron Bella May
Married 16 Sep 1907 at Cobble Hill, BC Dissolved: 24 Feb 1925
Co-respondent(s): Thelma Gould
Remarks: Children: Mable Ada, Mary Bernice, Myrtle Edith & Ivy Elizabeth.
MR: William T. Chapman, 32, r.Cobble Hill, b.Bothwell, ON, bach., farmer, Meth, s.o. W.T. Chapman & Sarah E. Slater mar Isabel May Cameron, 27, r.Cobble Hill, b.Pictou, NS, spin., Psb, d.o. S.D. Cameron & M.A.S. Uqhart?, 18 Sep 1907, Mill Bay.
DRI: Bella May Chapman, 17 Sep 1954, 74, Duncan.
DRI: William Thomas Chapman, 15 Sep 1944, 69, Cobble Hill.

Vol. 5 Pages 063, 67 Petitioner: wife
Nelson Charles Gordon and McTavish Jessie Christina Marguerite
Married 17 Oct 1906 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 17 Mar 1925
Remarks: DR: Jessie Christina Nelson, 82, b.Russelldale, ON, 19 Oct 1885, d.Victoria, 29 May 1968, r.732 Yates St, Victoria, occ. - King's Printer, divorced from Charles Gordon Nelson, d.o. John Douglas McTavish, b.ON & Annie McGregor, b.SCT.

Vol. 5 Pages 071, 76, 81 Petitioner: wife
Ponton Gerald Mungo and Taylor Edith Melusina
Married 18 Feb 1913 Dissolved: 5 Jun 1925
Remarks: The petition stated that Gerald Mungo Ponton had divorced at Fort Worth, TX, USA, 12 Jul 1925 and married Muriel Standley at Dallas, TX, 19 Jul 1925. Note: the year 1925 could not be possible - possibly 1924.
DR: Edith Taylor Ponton, b.Victoria, 10 Jun 1892, d.Victoria, 6 Jul 1948, r.1160 Richardson, Victoria, wid of Gerald Mungo Ponton, d.o.William John Taylor, b.Belleville, ON & Myra Hopkins, b.San Francisco, CA, USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 072, 77, 114 Petitioner: wife
Philion Hayter Oscar and Stephenson Nellie Anderson
Married 10 Jul 1913 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 19 May 1925 Absolute: 19 Jan 1926
Remarks: Child: John Stephenson.
MR: Hayter Oscar Philion, 25, r.Victoria, b.Ottawa, bach., mechanic, Psb, s.o. Alpho Philion & M. Fackman mar Nellie Anderson Stephenson, 18, r.Victoria, b.Alexandria, DNB, SCT, spin, Psb, d.o. John Stephenson & Grace Anderson, 10 Jul 1913, Victoria.
MR: Hayter Oscar Philion, contractor, bach., 39, religion - none, r.1259 Robson St, Vancouver, b.Hull, QC, s.o. Alphonse Philion, b.CAN & Emily Falconer, b.CAN mar Mary Hilda Moffit, div, 28, religion - none, r.Victoria, b.Western, ON, d.o. Cecil de Tuffard Cunningham, b.ENG & Annie Mellon, b.ENG, 10 May 1927, Vancouver. DRI: Hayter Oscar Philion, 19 Dec 1959, 71, Vancouver.
DRI: Hayter Oscar Philion, 19 Dec 1959, 71, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 078, 83, 119 Petitioner: husband
Pears William John and Walton Mabel
Married 21 Nov 1918 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 10 Jun 1925 Absolute: 15 Feb 1926
Co-respondent(s): A.E. Read
Remarks: Child: Kenneth Walter
MR: William John Pears, warehouseman, divorced, 26, CE, r.Victoria, b.Workington, CUL, ENG, s.o. Richard William Pears, Cockermouth, CUL, ENG & Margaret Elizabeth Currey, b.DUR, ENG mar Gertrude Elizabeth Lewis, saleslady, spin, 28, CE, r.Victoria, b.Hednesford, STS, ENG, d.o. Thomas Lewis, b.ear Mold?, FLN, WLS & Margaret Cameron, b.near Montreal, QC, 3 Apr 1926, Victoria.
MR: Archibald Edward Read, truck driver, bach., 26, CE, r.2341 Western Ave, North Vancouver, b.ENG, s.o. Edward Read, b.ENG & Florence Maud Albra, b.ENG mar Mabel Pears, divorced, 28, Meth, b.ENG, r.5080 Chambers St, South Vancouver, d.o. William Henry Walton, b.ENG & Mary Louise Pilling, b.ENG, 22 Apr 1926, Vancouver.
DRI: William John Pears, 19 Dec 1968, 70, Coquitlam.

Vol. 5 Pages 079, 93 Petitioner: wife
Tallett John Henry Keen and Cunningham Margaret Alice
Married 6 Dec 1919 at St. Mary's Church, Liscard, CHS, ENG Dissolved: 10 Jun 1925
Remarks: DRI: John Henry Tallett, 4 Jun 1938, 78, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 080, 84 Petitioner: wife
Meakin Reginald Abbotts and McIllree Violet Cecilia
Married 3 Sep 1913 at Oak Bay, BC Dissolved: 18 Jun 1925
Remarks: WWI Attestation: Reginald Abbotts Meakin, b.Dublin, IRL, 22 Sep 1888, clerk. NOK: Mrs R.A. Meakins, wife, 1031 Carberry Gardens, Victoria. Papers signed: 16 Nov 1914, Victoria.
MR: Reginald Abbotts Meakin, 26, bach., civil service, r.1601 Pembroke St, Victoria, b.Burton-on-Trent, STS, ENG, CE, s.o. George Meakin, dec. (brewer) & Frances Ann Abbotts mar Violet Cecilia McIllree, 26, spin., r.1631 Carberry Gardens, Victoria, b.Maple Creek, SK, CE, d.o. John Henry McIllree, retired, late asst. commissioner R.N.W.M.P. & Lily Humphrys, 3 Sep 1913, Oak Bay.
DRI: Reginald Abbotts Meakin, 20 Jun 1934, 43, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 086, 96 Petitioner: husband
Herd Alexander Hope Crawford and Peterson Lou Violet
Married 9 Nov 1910 at Duncan, BC
Co-respondent(s): Archibald Burnett
Remarks: Children: Harold Henry & Donald Crawford. Filed 23 Jun 1925; last entry 9 Oct 1925.
1901CEN: Alexander H. Herd, d.10, p.2, l.21.
MR: Alexander Hope Crawford Herd, 28, bach., printer, r.Duncan, b.Victoria, Cong., s.o. George Herd, carpenter & mar Lou Viola Peterson, 21, spin., r.Duncan, Psb, b.Port Townsend, WA, USA, d.o. John Henry Peterson, accountant, 9 Nov 1910, Duncan.
MN, Times, 11 Nov 1910, p.18: Lou Viola Peterson, y.d.o. Mr & Mrs J.H. Peterson mar A. Hope Crawford Herd, of the Cowichan Leader.
DRI: Alexander Hope Herd, 20 Dec 1967, 83, Nanaimo.

Vol. 5 Pages 088, 97, 104, 170 Petitioner: wife
Cameron Thomas and Tysoe Dorothy Kathleen
Married 20 Jun 1917 at Saanich, BC Dissolved: 18 Nov 1926 Absolute: 24 Nov 1926
Remarks: Thomas Cameron's residence was listed as 1420 Palm St, Seattle, WA, USA.
MN, Times, 25 Jun 1917, p.8:: Sgt.-Major T. Cameron mar Dorothy Kathleen, d.o. Mr & Mrs S. Tysoe, r.454 Gorge Rd, 20 Jun 1917, Victoria.
MR: Thomas Cameron, 34, bach., Reg.- Sergeant Major, r.Sans Bruit, QC, b.Ballymena, IRL, Psb, s.o. James Cameron, farmer & Mary Jane Charters mar Dorothy Kathleen Tysoe, 27, spin., teacher, r.Victoria, b.Rumer Hall, WAR, ENG, Ang, d.o. Samuel Tysoe, gardener & Elizabeth Kate Smith, 20 Jun 1917, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 089, 103, 143 Petitioner: wife
Knight Joseph and Dunn Florence Lillian Mary
Married 18 Sep 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 10 May 1926
Remarks: Joseph Knight was living in Manchester, LAN, ENG at the time of the divorce.
MN, Times, 2 Sep 1912, p.10: Joseph Knight mar Lillian Dunn, sister of W.E. Dunn, Fifth St, Victoria, 18 Sep 1912, Victoria.
MR: Joseph Knight, 31, r.Victoria, b.ENG, bach., carpenter, Meth, s.o. Joseph Knight & Annie Stranghton mar Florence Lillian Mary Dunn, 21, r.Victoria, b.Toronto, ON, Meth, spin., d.o. James Dunn & Sarah Wallis, 18 Sep 1912, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 090, 99, 118 Petitioner: wife
Porter Geoffrey and Law Annie Mary Edith
Married 22 Sep 1915 at Vancouver, BC
Remarks: A judicial separation was ordered 17 Dec 1925. Children: Geoffrey McEwan & John.
MR: Geoffrey Porter, 31, bach., chief electrical engineer, BCER, r.62 Kensington Pl, Vancouver, b.Wartling, SSX, ENG, CE, s.o. John Robinson Porter, clerk in Holy Orders & Mima McEwan mar Annie Mary Edith Law, 21, spin., r.24 Florence Court, Georgia St, Vancouver, b.Swatow, CHN, CE, d.o. Donaldson Riddall Law, merchant & Jessie Jane Taylor, 22 Sep 1915, Vancouver.
DRI: Annie Mary Edith Porter, 20 Feb 1980, 86, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 094, 105, 106 Petitioner: husband
Palmer (Reed-Palmer) Thomas Reid and --- Mary
Married 22 Sep 1911 at Edmonton, AB Dissolved: 8 Dec 1925
Remarks: Child: Norah Emily.
1901CEN: Irving family, d.6, p.5, l.41-3.
BR: (late reg. 1947): Diana Ogilvy Irving, b.Victoria, 14 Aug 1895, d.o.Paulus Aemilius Irving, r.46 Cook St, Victoria, 38, b.Hamilton & Diana Hamley, 32, b.New Westminster.
MRI: Walter William Brentzen mar Diana Ogilvy Irving, 16 Nov 1919, Victoria.
MR: Thomas Reed Palmer, broker, bachelor divorced, 41, Ang, r.Vancouver, b.ENG, s.o. Albert Reed-Palmer, b.ENG & Emily Reed, b.ENG mar Mrs Diana Ogilvie Brentzen, journalist, divorced, 30, Ang, r.Vancouver, r.Victoria, d.o.Paulus Aemelius Irving, b.Hamilton, ON & Diana Hamley, b.Victoria, 30 Jan 1926, Nanaimo. 1926DIR: (BC Directory): Thos. Reed-Palmer, 2830 Spruce, Vancouver.
MR: Walter William Brentzen, pensioner, wid, 32, UCC, r. & b.Port Simpson, s.o. Hans Peter Brentzen, b.GER & Sophie Catherine, b.Port Simpson mar Selina Edith McKay, spin., 21, UCC, r.Port Simpson, b. n/g, d.o. Andrew McKay, b. Port Simpson & Lucy Wesley, b.Port Simpson, 15 Jan 1927, Prince Rupert.
DRI: Thomas Reed Palmer, 8 Sep 1953, 69, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 095, 100 Petitioner: husband
Thomson Sydney Charles and Breidfjord Sigurlena Valgurdur
Married 25 Sep 1905 Dissolved: 30 Oct 1925
Co-respondent(s): Charles Enright
Remarks: Children: Dora Dumbell & Clarence Archibald Breidfjord.
MRI: Sidney C. Thomson mar Vigurlena V. Breidfjord, 25 Sep 1905, Victoria.
DRI: Sydney Charles Thomson, 5 Jan 1958, 77, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 098 Petitioner: husband
Roberts John Edward and Chapple Chrisseda
Married 6 Apr 1918 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 19 Oct 1925
Co-respondent(s): Stan Levy
Remarks: MR: John Edward Roberts, 22, fireman, r.Victoria, b.Staffe, ENG, CE, s.o.Edward Roberts, miner, dec. & Edith Workman mar Chrisseda Chapple, 18, r.919 Market St., b.Millom, ENG, Meth, d.o. William Chapple, miner & Margaret Birkett, 6 Apr 1918, Victoria.
MR: Stanley Levy, shingle sawyer, bach., 28, Meth, r.1022 Balmoral Rd, b.Victoria, s.o. Joshua Levy, b.London, ENG & Mary Prior, b.London, ENG mar Chrisseda Roberts, divorced, 24, Meth, r.915 Market St, b.CUL, ENG, d.o. William Chapple, b.London, ENG & Margaret Birkett, b.Coniston, ENG, 22 Nov 1925, Victoria.
MR: John Edward Roberts, 29, city fireman, r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, s.o.Edward Roberts, b.ENG & Edith Workman, b.ENG mar Eleanor Weaving, waitress, 27, Ang, r.Victoria, b.Wellington, BC, d.o.Sidney Walter Weaving, b.ENG & Rosanna Woodruff, b.Woodstock, ON, 27 Jun 1927, Victoria.
DRI: Chriseda Lanora Levy, 23 Oct 1951, 49, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 101 Petitioner: husband
Snider Proctor Stuart and --- Annie
Co-respondent(s): Howard Taylor
Remarks: Filed 20 Oct 1925.

Vol. 5 Pages 102, 109, 110 Petitioner: wife
Higgs William Miller and Flowerdew Charlotte Audrey Emma
Married 20 Feb 1911 at Ashcroft, BC Dissolved: 21 Dec 1925
Remarks: MR: William Miller Higgs, 32, Walhachin, BC, b.Kensington, London, ENG, bach., farmer, religion - none, s.o. William & Charlotte Elizabeth mar Charlotte Andrea Emma Flowerdew, 27, r.Walhachin, b.Billingford, NFK, ENG, spin., CE, d.o. Arthur John Bloomfield Flowerdew & Hannah Flowerdew, 20 Feb 1911, Ashcroft.
WWI Attestation: William Miller Higgs, b.Kennington London, ENG, 23 May 1878, r.889 Transit Rd, Oak Bay, BC, contracting engineer. NOK: Charlotte Audrey Emma Higgs, wife, same address. Papers signed: 17 Jun 1918, Victoria.
MR: William Miller Higgs, farmer, div, 48, CE, r.Galiano Island, b.Kensington, London, ENG, s.o. William Higgs, b.Stockwell, CON, ENG & Charlotte Elizabeth Miller, b.Ramsgate, KEN, ENG mar Evelyn Mary Locke, spin., 35, CE, r.Galiano Island, b.Sutton, SRY, ENG, d.o. Edward Locke, b. n/g & Jessie Locke, b.Nailsworth, GLS, ENG, 7 Jan 1926, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 107,111 Petitioner: wife
Manning Frederick William and Willcox Elizabeth
Married 23 Jul 1921 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 9 Dec 1925; last entry 21 Dec 1925.
MR: Frederick William Manning, physician & surgeon, divorced, 38, Meth, r.Sidney, BC, b.Peterborough, ON, s.o. Thomas Manning, b.Bradford, ON & Johanna Doane, b.Newmarket, ON mar Elizabeth Willcox, spin., 22, Ang, r.Courtenay, b.Haydow Bridge, NBL, ENG, d.o. John Henry Wilcox, b.DOR, ENG & Hannah Willey, b.DUR, ENG, 23 Jul 1921, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 108, 113 Petitioner: wife
Davy Ernest Harold and McAllister Margaret Isabelle
Married 18 Nov 1914 at Nanaimo, BC Dissolved: 22 Dec 1925
Remarks: MR: Ernest Harold Davy (d.20, p.13, l.11), 23, bach., locomotive fireman, r. & b. Victoria, s.o. John Davy, hostler & Mary Crocker mar Margaret Isabella McAllister, 19, spin., r.Nanaimo, b.Pictou Co, NS, CE, d.o. John McAllister, miner & Elizabeth Porter, 18 Nov 1914, Nanaimo.
DRI: Ernest Harold Davy, 7 Dec 1969, 74, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 112, 140 Petitioner: wife
Sherwood George Leonard and Pinchback Ethel May
Married 21 Aug 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 9 Jun 1926
Remarks: MR: George Leonard Sherwood (d.11, p.10, l.34), checker, bach., 21, Bapt, r.1268 Pembroke, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. George Sherwood, b.ON & Sarah Olivia Sullivan, b.ON mar Ethel May Pinchback, spin., 21, Bapt, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, d.o. Frederick William Pinchback, b.ENG & Eleanor Freguson, b.ENG, 31 Aug 1921, Victoria. MR: John Harold Freeson, engineer, bach., 26, Psb, r.Cowichan Lake, b.Winnipeg, MB, s.o. Jacob Freeson, b.USA & Mary Clausen, USA mar Ethel May Sherwood, div, 26, Psb, r.3524 Quebec St, Vancouver, b.Winnipeg, MB, d.o. Fred Pinchback, b.ENG & Eleanor Ferguson Wornes, b.ENG, 14 Jun 1926, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 115, 117, 124 Petitioner: wife
Gibbons Charles Henry and Coleman Sarah Agnes
Married 7 Aug 1890 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): Lillian Peacock
Remarks: Filed 22 Jan 1926; last entry 23 Feb 1926.
1891CEN: Victoria James Bay Ward, d.1, fam.131: Gibbons: Charles, 23, newspaper publisher, ON & Agnes, 20, newspaper publisher, BC.
MR: Charles Harrison Gibbons, 21, r.Victoria, b.St. Thomas, bach., newspaper reporter, Ang, s.o. William Henry Gibbons mar Agnes Sarah Coleman, 19, r. & b.Victoria, Ang, spin., d.o. George Coleman, 7 Aug 1890, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: Charles Harrison Gibbons, b.St. Thomas, ON, 9 May 1869, r.60 Beechwood, Ave, Victoria, journalist. NOK: Agnes S. Gibbons, wife, Tillicum P.O., Victoria. Papers signed: 27 Jan 1917, Victoria.
DR: Sarah Gibbons, b.Victoria, 4 Nov 1870, d.Victoria, 11 Feb 1964, r.1155 Rockland Ave, Victoria, divorced from Charles Harrison Gibbons, d.o.George Elijah Coleman, b.ENG & Elizabeth Bignell, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 116, 150 Petitioner: wife
Daly William Henry and Smith Florence Annie
Married 2 Apr 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 12 Aug 1926
Remarks: Child: Betty Alice.
1901CEN: d.14, p.4, l.26.
WWI Attestation: William Henry Daly, b.Victoria, 24 Sep 1899, r.1132 Empress Ave, Victoria, single, CE. NOK: James Arthur Daly, father, same address. Papers signed: 24 Jan 1916, Victoria.
MR: William Henry Daly, mechanic, 21, bach., CE, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. James Arthur Daly, b.NB & Amy ----, b.San Juan Island mar Florence Annie Smith, spin., 17, CE, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, d.o. Albert Edward Smith, b.ENG & Alice ---, b.ENG, 2 Apr 1921, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 120 Petitioner: husband
Smith Frederick John and Fairall Phyllis
Married 25 Oct 1918 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): Robert Shortread
Remarks: Filed 11 Mar 1926. Children: Lillian Ann; Frederick William James & Patricia. They were under the care of, Annie Rose Elizabeth Smith, 107 Pine St, Victoria, the sister of Frederick John Smith.
MR: Frederick John Smith, 19, bach, fireman, r.427 Kingston St, Victoria, b.London, ENG, CE, s.o. William James Smith, labourer & Julia Ann Denham mar Phyllis Fairall, 17, spin, r.Victoria West, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. James Fairall, shipwright & Lillian Annie Brown, 25 Oct 1918, Victoria. Note: added in 1953 - marriage dissolved at Victoria, 29 Jun 1953.

Vol. 5 Pages 121 Petitioner: wife
Smith Edwin Charley and McKerns Jessie Louie
Married 29 Mar 1924 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 22 Dec 1925
Remarks: MR: Edwin Charley Smith, mariner, bach., 27, CE, r.Victoria, b.South Africa, s.o.William Smith, b.ENG & Annie Smith, b.South Africa mar Jessie Louie McKerns, miliner, spin., 21, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o.John McKearns, b.SCT & Christina McFlores, b.South Africa, 29 Mar 1924, Victoria.
MR: Raymond Isaac Grice (d.14, p.20, l.23), seaman, bach., 29, UCC, r.2109 Vancouver St, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. John E. Grice, LIN, ENG & Josephine Victoria Walsh, b.Victoria mar Jessie Louie Smith, div, 23, Ang, r.817 Penwell St, Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. John McKerns, b.SCT & Christina Atkinson, b.South Africa, 14 Jul 1926, Victoria. DRI: Jessie Louie Grice, 2 Apr 1946, 44, Victoria.
DRI: Jessie Louie Grice, 2 Apr 1946, 44, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 122 Petitioner: husband
Kirby Henry John and Andrews Nellie Elizabeth
Married 2 Jan 1915 Dissolved: 15 Mar 1926
Co-respondent(s): George A. Frawley
Remarks: Her name was entered as Nellie Elizabeth Kirby otherwise known as Nellie Elizabeth Frawley.
BRI: May Victoria Cummins, 2 May 1901, Victoria.
MR: Henry John Kirby, 23, bach., engineer, r.Otter Point, BC, b.Tacoma, WA, USA, CE, s.o. Henry John Kirby, wood worker & Annie Topper mar Nellie Verhonick, 21, wid, r.Sooke, b.Bellingham, WA, USA, Psb, d.o.Franklin Pearce Andrews, Supt. City Water Works & Elizabeth C. Driscoll, 2 Jan 1915, Victoria.
MR: Henry John Kirby, 35, divorced, engineer & stage driver, r.Cecil Hotel, Victoria, b.Tacoma, WA, USA, CE, s.o. Henry John Kirby, Glouster City, GLS, ENG & Annie L. Tucker, Bishop Nympton, DEV, ENG mar May Victoria Murray, divorced, 25, CE, r.2813 Blackwood St, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. James Cummins, b.DOW, IRL & Janet MacDonald, DNB, SCT, 9 Mar 1927, Victoria.
DRI: Henry John Kirby, 28 Sep 1962, 70, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 123, 145, 149 Petitioner: wife
Irving Edward Bruce and Spalding Beatrice Josephine
Married 2 Feb 1914 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 30 Jun 1926
Remarks: Children: Lilies Hope, 4 y & Wymond Bruce, 10.
MR: Edward Bruce Irving, 28, bach., student-at-law, r. & b.Victoria, CE, s.o. Paulus Aemillus Irving, Justice & Diana mar Beatrice Josephine Spalding, 21, spin, r.South Pender, BC, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Arthur Reed Spalding, farmer & Lilias, 2 Feb 1914, Sidney.
WWI Attestation: Edward Bruce Irving, b.Victoria, 9 Apr 1885, student at law. NOK: Beatrice Irving, wife, r.South Pender Island, BC. Papers signed: 17 Nov 1914, Victoria.
MR: Edward Bruce Irving, barrister, div, 41, CE, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. fether n/g, b.Hamilton, ON & Diana Hambley, b.Victoria mar Kathleen Mildred Appleton, office work, 28, CE, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Francis Appleton, b.ENG & Katherine Appleton, 26 Nov 1926, Victoria.
DRI: Edward Bruce Irving, 17 Jan 1962, 76, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 125 Petitioner: wife
Woodruff Arthur Ernest and Stewart Lillian Marjorie Kathleen
Married 16 Mar 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 24 Mar 1926
Remarks: See his first divorce v.4, p.48. Child: Thelma Mary Ruth.
1901CEN: Arthur Woodruff; d.D1, p.6, l.2.
MR: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, 22, bach., teamster, r. & b.Victoria, Meth, s.o. George Woodruff, stonemason & Mary Turpin mar Jemima Brown, 23, spin, r.Victoria, b.East Sooke, d.o. Charles Brown, occ. n/g & Susan Hughes, 22 Dec 1914, Victoria.
MR: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, mechanic, wid, 29, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, s.o.George Woodruff, b.ENG & Mary, b.ENG mar Lillian Marjorie Kathleen Stewart, spin, 21, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, parents n/g, 16 Mar 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Arthur Ernest Woodruff, 20 Oct 1952, 59, Metchosin.

Vol. 5 Pages 126, 165 Petitioner: husband
Berrow Leland and Hughes Jennie Lind
Married 16 Sep 1911 at Cedar, Nanaimo District, BC Dissolved: 15 Nov 1926
Remarks: She was entered as a r.o. Los Angeles, CA, USA.
MR: Leland Berrow, 23, r.Westholme, b.San Francisco, CA, USA, bach., logger, CE, s.o. Ambrose Alexander & Jessie mar Jennie Lind Hughes, 19, r. Westholme, b.Tacoma, WA, USA, spin., Bapt, d.o. Asa & Mary Ann, 16 Sep 1911, Nanaimo District.
MR: Leland Berrow, logger, div, 38, Ang, r.Victoria, b.CA, USA, s.o. Ambrose Alexander Berrow, b.ENG & Jessie S. Hamilton, b.ENG mar Winnifred Weeks, domestic, spin., 20, Ang, r. & b. Cowichan Station, d.o. Wilfred Weeks, b.ENG & Constnce L. Blake, b.ENG, 21 Dec 1926, Nanaimo.
DRI: Leland Stanford Berrow, 29 Aug 1944, 56, Cowichan Station.

Vol. 5 Pages 127 Petitioner: wife
Whidden Robert Wallace and Kent Julia Valentine
Married 25 Sep 1918 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Apr 1926
Remarks: Child: Julia Rosanna Kent.
MR: Robert Wallace Whidden, 19, bach., gunner, R.C.G.A., r.805 Linden Ave, b.Duncan, Meth, s.o. Robert Henry Whidden, wheelwright & Robie McNeil mar Julia Valentine Kent (d.2, p.25, l.43), 19, spin., r.805 Linden Ave, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Arthur Edward Kent, contractor & Rosanna Lucy Sophia Jeeves, 25 Sep 1918, Victoria.
MN: Times, 26 Sep 1918: Signaller Robert Wallace Whidden, s.o. Mr & Mrs Whidden, Duncan mar Julia Valentine Kent, only d.o. Mr & Mrs A.E. Kent, 805 Linden Ave, 25 Sep 1918, Victoria.
DRI: Robert Wallace Whidden, 8 Jun 1980, 81, Mission.

Vol. 5 Pages 128, 129, 130, 134, 141 Petitioner: wife
Mowat Andrew Neilson and --- Ethel Winifred
Co-respondent(s): E.W. Thomas
Remarks: Court refused to grant her a judicial separation or to grant him a divorce.
WWI Attestation: Andrew Neilson Mowat, b.Falkirk, SCT, 29 Jun 1887, r.Grand Folks, BC, publisher, single. NOK: Mrs Mowat, mother, 2 P. of Wales Apts, Oldfield Ave, Montreal, QC. Papers signed: 26 Jan 1916, Grand Forks.
DR: Andrew Neilson Mowat, 85, b.Falkirk, SCT, 29 Jun 1880, d.Vancouver, 20 Jul 1965, r.211 Blackman St, New Westminster, printer, wid of Betty Whiting, s.o. William Wlike Mowat & Angew Neilson.

Vol. 5 Pages 133, 137 Petitioner: wife
Wood James William and Levers Williammen Annabella
Married 12 May 1912 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 26 May 1926
Remarks: Children: Margaret Jane, b.7 Feb 1913; Jean, 2 Aug 1914; James Andrew, 4 Dec 1916; Frances Georgine, 13 Aug 1921 & Bernard Robert Baldwin, 9 Dec 1923.
MR: James William Davidson Wood, 19, r. & b. Victoria, bach., teamster, Psb, s.o. Andrew Wood & Margaret Davis mar Williameen Annabelle Levirs, 19, r.Vancouver, b.Montreal, QC, spin., Psb, d.o. William James Levirs & Jean Gray, 11 May 1912, Vancouver.
MR: Bernard Francis Baldwin, sawier, bach., 45, RC, r.Victoria, b.NB, s.o. Henry Baldwin, b.NB & Mary Baldwin, b.NB mar Williameen Annabelle Wood, div, 33, Psb, r.Victoria, b.Montreal, QC, d.o. William Levirs, b.Boston, MA, USA & Jean Gray, b.SCT, 2 Jun 1926, Victoria.
MR: James William Davidson Wood, deck officer, div, 35, Psb, r.135 Kingston St, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. Andrew Wood, b.SCT & Margaret Davidson, b.SCT mar Beatrice Jessie Beaumont, saleslady, spin., 34, CE, r.Vancouver, b.London, ENG, d.o. Charles Beaumont, b.ENG & Kate Rolls, b.ENG, 28 Feb 1927, Vancouver.
DRI: James William D. Wood, 29 Oct 1961, 68, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 135, 148 Petitioner: husband
Stoney Edward Bowes and --- Kathleen
Married 10 Nov 1910 at Dublin, IRl Dissolved: 30 Jun 1926
Co-respondent(s): William Stanton
Remarks: Children: George Edward Bowes & Gerald Percy Robert Johnston.
WWI Attestation: Edward Bowes Stoney, b.Cloughjordan, Templeharry, Kings, IRL, 30 Mar 1886, medical student, married. NOK: Kathleen Mary Stoney, general delivery Calgary, AB. Papers signed: 15 Feb 1915, Pincher Creek, AB. and a second
WWI Attestation: Edward Bowes Stoney, b.Cloughjordan, Kings, IRL, 30 Mar 1886, medical student, married. NOK: Mrs Johnstone Stoney, Emell, Cloughjordan, IRL. Papers signed: 31 May 1916, Bramshott (UK).
DR: Gerald Percy Robert Johnston Stoney, b.Lethbridge, AB, 11 Nov 1914, d.Victoria, 19 Oct 1962, r.1260 Fort St, Victoria, h.o.Margaret Dulcinca Wake, s.o. Edward Bowes Stoney, b.IRL, mother n/k.
DR: Edward Bowes Stoney, 76, b.IRL, 30 Mar 1888, d.Saanich, 7 Nov 1965, r.2559 Lincoln Rd, Oak Bay, h.o.Elsie Lillian Cookson, b.IRL, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 136 Petitioner: husband
Scott Adam and John McGrath Alice
Married 1 Apr 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 May 1926
Remarks: 1901CEN: Adam Scott, d.11, p.19, l.17.
MR: Adam Scott, 23, r. & b.Victoria, bach., moulder, CE, s.o.Adam Scott & Mary E. Schroder mar Alice McGrath, 22, r.Victoria, b.Liverpool, ENG, spin., RC, d.o. John McGrath & Mary Ann McGrath, 1 Apr 1912, Victoria.
RBCR: Scott, Adam, 61 y, 26 Oct 1949 at Vancouver, b.Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 138 Petitioner: wife
Vinall Frank Robert and Symons Edith Lillian
Married 24 Feb 1920 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 May 1926
Remarks: Children: Raymond Gordon, b.2 Aug 1922 & Lillian Victoria, b.24 May 1921.
MR: Frank Vinall, 23, bach., piano polisher, r.973 Caledonia Ave, Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, CE, s.o. Ebinezer William Vinall, piano polisher & Caroline Pacy mar Edith Lillian Symons (d.8, p.11, l.33), 20, spin., telephone operator, r.1732 Bank St, Victoria, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. William Symons, contractor & Eliza Lawley Poynton, 25 Feb 1920, Oak Bay.
MR: Frank Vinall, rancher, div, 29, r.Lillooet, b.Winnipeg, MB, CE, s.o. Ebenezer William Vinall, b.Brighton, ENG & Caroline Pacey, b.Brighton, ENG mar Alice Ostrander, spin., 25, RC, r. & b. Lillooet, d.o. Ernest Ostrander, b.MN, USA & Margaret Featherstone, b.Lillooet, 29 Oct 1926, Ashcroft.
DRI: Frank Vinall, 23 Dec 1929, 58, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 139, 144 Petitioner: husband
Verdier Francis and St. Louis Ilene Emelie
Married 31 Jul 1897 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): William Penn Johnson & Arthur William Lutner
Remarks: Filed 7 Jun 1926, last entry 11 Jun 1926. See his second divorce v.5, p.308.
1891CEN: Saanich North & Saanich South, fam.92: Verdier: Stephan, 59, farmer, FRA; Hanoro?, 49, IRL; Frank, 26, farmer, BC; Joseph, 21, farmer, BC; Thomas, 20, farmer, BC & George, 13, BC.
MR: Francis Verdier, 32, RC, r.Shawnigan Lake, b.Saanich, bach., farmer, s.o. Etienne Verdier & Anny Chilroy? mar Anna St Louis, 19, RC, r.Shawnigan Lake, b.Little Shute, WI, USA, d.o. John B. St. Louis & Josephine Skinner, 31 Jul 1897, Victoria.
MR: Arthur William Lutner, 30, wid, salesman, r.Vancouver, b.Lethbridge, AB, Psb, s.o.Peter Lutner, mining & Augusta Anderson mar Elene Emelie Verdier, 32, wid, house keeper, Union Cong., r.Everett, WA, USA, b.Littleshoot, WA, d.o. John B. St. Louis, millwright & J.J. Skinner, 5 Jun 1918, Penticton.
MR: Francis Verdier, retired, divorced, 61, RC, r. & b.Saanich, s.o. ---- Verdier, b.FRA & Norah ----, b.IRL mar Julia Michell, wid, 42, CE, r.Victoria, b.QC, d.o. Frank Michell, b.ENG & Catherine ----, b.ENG, 20 Jan 1927, Victoria.
DR: Francis Verdier, r.West Saanich Rd, b.Saanich, 2 Apr 1865, d.Victoria, 25 Sep 1947, timber cruiser, wid, s.o.Stephen Ettiene Verdier, b.FRA & Honorah Killey, b.IRL.

Vol. 5 Pages 142, 154, 162, 171 Petitioner: wife
Goodenough Frederick George and Peach Charlotte Clara
Remarks: A judicial separation was ordered 15 Nov 1926. Children: Ruth Winnifred; Catherine Pearl; Horace Edgar & Frederick George.
DR: Charlotte Clara Goodenough, b.Flat Islands, NF, 4 Dec 1889, d.Victoria, 22 May 1969, r.1160 Richardson St, Victoria, wid Frederick George Goodenough, d.o. Charles Peach, b.NF & Margaret Lockwood, b.NF.
DR: Frederick George Goodenough (the son), r.102 - 1020 Esquimalt Rd, Esquimalt, b.Halifax, NS, 5 Mar 1918, d.Victoria, 26 Aug 1977, auditor Strathcona Hotel, h.o.Leslie Pearl Bravender, s.o. Frederick George Goodenough, b.ENG & Charlotte Peach, b.NF.

Vol. 5 Pages 146, 153 Petitioner: husband
Randy Attilio Jean Baptist and Blanloeil Zelia
Married 12 Sep 1916 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Sep 1926
Co-respondent(s): Eugene Robelin
Remarks: MR: Attilio Jean Baptist Randy, 30, bach., nurseryman, RC, r.Cloverdale, Saanich, b.Padua, ITL, s.o. Eugene Randy, nurseryman & Maria Cestari mar Zelie Blanloeil, 28, spin., r. & b.Nantes, FRA, RC, d.o. Pierre Blanloeil, dec. & Zelie Baudry, 12 Sep 1916, Victoria.
DRI: Attilio John B. Randy, 24 Jul 1973, 87, North Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 147 Petitioner: wife
Freer John Richard and Halton Ella
Married 15 Jul 1916 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 29 Jun 1926
Remarks: MR: John Richard Freer, 24, bach., receiving clerk, r.Victoria, b.Brighton, ENG, religion - New Thought, s.o. Harry, postman & Elizabeth mar Ella Mabel Halton, 21, spin., hair dresser, r.Victoria, b.Liverpool, ENG, New Thought, d.o. John , tailor & Margaret, 15 Jul 1916, Victoria.
DRI: John Richard Freer, 28 Aug 1973, 81, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 151, 152, 155, 157 Petitioner: both
Frumento David and --- Harriet Louisa
Married 30 Sep 1916 at London, ENG Dissolved: 18 Oct 1926
Co-respondent(s): A. Domingo Ordano
Remarks: Her petition was the basis for the divorce. Children: Lily Marie Antionette, b.2 Sep 1918; Pasquale Albano, b.3 Oct 1920 & Joseph David, b.3 Feb 1922.

Vol. 5 Pages 156 Petitioner: husband
Codville Francis Hilary MacDonnell and Browne Marguerite
Married 29 Jan 1916 at Sturgeon Creek, MB Dissolved: 18 Oct 1926
Co-respondent(s): John Francis Dymore Tanqueray
Remarks: Child: James Francis.
WWI Attestation: Francis Hilary MacDonnell Codville, b.Ottawa, ON, 14 Jun 1889, soldier, single. NOK: J.J. Codville, father, 443 Daly Ave, Ottawa, ON. Papers signed: 24 Sep 1914, Valcartier, QC.
MR: John Francis Dymoke Tanqueray, civil engineer, 33, CE, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, s.o.Alfred Dymoke Tanqueray, b.WLS & Fanny Sarah Wilson, b.London, ENG mar Marguerite Codville, divorced, 30, CE, r.USA, b.Victoria, d.o. James ----- ington Browne, b.SCT & Mary Scott, b.MD, USA, 19 Oct 1926, Victoria.
MR: Francis Hilary MacDonnell Codville, retired army officer (Lt.-Col., PPCLI), divorced (obtained Victoria, 18 Oct 1926), 37, CE, r.Esquimalt, b.Ottawa, ON, s.o. John James Codville, b.Quebec, QC & Edith Anna Lorrine MacDonnell, b.Ottawa mar Icel Irene Smith, school teacher, spin., 25, Bapt, r.2071 Charles St, Vancouver, b.CA, USA, d.o. George C. Smith, b.MO, USA & Icel Pearl Burchard, b.WA, USA, 30 Nov 1926, Vancouver.
DR: Francis Hiliary MacDonnell Codville, 81, b.Ottawa, ON, d.North Cowichan, 14 Jul 1970, r.Maple Bay Rd, Duncan, retired army officer, Canadian Army, h.o.Icel Irene South, s.o. ---- Codville, b.ON & ---- MacDonnell, b.CAN.
DR: Icel Irene Codville, 75, b.Kendall, WA, USA, 2 Nov 1901, d.Duncan, 6 Oct 1977, wid of Francis Hilary MacDonnell Codville, d.o. George Cleveland South, b.USA & Icel Pearl Birchard, b.USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 158, 175 Petitioner: wife
Pitt Alfred Reginald and Dermott Margaret
Married 4 Dec 1920 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 25 Oct 1926
Remarks: Child: Margaret Naida.
MR: Alfred Reginald Pitt, soldier, RCASC, 21, CE, r.Work Point Barracks, b.Coventry, ENG, s.o. Albert Pitt, b.Coventry, ENG & Mary Parks, b.Great Bridge, ENG mar Margaret Dermott, B.C. telephone operator, 21, CE, r.840 Burdette, Victoria, b,WOR, ENG, d.o. John Dermott, b.IRL & Elizabeth Fishm b.LAN, ENG, 4 Dec 1920, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 159, 160, 168 Petitioner: wife
Mecredy Thomas Tighe and Myers Mina Ellen
Married 26 Oct 1921 at Oak Bay, BC Dissolved: 23 Nov 1926
Remarks: Child: Thomas Tighe.
MR: Thomas Tighe Mecredy, dancing master, bach., 27, CE, r.3429 'S' St, Victoria, b.Dublin, IRL, s.o. Thomas Tighe Mecredy, b.Dublin, IRL & Christina Ganley, b.Lucan, Dublin, IRL mar Mina Ellen Myers, spin., 23, CE, r.3429 'S' St, Victoria, b. Halifax, NS, d.o. Collin Peter Myers, b.Fildore, NS & Levinia Ann Burgess, b.Halifax, NS, 26 Oct 1921, Oak Bay.
DRI: Mina Ellen Mecredy, 15 Oct 1976, 83, Richmond.
DRI: Thomas Tighe Mecredy, 10 Jul 1979, 85, Place Unknown.

Vol. 5 Pages 161, 166 Petitioner: wife
Laurence Arthur Basil and Gillespie Jennie Christina Winnaretta
Married 15 Jun 1906 at Okanagon Falls, BC Dissolved: 28 Oct 1926
Co-respondent(s): Bearice C. McAdam
Remarks: Children: Thelma Dorothea, b.5 Dec 1907 & Muriel Evelyn, b.15 Mar 1913.
MR: Arthur Basil Laurence, 26, r.Penticton, b.Blackheatle, ENG, bach., rancher, CE, s.o. John Philip & Evelyn mar Jennie Chrixtena Winnaretta Gillespie, 19, Penticton, b.Merlin, Kent Co., ON, spin., d.o. Dogal & Jane Elizabeth, 15 Jun 1906, Vernon District.
DRI: Arthur Basil Laurence, 24 Apr 1948, 68, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 163, 174 Petitioner: wife
Kenning Gordon Edward and Bromley Eva Pearl
Married 15 Oct 1919 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: The petition for divorce was refused and dismissed, 21 Dec 1926.
1901CEN: Bromley family, d.18, p.4, l.27-32.
MR: Gordon Edward Kenning, 23, bach., clerk, r.Victoria, b.Vancouver, Psb, s.o. James Alexander, gentleman & Catherine mar Eva Pearl Bromley, 18, spin., r. & b.Victoria, Meth, d.o. George & Theresa, 15 Oct 1919, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 164 Petitioner: husband
Hall Hubert Charles and Barnes Margaret
Married 11 Oct 1911 at Revelstoke, BC Dissolved: 10 Nov 1926
Co-respondent(s): Gordon Trevor Rant
Remarks: Children: Margaret, 14 & James Lister Merrick, 11.
MR: Hubert Charles Hall, 27, r.Revelstoke, b.Monmouth, ENG, bach., surveyor, CE, s.o. James & Annie Margaret mar Margaret Barnes, 23, r.Revelstoke, b.Christchurch, ---, ENG, 11 Oct 1911, Revelstoke.
DR: James Lister Merrick Hall, b.Victoria, 28 Oct 1915, d.Nanaimo, 19 Feb 1977, r.204 Marks Ave, Parksville, h.o. Margaret Brindley, s.o. Herbert Merrick Hall, b.ENG & Margaret Barnes, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 167, 178 Petitioner: wife
Aldridge William Horwood and Seymour Laura Mildred
Married 6 Jan 1914 at Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island, BC
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 25 Jan 1927, by reason of impotence of William Horwood Aldridge.
MR: William Horwood Aldridge, 40, bach., gentleman, r.Pender Island, b.Chorley, LAN, ENG, CE, s.o. Edward Henry Aldridge, clerk in Holy Orders & Letitia Sophia mar Laura Mildred Seymour, 19, spin., r.Ganges, Salt Spring Island, b.Westborne, MB, CE, d.o. Edward John Seymour, gentleman & Margaret Isabella Garrioch, 6 Jan 1914, Fulford Harbour.
DR: William Horwood Aldridge, 86, b.ENG, 8 May 1865, d.Nanaimo, 5 Aug 1952, r.1228 Stewart Ave, Nanaimo, retired labourer, wid, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 172 Petitioner: wife
Boulden Ernest Arthur and --- Agnes Lucy
Married 20 May 1915 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 23 Dec 1926
Remarks: DR: Ernest Arthur Boulden, 68, b.ENG, 2 Sep 1875, d.Vancouver, 9 Nov 1943, r.3829 W 31st Ave, Vancouver, decorator & painter, wid, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 173, 219, 245 Petitioner: wife
Woodmass Montague George Erskine and Hobson Katherine Angel
Married 19 Sep 1908 at Kelowna, BC Dissolved: 11 Apr 1928
Remarks: Children: Alice Jessamy; Katherine Mary & George Barbary.
MR: Montague George Erskine Woodmass, 36, r.South Okanagan, b.Coupstall, CHS, ENG, bach., rancher, CE, s.o. Montague & Edith Alice mar Katherine Angel Hobson, 30, r.South Okanagan, b.IOM, spin., CE, d.o. William Thomas & Eliza Ann, 19 Sep 1908, Kelowna.

Vol. 5 Pages 176, 196 Petitioner: wife
Hughes William Robert and Mortimer Evelyn Mae
Married 3 Dec 1923 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 May 1927
Remarks: A copy of the citation was sent to William Robert Hughes at the BC Penitentiary, New Westminster.
MR: William Robert Hughes, mechanic, bach., Psb, 26, r.Victoria, b.SCT, s.o. James, b.SCT & Isabell, b.SCT mar Evelyn May Mortimer, 18, spin., Psb, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Joseph, b.ENG & Mary, b.NS, 3 Dec 1923, Victoria.
MR: Frederick Joseph Zarelli, painter, bach., 22, RC, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. Antonio Zarelli, b.ITL & Maria, b.ITL mar Evelyn May Mortimer, div, 22, CE, r. & b. Victoria, d.o. Henry Mortimer, b.ENG & Mary, b.NS, 1 Jun 1927, Oak Bay.
DRI: Evelyn May Zarelli, 23 Mar 1971, 66, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 177, 182, 228 Petitioner: wife
Wise Joseph Richard and Richter Gertrude Martha
Married 31 Aug 1922 Dissolved: 15 Feb 1928
Remarks: Child: Robert Charles.
MR: Joseph Richard Wise, mechanic, bach, 21, RC, r.New Westminster, b. n/g, s.o. Joseph Wise, b.Waterton, WI, USA & Sadie Goodall, b.Chesterfield, ENG mar Gertrude Martha Richter, spin., 22, RC, r.Fraser Mills, BC, b. n/g, d.o. Charles Richter, b.WI, USA & Lina Baker, WI, USA, 2 Aug 1922, Maillardville.

Vol. 5 Pages 179, 180 Petitioner: wife
White Arthur A. and Smith Dorothy Dwight
Married 19 Mar 1925 at Sidney, BC
Remarks: MR: Arthur Alfred White, clerk, bach., 26, Ang, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. Henry Arthur White, b.NF & Sarah Jane Dearden, b.RI, USA mar Dorothy Dwight Smith, spin, 19, Psb, r.Sidney, BC, b.Victoria, d.o. Frank E.W. Smith, b.Victoria & Mary Hastings, b.Vancouver, 19 Mar 1925, Sidney.
DRI: Arthur Alfred White, 22 Nov 1968, 64, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 181, 187 Petitioner: husband
Youson Frank and Rowe Charlotte Amelia Annie
Married 29 May 1911 Dissolved: 30 Mar 1927
Co-respondent(s): William Brown
Remarks: MR: Frank Youson, 24, r.Esquimalt, b.Burton-on-Trent, ENG, bach., teamster, Meth, s.o. James Youson & Mary Ann Locklet Youson mar Charlotte Amelia Amelia Rowe, 16, r.Ladysmith, b.Vancouver, spin., Epis, d.o. James Rowe & Charlotte Thorne Rowe, 29 May 1911, Ladysmith.
MRI: Frank Youson mar Elizabeth Isabel Davidson, 23 Jul 1927, Victoria.
DRI: Frank Youson, 15 Aug 1955, 67, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 183, 186 Petitioner: wife
Gilmer George Robert Edward and Hogg Azale Alberta
Married 9 May 1925
Remarks: This mrriage was ordered annulled on 31 Mar 1927. Child: Robert Alexander.
MRI: George Robert E. Gilmer mar Azalea Alberta Hogg, 9 May 1925, Victoria.
DRI: Azalea Alberta Watt, 3 Jul 1975, 70, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 184 Petitioner: wife
Timothy Griffith and Haskins Edith May
Married 21 Jan 1909 at Ladysmith, BC Dissolved: 18 Mar 1927
Remarks: Children: Edward Allen, Edith May & Griffith.
MR: Griffith Timothy, 19, r.Ladysmith, b.Pittsburg, USA, bach., brakeman, Ang, s.o. Griffith Timothy, mother n/g mar Edith May Haskins, 16, r.Ladysmith, b.KS, USA, spin., Meth, d.o. A.L. Haskins, mother n/g, 22 Jan 1909, Ladysmith.
DRI: Griffith Timothy, 2 Apr 1931, 76, Ladysmith.

Vol. 5 Pages 185, 190 Petitioner: wife
McKerns Robert Ewart and Hutchinson Beatrice Annie
Married 14 Dec 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 19 Apr 1927
Remarks: See v.3, p.239 for his first divorce.
MR: Robert Ewart McKerns, driver, div, 27, CE, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, s.o. John Mackie McKerns, b.Kilmarnock, SCt & Hannah Atkinson, b.Mauritius mar Beatrice Annie Hutchinson, spin., 18, CE, r.Victoria, b.Nottingham, ENG, d.o.John Henry Hutchinson, b.ENG & Beatrice Annie Turton, b.Nottingham, ENG, 14 Dec 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Robert Ewart McKerns, 3 Feb 1954, 64, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 188 Petitioner: wife
Love Robert Alexander and Brown Constance Esther
Married 3 Mar 1926 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 24 Mar 1927
Remarks: Her name was entered as Constance Esther Love (petition by her guardian Alice Esther Brown).
MR: Robert Alexander Love, navy, bach., 20, CE, r.Victoria, b.SCT, s.o. Robert Love, b.SCT & Christina Love, b.SCT mar Constance Esther Brown, spin, 20, CE, r.Victoria, b.SCT, d.o. Harry Brown, b.ENG & Esther Brown, b.ENG, 3 Mar 1926, Victoria.
DRI: Robert Alexander Love, 25 Jul 1958, 51, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 189, 195 Petitioner: husband
Atchison Andrew Johnston and Klein Florence
Married 28 Jun 1916 at New Westminster, BC Dissolved: 17 May 1927
Co-respondent(s): James Lyman
Remarks: MR: Andrew Johnston Atchison, 21, bach., engineer, r.Newton, BC, b.Restoule, ON, Psb, s.o. John Atchison, farmer & Lillian Tennant mar Florence Virginia Klein, 19, spin., r.Newton, b.Ladner, Psb, d.o. Frederick C. Klein, farmer & Martina Bonart, 28 Jun 1916, New Westminster.
DRI: Andrew Johnston Atchison, 19 Jun 1977, 82, North Cowichan.

Vol. 5 Pages 191, 246 Petitioner: husband
Michell John Ralph and Humber Zella Maud Louise
Married 2 Jun 1923 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 2 Jun 1927
Co-respondent(s): Ford Kaye
Remarks: Child: Laurel Edna.
1901CEN: not named Michell, b.12 Mar 1901, d.3, p.17, l.1.
BR: John Ralph Michell, b.Victoria, 12 Mar 1901, s.o. George Thomas Michell, machinist, 85 Superior St, Victoria & Eliza Penington McGraw.
WWI Attestation: John Ralph Michell, b.Victoria, 5 Oct 1886, r.Kamloops, clerk, Meth, single. NOK: John Ralph Michell, sr, 17 Hill St, Kamloops, father. Papers signed: 12 Oct 1917, Kamloops.
MR: John Ralph Michell, merchant, bach., 22, CE, r.212 Jessie St, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. George Thomas Michell, b.Saanich & Eliza Bennington, b.ENG mar Zella Maude Louise Humber, saleslady, spin., 20, Meth, r.740 Topaz St, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. Morris Luke Humber, b.Beaumanville, ON & Annie Lauretta O'Brien, b.Napa City, CA, USA (d.15, p.26, l.37-8), 2 Jun 1923, Victoria.
MR: Stanley William Gorrington Ford-Kaye, registrar, wid, 35, CE, r.Dominion Hotel, Victoria, b.Boston, MA, USA, s.o. William Ford-Kaye, b.NY, USA & Marie Lagood, b.FRA mar Zella Maude Louise Michell, div, 25, CE, r. 740 Topaz Ave, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. Maurice Humber, b.Bowmanville, ON & Annie O'Brien, b.Napa, CA, USA, 29 Apr 1927, Victoria.
DRI: John Ralph Michell, 4 Oct 1947, 86, Kamloops.

Vol. 5 Pages 192, 194, 212 Petitioner: husband
Marrison James Francis Edward and Simons Ellen Ruth
Married 1 Dec 1915 at Epsom, ENG Dissolved: 29 Sep 1927
Remarks: 1901CEN: Ottaway family, d.4, p.2, p.47-50.
WWI Attestation: James Francis Edward Marrison, b.Oldham, LAN, ENG, 4 Apr 1890, rancher, single. NOK: Mrs E. Marrison, mother, Columbia Gardens, BC. Papers signed: 20 Nov 1914, Quebec, QC.
MR: James Francis Edwin Morrison, bach., 36, Bible Christian, r.3366 Oak St, Victoria, b.Oldham, LAN, ENG, s.o. William Marrison, b.Leeds, YKS, ENG & Emma Murray, b.ENG mar Flora Eugene Victoria Waldegrove Ottaway, spin., 21, Bible Student, r.151 Lotus St, Victoria, d.o. William Ottaway, b.Dover, KEN, ENG & Floria Victoria Ross, b.Victoria, 29 Sep 1927, Victoria.
MR: Donald McLeod, labourer, bach., 42, Psb, r.2680 McGill St, Vancouver, b.SUT, SCT, s.o.Mary McLeod, b.SUT, SCT mar Ellen Ruth Marrison, divorced, 36, Psb, r.2680 McGill St, Vancouver, b.Portsmouth, ENG, d.o. Henry Simons, b.ESS, ENG & Ellen Johnson, b.Portsmouth, ENG, 22 Nov 1927, Vancouver.
DR: James Francis Edwin Marrison, 64, b.ENG, 22 Feb 1866, d.North Vancouver, 25 Feb 1930, r.2874 Fromme, Lynn Valley, electricial engineer, married, s.o. Edwin Marrison, b.ENG, mother n/k.
DR: Ellen Ruth Mcleod, 84, b.Portsmouth, ENG, 5 Jun 1891, d.New Westminster, 14 Feb 1976, r.7550 Rosewood, Burnaby, wid of Donald McLeod, d.o. Henry Walter Simons, b.ESS, ENG & Helen Rebecca Johnson, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 193, 217 Petitioner: husband
Glenny Percy Augustus and Everard Mabel
Married 17 Aug 1908 at Brandon, MB Dissolved: 18 May 1927
Co-respondent(s): Harry Patrick Hayes
Remarks: Children: Beretram Robert Everert; Percy Watson & Kathleen Edith.
DR: Mabel Glenny, 49, b.ENG, 8 Jun 1891, d.Victoria, 3 Dec 1940, divorced, d.o. Percival Everard, b.ENG, mother n/k.
DRI: Percy Augustus Glenny, 13 Dec 1961, 80, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 197, 244 Petitioner: wife
Spurrier William Henry and Churton Florence M.E.M.
Married 28 Sep 1899 Dissolved: 24 Apr 1928
Remarks: 1901CEN: Spurrier, d.6, p.29, l.3-4.
MR: George(?) Henry Spurrier, 26, r.62 Humbolt St, Victoria, b.Epsom, SRY, ENG, bach., clerk in Parliament buildings, CE, s.o. William Henry & Elizabeth Jane mar Flora Mary Elizabeth Matilda Churton, 21, r.62 Humbolt St, CE, b.Victoria, spin, d.o. Arthur Stanley & Minnie, 28 Sep 1899, Victoria.
DRI: Florence Spurrier, d.21 Sep 1965, age 87, at Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 198, 203 Petitioner: wife
Kirkham Henry Oliver and Freeman Hannah Collins
Married 11 Jul 1904 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Jun 1927
Remarks: Children: Iris Noel & Harold Beverley.
1881CEN: Bruce, Bruce North, ON, d.2, p.15: FREEMAN: John, 34, SCT, labourer; Margret, 35, ON; John, 12, ON; Catherine, 8, ON; Esibella, 6, ON; Hanah, 5, ON; Hector, 3, ON & Elizebeth, 1, ON. All Baptist.
MRI: Henry Oliver Kirkham mar Hannah Collins Freeman, 11 Jul 1904, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: Henry Kirkham, b.Preston, ENG, 10 Mar 1879, r.2627 Rose St, Victoria, BC, labourer. NOK: Mrs Alice Kirkham, same address, wife. Papers signed: 11 Jan 1916, Victoria.
DRI: Henry Oliver Kirkham, 7 Jan 1958, 79, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 199, 200 Petitioner: husband
Paul Percy Samuel and Copley Edna Mary
Married 30 Jan 1925 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 23 Jun 1927
Co-respondent(s): John Antrobus
Remarks: MR: Percy Samuel Paul, cook, bach., 40, CE, r.Ioco, BC, b.London, ENG, s.o. Alfred William Paul, b.London, ENG & Mary Paul, b.London, ENG mar Edna Mary Copley, spin., 22, Psb, r. & b. Shawnigan Lake, d.o. William Joseph Copley, b.NV, USA & Mary Graham, b.ON, 30 Jan 1925, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 201 Petitioner: wife
Lee Kim and Mak Shee
Remarks: Her name was entered as Mak Shee (otherwise known as Mrs Lee Kim). Filed 28 Jun 1927.

Vol. 5 Pages 202, 273 Petitioner: husband
Hare Frank Leslie and Burford Margaret
Married 27 Apr 1910 at Milestone, SK Dissolved: 13 Jul 1928
Co-respondent(s): David W. Robertson
Remarks: See v.5, p.57 for his first divorce.
DR: Frank Leslie Hare, 70, b.Kemlis, SK, d.Surrey, 28 Sep 1957, r.578 Johnston Rd, Surrey, farmer, h.o. Anna Katherine Kisslinger, s.o. William Richard Hare, b.Pictou, ON & Alice Bertha Garratt, b.ON.

Vol. 5 Pages 204, 208 Petitioner: wife
Choveaux Frank and Fiske Florence Mabel
Married 25 Oct 1909 Dissolved: 15 Sep 1927
Remarks: Children: Florence Frances; Louis Basil & Frank Norman Nigel.
WWI Attestation: Frank Choveaux, b.Croydon, ENG, 27 Apr 1885, farmer. NOK: Florence Mabel Choveaux, general delivery Vernon, BC, wife. Papers signed: 24 Aug 1915, Vernon.
MR: Frank Choveaux, rancher, divorced, 40, CE, r.Okanagan Landing, b.London, ENG, s.o. Louis Nicholas Choveaux, b.London, ENG & Maria Frances Elizabeth Long, b.ENG mar Violet Ada Bathurst Long, spin., 39, CE, r.Okanagan Landing, b.London, ENG, d.o. George Bathurst Long, b.London, ENG & Clara Mary Ann Kenshole, b.Seaton, DEV, ENG, 12 Oct 1927, Vernon.
DR: (for his mothers maiden name): Norman Frank Choveaux, r.3502 17 St, Vernon, b.WA, USA, 15 Jun 1915, d.Vernon, 1 Jan 1965, h.o. Helen Deaitsch, s.o. Frank Choveaux, b.USA & Mable Fiske, b.USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 205 Petitioner: wife
Dawley Herbert Byron and Fassier Bertha
Married 2 Jul 1911 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 19 May 1927
Co-respondent(s): Mrs. F.E. Wells
Remarks: 1901CEN: Herbert Dawley, d.12, p.12, l.20.
BRI: Herbert Byron Dawley, 7 Aug 1886, Victoria.
MRI: Herbert Byron Dawley mar Bertha Fassier, 2 Jul 1911, Vancouver.
WWI Attestation: Herbert Byron Dawley, b.Victoria, 7 Aug 1886, game warden. NOK: Mrs Dawley, wife, Courtenay, BC. Papers signed: 20 Apr 1916, Victoria.
DRI: Herbert Byron Dawley, 12 Dec 1949, 63, Sandwick.

Vol. 5 Pages 206 Petitioner: wife
Banner Samuel Hutchinson and Waddington Elizabeth
Married 21 Aug 1913 Dissolved: 22 Jun 1927
Remarks: Child: a son.
1901CEN: Nanaimo South, d.2, fam.374 James: Fredrick W., Nov 28 1869, ENG, to CAN 1893; Tena, Jun 14 1876, USA, to CAN 1893; Elsie M., Oct 19 1896, BC; Edith M., Feb 25 1898, BC & Ethel M., Aug 1 1900, BC.
MR: Samuel Banner, 32, bach., workman, miner, r.Campbell River, b.Blacks Common, Barnsley, ENG, Meth, s.o. George Banner, miner & Jane Hutchison mar Elizabeth Waddington, 22, spin, r.Nanaimo, b.Blacks Common, Barnsley, ENG, Meth, d.o. George Waddington, miner & Ann Douglag, 21 Aug 1913, Nanaimo.
WWI Attestation: Samuel Banner, b.Hoyland-Nether, ENG, 27 Jul 1880, r.Beaver Rooms, Vanvouver, BC, powder man. NOK: Elizabeth Banner, Campbell River, BC, wife . Papers signed: 1 Jan 1916, Vancouver.
MR: Charles Newton Bourn, logger, bach., 30, CE, r.Campbell River, b.ENG, s.o. James Bourn, b.ENG & Florence Spivey mar Elizabeth Banner, housekeeper, divorced, 33, CE, Campbell River, b.ENG, d.o. George Waddington, b.ENG & Anne Douglas, b.ENG, 5 Aug 1927, Union Bay.

Vol. 5 Pages 207, 215 Petitioner: wife
Freegard Edward Charles and Robbins Violet
Married 21 Jun 1924 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 30 Sep 1927
Remarks: Child: Gloria Patricia.
MR: Edward Charles Freegard, chauffeur, bach., 24, Meth, r.1720 Blanchard St, Victoria, b.YKS, ENG, s.o. Edward Charles Freegard, b.London, ENG & Ada Hall, b.YKS, ENG mar Violet Robbins, spin., 20, Meth, r.1227 Bay St, Victoria, b.Haughton, MI, USA, d.o. George Robbins, b.ENG & Martha Sullivan, b.ENG, 21 Jun 1924, Victoria.
DRI: Violet Freegard, 3 Jan 1980, 74, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 209 Petitioner: husband
Matthews Walter Franklin and Milne Eva Beatrice
Married 13 Apr 1923 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 19 Sep 1927
Co-respondent(s): George Campbell
Remarks: MR: Walter Franklin Matthews, salesman, bach., bach., 23, Psb, r.Victoria, b.Reston, MB, s.o. Aaron Matthews, b.ON & Sarah Reveler, b.London, ON mar Eva Beatrice Milne, spin., 18, Psb, r.Victoria, b.Medicine Hat, MB (as entered), d.o. David Milne, b.SCT & Annie Chambers, b.SCT, 13 Apr 1923, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 209A, 221 Petitioner: husband
Dougal Thomas Muirhead and Fisher Constance Eleanor
Married 2 Oct 1911 Dissolved: 10 Oct 1927
Co-respondent(s): Robert Lee Hewitt
Remarks: According to the petition Constance Eleanor Dougal mar Robert Lee Hewitt, 4 May 1925, CA, USA.
1901CEN: Thomas M. Dougal, d.10, p.4, l.8 and Constance H. Fisher, d.5, p.13, l.38.
MR: Thomas Muirhead Dougal, 24, r.Victoria, b.LKS, SCT, bach., electrician, s.o. Thomas Tenant Dougal & Margaret Muirhead mar Constance Elinor Fisher, 22 r.Victoria, b.Lee, KEN, ENG, spin, d.o. William Benjamin Fisher & Ellen Louisa Blackmur, 2 Oct 1912, Victoria.
MR: Thomas Muirhead Dougal, electrician, div, 29, Psb, r.Victoria, b.Hamilton, SCT, s.o. Thomas Tennant Dougal, b.SCT & Margaret Muirhead, b.SCT mar Euphemia Summerville Johnston, nurse, spin., 35, Psb, r. 1226 Roslyn Rd, Victoria, b.Port Essington, d.o. William Johnston, b.IRL & Emily Cunningham, b.IRL, 28 Oct 1927, Nanaimo.
DRI: Thomas Muirhead Dougal, 6 Apr 1953, 66, Chemainus.

Vol. 5 Pages 210 Petitioner: wife
Lee Wee and Tey Dak
Married 11 Sep 1926 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 23 Sep 1927
Remarks: MR: Wee Lee (surname), cook, bach., 44, Confusian, r.41 1/2 Cambrie St, Vancouver, b.CHN, s.o.Long Lee, b.CHN & Chung She, b.CHN mar Dak Lay, waitress, 20, r.Victoria, b.Chemainus, d.o.Lee Bor Sing, b.CHN & Chin She, b.CHN, 11 Sep 1926, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 211, 223 Petitioner: husband
Cannon Howard and --- Florence
Married 26 Dec 1914 at Bow, London, ENG Dissolved: 19 Oct 1927
Co-respondent(s): Charles Smith
DR: Howard Cannon, 69, b.Leytonstone, ENG, 27 Dec 1880, d.Victoria, 10 Nov 1950, r.243 Oswego St, Victoria, steward, h.o. Grace Violet Robinson, parents n/k.
WWI Attestation: Howard Cannon, b.Holloway, 27 Dec 1886, r.Milton West, ON, store clerk. NOK: Mrs ?. Cannon, wife, 15 Norman Rd, Bow, London, ENG. Papers signed: 22 Sep 1914, Valcartier.
MR: Howard Canon, waiter, divorced, 43, CE, r.2721 Rock Bay Ave, Victoria, b.Holloway, MDX, ENG, s.o. John Allaway Cannon, b.ENG & Lois Jobbins, b.SRY, ENG mar Grace Violet MacKee, divorced, 32, CE, r.71 Menzies St, Victoria, b.London, ENG, d.o. Peter Robinson, b.ENG & Elizabeth Boswell, b.London, ENG, 10 Nov 1927, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 213 Petitioner: wife
Siciliano Rocco and Herrington Violet Eileen
Married 2 Jul 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 29 Sep 1927
Remarks: MR: Rocco Siciliano, waiter (hotel), bach., 25, RC, r.1403 Chamber St, Victoria, b.Lappano, ITL, s.o. Pasquale Siciliano, b.ITL & Rosaria Imbrogia, b.ITL mar Violet Eileen Herrington, waitress (hotel), spin., 17, CE, r.2727 Douglas St, Victoria, b.Little Hampton, ENG, d.o.Albert Herrington, b.Brighton, ENG & Eva Maro Williams, b.ENG, 2 Jul 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Rocco Siciliano, 6 May 1966, 69, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 214, 216 Petitioner: wife
Tidrington Fred and Foster Ruby Margaret
Married 15 Feb 1924 at Vancouver, BC
Remarks: Filed 26 Sep 1927; last entry 5 Oct 1927.
MR: Fred Tidrington, chauffeur, bach., 21, Ang, r.Cowichan Lake, b.USA, s.o. Archibald Tidrington, b.ON & Lottie Vanlew, b.USA mar Ruby Margaret Foster, waitress, spin, 19, Ang, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o.Job Foster, b.ENG & Maria Garland, b.ENG, 15 Feb 1924, Vancouver.
DR: Ruby Margaret Foster, b.Victoria, 9 Mar 1906, d.Vancouver, 7 Nov 1865, r.1077 Thurlow St, Vancouver, single, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 218 Petitioner: husband
Ferguson John Henry and Anderson Jean Morrison
Married 29 Aug 1919 at Esquimalt, BC Dissolved: 4 Oct 1927
Co-respondent(s): Ross Hunt
Remarks: BRI: John Henry Ferguson, 17 Oct 1882, Victoria.
MR: John Henry Ferguson, 21, r. & b.Victoria, bach., livery stable keeper, Ang, s.o. James & Louisa mar Ardilla Blanche Turpin, 20, r.Victoria, b.Portland, OR, USA, spin, Ang, 2 Apr 1904, Victoria.
DRI: Ardella Ferguson, 13 Jun 1909, 25, Victoria.
MR: John Henry Ferguson, 36, wid, automobile, r. & b.Victoria, Anglo Catholic, s.o. James Ferguson, stage driver & Lousie Millington mar Jeanie White Morrison Anderson, 20, spin., r.Victoria, b.SCT, Anglo Catholic, d.o. John Anderson, machinist & Helen McInes, 29 Aug 1919, Esquimalt.
MR: John Henry Ferguson, fish vendor, divorced, 44, Ang, r. boat 'Uno', Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. James Ferguson, b.Prescott, ON & Lousie Millington, b.Victoria mar Mabel Ethel Constance Bosher, spin., 28, Ang, r.Bayon Bay, Sidney, b.Reading, ENG, d.o. John Ernest Bosher, b.Warfield, BRK, ENG & Jane Elizabeth Readings, b.BRK, ENG, 8 Oct 1927, Sidney.

Vol. 5 Pages 220, 222 Petitioner: wife
Newton George Walter and York Leonora Josephine
Married 2 Dec 1909 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 18 Oct 1927
Remarks: MR: George Walter Newton, 27, r.Victoria, b. n/g, bach., contractor & advertiser, CE, s.o. George Thomas Newton, mother n/g mar Leonara Josephine York, 23, r.Victoria, b. n/g, spin., CE, parents n/g, 2 Dec 1909, Victoria.
MR: George Walter Newton, advertising, div, 45, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. George Newton, b.ENG & Catherine, b.ENG mar Gladys Blance Charlish, stenographer, spin., 25, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. Robert Charlish, b.ENG & Lucy, b.ENG, 19 Oct 1927, Oak Bay.
DRI: Lenora Josephine Newton, 19 Aug 1967, 81, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 224, 257 Petitioner: wife
Etheridge William John and Tait Beatrice May
Married 24 Jul 1913 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 11 Nov 1927 Absolute: 29 May 1928
Remarks: 1901CEN: d.16, p.5, l.2.
MR: William John Etheridge, 24, r.Victoria, b.ENG, bach., clerk, Psb, s.o. George Etheridge & Alice Harvey mar Beatrice Tait, 21, r. & b.Victoria, spin., Psb, d.o. James Tait & Alexandra McKenzie, 24 Jul 1913, Vancouver.
WWI Attestation: William John Etheridge, b.Newport, IOW, 3 Feb 1888, r.310 Edward St, Victoria, horseman. NOK: Beatrice Etheridge, 310 Edward St, wife. Papers signed: 11 Jul 1916, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 225, 264 Petitioner: husband
Ward Robert Charles and Ganner Edith
Married 5 Feb 1920 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 24 Nov 1927 Absolute: 13 Jun 1928
Co-respondent(s): Edward Richard Haydon
Remarks: Children: Edith Irene, Raymond Charles & Alice. 1901CEN Edith Ganner, d.A1, p.16, l.22 & Robert C. Ward, d.18, p.1, l.48.
MR: Robert Charles Ward, 56, wid, motorman, r.2608 Douglas St, Victoria, b.KEN, ENG, CE, s.o. Robert Ward, captain & Mary Ann Ashley? mar Edith Ganner, 25, spin., r.Gorge Hotel, Tillicum Rd, Esquimalt, b.Victoria, CE, d.o. Elijah Ganner, miner & Mary Jane Null, 5 Feb 1920, Victoria West.

Vol. 5 Pages 226 Petitioner: wife
McLean Jack and Robson Janet Logan
Married 23 Oct 1922 at Cobble Hill, BC Dissolved: 27 Oct 1927
Remarks: MR: John Angus MacLean, logger, 23, RC, r.Cobble Hill, BC, b.Glace Bay, s.o. John MacLean, b.Inverness, Cape Breton, NS & Isabell, b.Mabou, Cape Breton, NS mar Janet Logan Robson, 17, Meth, r.Cobble Hill, b.Colwood, d.o. William Robson, b.SCT & Betsy Wood, b.SCT, 23 Oct 1922, Cobble Hill.

Vol. 5 Pages 227, 270 Petitioner: wife
Fenton Samuel and Brown Jemima
Married 4 Aug 1913 Dissolved: 9 Dec 1927 Absolute: 26 Jun 1928
Remarks: MR: Samuel Fenton, 41, r.Vancouver, b.ENG, clerk, Psb, s.o. John T. Fenton & Elizabeth Greenhalgh mar Jemima Brown, 40, r.Victoria, b.SCT, Psb, d.o. William Brown & Mary McGarron, 4 Aug 1913, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 229, 235 Petitioner: wife
Barter Philip Leopold and --- Minnie
Married 21 Jun 1921 at Winnipeg, MB Dissolved: 13 Apr 1928
Remarks: Child: Janet Edith Mary.
DR: Philip Leopold Barter, 72, b.Toronto, ON, 1 May 1880, d.Vancouver, 15 Oct 1953, r.3282 W 34th Ave, Vancouver, insurance adjuster, wid of Alys Vowden-Pope, s.o. Sidney Benjamin Barter, b.ENG & Josephina Atcheson, b.USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 230, 234 Petitioner: husband
Willis Walter King and --- Maudie Louise Barratt
Married 30 Mar 1918 Dissolved: 13 Apr 1928
Co-respondent(s): Curtis White
DRI: Walter King Willis, 1 Jul 1962, 70, Oak Bay.

Vol. 5 Pages 231, 251 Petitioner: wife
Josephs Walter Walton and Donaldson Bertha Lousie
Married 8 May 1900 at Blonfonteine, South Africa Dissolved: 16 Jun 1928
DRI: Walter Walton Josephs, 82, Victoria., 2 Jul 1959
DR: Bertha Louise Josephs, 97, b.South Africa, 3 Nov 1883, d.Victoria, 9 Jun 1981, r.857 Rupert Tr, Victoria, divorced from Walter Walton Josephs, d.o.Andrew Donaldson, b.SCT & Emma Grobler, b.South Africa.

Vol. 5 Pages 233, 251 Petitioner: wife
Morley August John and Laing Mary Isabell
Married 26 Dec 1902 Dissolved: 30 Apr 1928
Remarks: 1900DIR: Morley, John Wilfred, barber at Trounce Ave, h.50 Alfred.
MR: August John Wilfred Morley, 26, r. & b.Victoria, wid, barber, Meth, s.o. John & Jane mar Mary Isabel Laing (d.1, p.14, l.17), 19, r. & b.Victoria, spin., Psb, d.o. Andrew & Emily, 26 Dec 1902, Victoria.
RBCR: Morley, August John, 82 y, 25 Mar 1958 at San Bernadino, CA, USA, b.Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 236 Petitioner: husband
Kennedy Norman and Clayton Marion Agnes
Married 21 Aug 1916 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 16 Apr 1928
Co-respondent(s): George H. Clegg
Remarks: 1901CEN: Victoria, Marian A. Clayton, d.A1, p.6, l.2.
MR: Norman Kennedy, 21, bach., mechanic, r.Victoria, b.Wellington, CE, s.o. James Kennedy, gentleman & Elizabeth Cook mar Marion Agnes Clayton, 22, spin, r.Victoria, b.Esquimalt, CE, d.o. Frederick Clayton, gentleman & Rachel Jacques, 21 Aug 1916, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 237 Petitioner: husband
Williamson John Clarke and Spouse Edith May
Married 26 Nov 1919 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 16 Apr 1928
Co-respondent(s): Douglas David Bunberry
Remarks: Children: George Frederick & Thomas James.
MR: John Clark Williamson, 23, bach., farmer, r.Gordon Head, b.Victoria, Psb, s.o. William John Williamson, shipwright & Williamena Clark mar Edith May Spouse, 20, spin., r.1828 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, b.Newcastle, Psb, d.o. Robert Spouse, fish curer & Elizabeth Guy, 26 Nov 1919, Oak Bay.

Vol. 5 Pages 238 Petitioner: husband
Stott Joseph and --- Amy
Married 7 Sep 1911 at Moose Jaw, SK Dissolved: 17 Apr 1928
Co-respondent(s): Stewart Martinson
DRI: Joseph Stott, 11 Dec 1958, 80, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 239 Petitioner: husband
Hall Daniel Joseph and McAdam Edna Kilby
Married 28 Aug 1923 Dissolved: 18 Apr 1928
Co-respondent(s): Sam Erskine
Remarks: MR: Daniel Joseph Hall, pile driver, 21, RC, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. Paul Hall, b.NF & Mary Campbell, b.NF (d.18, p.5, l.27-8) mar Edna Kilby McAdam, 19, Ang, r.Victoria, b.New Westminster, d.o. Ernest Joseph McAdam, b.Dublin, IRL & Beatrice Guinevere, b.New Westminster, 28 Aug 1923, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 240 Petitioner: wife
Palmer Vernon Banis and Olmstead Myrtle
Married 23 Feb 1919 at Vancouver, BC
Co-respondent(s): Queenie Henry
Remarks: Filed 18 Apr 1928.
MR: Lionel Edward Harvey, 27, r.Vancouver, b.New Westminster, bach., electrician, CE, s.o. James W. Harvey & Esther Elland mar Myrtle Ives, 26, r.Nanaimo, b.Parry Sound, ON, wid, Meth, d.o. Solomon Olmstead & Isabel Parker, 23 Oct 1912, Vancouver.
DRI: Edward Lionel Harvey, 19 Oct 1918, 32, South Vancouver.
MR: Vernon Banis Palmer, 29, bach., woodsman, Prot, r.Aster Hotel, Vancouver, b.Port Clinton, OH, USA, s.o. Charles Palmer, painter & Mary Sturll mar Myrtle Harvey, 32, wid, r.Aster Hotel, Vancouver, b.Parry Sound, ON, Prot, d.o. Solomon Olmstead, 23 Feb 1919, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 241 Petitioner: husband
Green James Arthur and Waters Dora Emily
Married 3 Dec 1918 at Nelson, BC Dissolved: 24 Apr 1928
Co-respondent(s): Jack Allison
Remarks: MR: James Arthur Green, 23, plasterer, r,Victoria, b.West Cornforth, DUR, ENG, Ang, s.o.Joseph Alfred Green, painter & Mary Ann Leadbeater mar Dora Emily Waters, 19, book keeper, r.Nelson, BC, b.Portslade-by-Sea, SSX, ENG, Bapt, d.o. Henry Waters, clerk & Mary Jane Huxtable, 30 Dec 1918, Nelson.

Vol. 5 Pages 242 Petitioner: wife
Gee Walter Edward and --- Mary Ann
Married 1 May 1918 at Manchester, ENG Dissolved: 24 Apr 1928
Remarks: Children: Mary Helen, b.19 Jan 1919; Michael Thomas, b.6 Sep 1920 & Sidney James, b.26 Jul 1925.
DR: James Sidney Gee, b.Vancouver, 26 Jul 1925, d.Vancouver, 23 Oct 1971, r.2233 Columbia St, Vancouver, h.o. Maureen Bernice Missiaen, parents n/k.
WWI Attestation: Walter Gee, b.St. Catharines, ON, 22 May 1882, r.Shoal Bay, BC, lumberman, single. NOK: Michel Thomas Gee, father, general delivery Bellingham, WA, USA. Papers signed: 29 Jan 1916, Shoal Bay.
DR: Walter Edward Gee, 72, b.ON, 22 May 1874, d.Courtenay, 23 Feb 1947, logger, h.o.Frances Sabine Louise Pike, s.o. Michael Thomas Gee & Margaret Susan Wheeler.
DN, Courtenay-Comox Argus, 27 Feb 1947, p.10: Walter Edward Gee, 72, b.St. Catharines, ON, d.Courtenay, 23 Feb 1947, leaves wife, 12 children & sis: Mrs A.L. Drake, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 243, 268, 269 Petitioner: husband
Crouch William Leroy and --- Medorah Loretta
Married 6 Sep 1916 at Clarkesburg, ON Dissolved: 24 Apr 1928
Remarks: DR: William Leroy Crouch, b.North Bay, ON, 69,d. Delta, 17 Dec 1964, r.South Delta, secretary - retired, h.o.Ailine Susie Cooper, s.o. Arthur Crouch, mother n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 247, 254. Petitioner: husband
Parkes William Stanley and --- Margaret Frances
Married 26 Feb 1927 at Manchester North, ENG Dissolved: 25 May 1928
Co-respondent(s): Francis Thomas Appleyard
Remarks: DR: William Stanley Parkes, 67, b.ENG, 25 Sep 1905, d.Saanich, 13 Jan 1973, r.1169 Esquimalt Rd, Esquimalt, civil service, technician dockyard, h.o. Marion Maxwell Blackwood, s.o. William Parkes, b.ENG & Martha Ellden, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 248 Petitioner: wife
Webb Percy Herbert and --- Ellen Winnifred
Married 13 Apr 1906 at Plymouth, ENG Dissolved: 30 Apr 1928
Remarks: DR: Percy Herbert Webb, 79, b.London, ENG, 26 Dec 1874, d.Victoria, 26 Mar 1954, r.218 Wilson St, Victoria, shoe repair, wid of Winnifred, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 249, 252 Petitioner: husband
Sandy William Edward and --- Euphemia Jane
Co-respondent(s): Alfred J. Coulls
Remarks: Filed 14 May 1928; the last entry was 23 May 1928.
WWI Attestation: William Edward Sandy, b.Stafford, ENG, 20 Aug 1874, agent. NOK: Mrs C.J. Sandy, 4 Menzies St, Victoria, BC, wife. Papers signed: 23 Sep 1914, Valcartier.

Vol. 5 Pages 250 Petitioner: wife
Creasor John Herbert and Nichols Margaret Florence
Remarks: Child: Jane Elizabeth. A judicial separation was ordered 10 May 1928.
DR: John Herbert Creasor, 78, b.Owen Sound, ON, d.Victoria, 19 Oct 1943, r.2183 Lafayette Ave, Oak Bay, h.o. Margaret Florence Nichols, s.o. David John Creasor, b.ENG & Jane Platt, b.Barry, ON or IRL.
DR: Margaret Florence Creasor, 89, b.Liverpool, ENG, d.Victoria, 22 Feb 1973, r.1230 Balmoral Rd, Victoria, wid of John Herbert Creasor, d.o. Louis Nichols, b.ENG & ------ Ayrton, b.IRL.

Vol. 5 Pages 253 Petitioner: wife
Crane John and Murray Irene Margaret
Married 31 Aug 1916 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 22 May 1928
Remarks: MR: John Crane, 23, machinist, r. & b.Victoria, CE, s.o. Aubra Crane, prospector & Mary Weber mar Irene Margaret Murray, 19, r. & b.Victoria, RC, d.o. George Murray, contractor & Jennie Ford, 31 Aug 1916, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 255 Petitioner: wife
Stuart Douglas Albert and --- Florence May
Married 29 Jun 1918 at Stourbridge, WOR, ENG Dissolved: 28 May 1928
Remarks: Children: Patricia Mollie, b.16 Feb 1920; Brenda Margaret Hamer, b.31 May 1921 & Gordon Douglas, b.17 Oct 1922.

Vol. 5 Pages 256, 272 Petitioner: husband
Hirsch Samuel and Eddie Jessie
Married 27 May 1920 at Saanich, BC Dissolved: 29 Jun 1928
Co-respondent(s): Gordon Alexander Thomson
Remarks: MR: Samuel Hirsch, 37, bach., tinsmith, r.Garden City, BC, b.POL, Jewiish, s.o. Walf Hirsch, saw mill, (dead) & Annie Dryhorn (dead) mar Jessie Anne Eddie, 26, spin., cashier, r.Edmonton, b.Stonehaven, SCT, Prot, d.o. George Findlay Eddie, railwayman (dead) & Margaret Duncan, 27 Mar 1920, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 258, 259 Petitioner: husband
Parlee George and Hunter Sarah
Married 18 Apr 1916 at Victoria, BC
Co-respondent(s): Joseph Green
Remarks: Filed 5 Jun 1928; the last entry was 6 Jun 1928.
MR: George Miles Parlee, 21, bach., soldier, r.Victoria, b.NB, Meth, s.o. H.S. Parlee, barber & Mamie Higgin mar Sarah Hunter, 21, spin, r.Victoria, b.Glasgow, SCT, Meth, d.o. Daniel Hunter, miner & Sarah Hunter, 18 Apr 1916, Victoria.
DRI: George Miles Parlee, 6 Mar 1970, 75, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 260, 265, 266 Petitioner: wife
Hopkins Charles Harris and Nuttall Elizabeth Mary
Married 3 Jun 1903
Remarks: Filed 9 Jun 1928; the last entry was 25 Jun 1928.
1901CEN: Charles H. Hopkins, d.C3, p.5, l.22 & Elizabeth M. Nuttall, d.1, p.16, l.19.
MN, Times, 4 Jun 1903 , p.8: Charles Harrie Hopkins, 2nd s.o. J. Castell Hopkins, Victoria mar Elizabeth Mary Nuttall (Bessie), e.d.o. Thomas Chancey Nuttall, Victoria, 3 Jun 1903.
MR: Charles Harris Hopkins, 27, r.St. Charles St, Victoria, b.Dyersville, Debreyne Co, IA, USA, bach., gentleman, CE, s.o. John Castell Hopkins, ---ianda Phelia Bard Hopkins mar Elizabeth Mary Nuttall, 23, r.95 Quebec St, Victoria, b.Victoria, spin., CE, d.o.Thomas Chancey Nuttall & Elizabeth Sarah Nuttall, 3 Jun 1903, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 261, 267 Petitioner: husband
Malleck Peter and Paterson Louise
Married 8 Aug 1927 Dissolved: 22 Jun 1928
Co-respondent(s): Edward L. Robson
Remarks: MR: Peter Malleck, waiter, bach., 32, RC, r.Spencers Rooms, Nanaimo, b.POL, s.o. William Malleck, b.POL & Mareta -----, b.POL mar Louise Paterson, waitress, spin, 21, United Church, r.Spencers Rooms, Nanaimo, b.Ladysmith, BC, d.o. Daniel Patterson, b.Cape Breton, NS & Margaret McMillan, b.SCT, 18 Aug 1927, Nanaimo.

Vol. 5 Pages 263 Petitioner: husband
Bussey Henry and Axworthy Beatrice Maud
Married 31 Aug 1912 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 12 Jun 1928
Co-respondent(s): Alfred Thomas Bray
Remarks: MRI: Henry Bussey mar Beatrice Maud Axworthy, 31 Aug 1912, Victoria (not filmed).

Vol. 5 Pages 271 Petitioner: wife
Cockburn Lestock Wilson Swinton and Day Aline Dorothy Wynne
Married 9 Aug 1911 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Jun 1928
Remarks: Children: Barbara & Lestock Peter.
MR: Lestock Wilson Swinton Cockburn, 25, r.Victoria, b.Dawlish, DEV, ENG, Capt, R.C.A., s.o. Lestock Weatherby Cockburn & Margaret Henrietta Cockburn mar Aline Dorithy Wynne Day, 22, r.Victoria, b.Romberg, South Africa, d.o. Robert Scott Day & Patricia Day, 9 Aug 1911, Victoria.
WWI Attestation: Lestock Wilson Swinton Cockburn, b.Dawlish, DEV, ENG, 16 Aug 1885, r.Work Point Barracks, Victoria, BC, Major (local L/Col), R.C.A. (per. force), CE. NOK: Aline Dorothy Wynn Cockburn, wife, c/o R.S. Day, 1606 Rockland Ave, Victoria. Papers signed: 20 Dec 1918, Victoria.
DRI: Lestock Wilson S. Cockburn, 4 Oct 1934, 49, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 274, 278, 395 Petitioner: wife
Thornton Harry and Moser Angela
Married 15 Feb 1926 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 3 Oct 1928, because he was already married to Isabel Thornton of Woodstock, NB. Child: Mary Margaret.
MR: Harry Thornton, soldier, A.S.C., Canadian Army, 25, RC, r.Work Point Barracks, Esquimalt, b.Woodstock, NB, s.o. Amasa Thornton, b.Woodstock & Florence Daly, b.St. John, NB mar Angela Catherine Mary Moser, 19, RC, r.2526 Bridge St, Victoria, b.Seattle, WA, USA, d.o. Leon Moser, b.FRA & Mary Brown, b.Burin, NF, 15 Feb 1926, Victoria.
DRI: Angela Thornton, 10 Nov 1939, 32, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 275, 319 Petitioner: wife
Krimmer Jacob Joseph and Zubeck Marian
Married 31 Aug 1922 Dissolved: 5 Jun 1928 Absolute: 12 Jun 1929
Remarks: MR: Jacob Joseph Krimmer, waiter, bach., 21, RC, r.538 Georgia St, Vancouver, b.Regina, SK, s.o. Nicholas Krimmer, b.HUN & Anna Dinger, b.HUN mar Marian Zubeck, dressmaker, spin., 21, Lu, r.644 Seymour St, Vancouver, b.USA, d.o. Jacob Zubeck, b.RUS & Katherine Koehler, b.RUS, 31 Aug 1923, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 276 Petitioner: husband
Squarebriggs Herbert Johnston and Johnson Margaret Maud
Married 5 Jun 1907 at Vancouver, BC
Co-respondent(s): P ('Peel'). E. Tergeson
Remarks: This petition was dismissed, 17 Sep 1928.
BRI: Alice Christina Hancox, 13 Mar 1890, Vancouver.
MR: Herbert Johnson Squarebriggs, 22, r.Vancouver, b.Charlottetown, PE, Psb, railroad fireman, s.o. James Clark Squarebriggs & Margaret Jane Johnson mar Alice Christina Hancox, 17, r. & b.Vancouver, Epis, d.o. James Hancox & Christina Watson, 5 Jun 1907, Vancouver.
MR: Herbert Johnson Squarebriggs, 32, divorced (1914), railwayman, Psb, r.Edson, AB, b.Charlottetown, PE, s.o.John C. Squarebriggs, millwright & Margaret Johnston mar Myrtle Maude Robinson, 19, r.Cascade, BC, b.Revelstoke, Meth, d.o. John R. Robinson, engineer & Alice Thomas, 3 Aug 1917, New Westminster.
DRI: Herbert J. Squarebriggs, 22 Dec 1929, 45, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 277 Petitioner: wife
Currie Alexander and --- Ellen
Married 1 Apr 1918 at Woburn Sands, BDF, ENG Dissolved: 20 Sep 1928

Vol. 5 Pages 279 Petitioner: wife
Reid George and --- Jessie Elizabeth Bella
Married 14 Jul 1904 at Aderbeen, SCT
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 26 Sep 1928, because of his being guilty of bigamy since the celebration of this marriage.

Vol. 5 Pages 280 Petitioner: wife
Hall William Walter and Scaplen Mabel Le Harquand
Married 1 Nov 1922 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 30 Oct 1928
Remarks: BRI: William Walter Hall, 12 Aug 1901, Victoria.
MR: William Walter Hall, druggist, bach., 22, Meth, r.822 Linden Ave, Victoria, b.Victoria, s.o. Lewis William Hall (d.12, p.20, l.1), b.Blackburn, ON & Lillie Durham, b. New York, NY, USA mar Mabel Le Marquand Scaplen, spin., 23, Meth, r. 1040 Surley St, Victoria, b. St. Johns, NF, d.o. Edward Scalpen, b.Carbonier, NF & Helena Le Marquand, b.JSY, CI, 1 Nov 1922, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 281 Petitioner: husband
Johnstone William Thurlow and Fox Ida Mae
Married 1 Apr 1924 at Saskatoon, SK Dissolved: 30 Oct 1928
Co-respondent(s): Albert T. Workman
Remarks: DR: William Thurlow Johnstone, 80, b.Wellwood, MB, 18 Dec 1899, d.Victoria, 27 Dec 1979, r.63 Gorge Rd, Victoria, taxi owner, divorced from Constance Esther Brown, s.o. John Russell Johnstone, b.Galt, ON & Sarah Ann Cooper, b.Whitby, ON.

Vol. 5 Pages 282 Petitioner: wife
Beales George Hamment and --- Mary Irene
Married 17 May 1913 Dissolved: 30 Oct 1928
Remarks: Children: Winono Constance & Elsie May.
WWI Attestation: George Hamment Beales, b.Walsoken, NOR, ENG, 21 Jun 1892, r.Suite 8, Baddow Blk, Norwood Grove, Winnipeg, MB, telegraph lineman. NOK: Mrs Beales, same address, wife. Papers signed: 17 Jan 1916, Winnipeg, MB.
DR: George Hamment Beales, 74, b.ENG, 20 Jun 1892, d.Osoyoos, 2 Nov 1967, r.165 South 2nd Ave, Osoyoos, motel operator, h.o. Dorothy Isabella Hereron, s.o. Thomas Worth Beales, b.ENG & Emmeline Hamment, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 283, 294 Petitioner: husband
Wise Ernest Singleton and --- Madeline Amelia
Married 21 Apr 1897 at Greetwell, LIN, ENG Dissolved: 19 Feb 1929
Co-respondent(s): John A. Hope
Remarks: See also their other petition for divorce, v.3, p.246.

Vol. 5 Pages 284, 285, 288 Petitioner: husband
Lidstone Dan and Edgar Mabel Sarah
Married 24 Sep 1921 at Prince Rupert, BC
Co-respondent(s): Robert Porteous & Harry Adams
Remarks: Filed 19 Nov 1928; the last entry was 3 Dec 1928.
BRI: Daniel Lidston, 9 Jun 1902, Victoria.
MR: Dan Lidstone, ship builder, bach., 22, Meth, r.Prince Rupert, b.Victoria, s.o. F.J. Lidstone, b.NF & Priscilla Mutford, b.NF mar Mabel Edgar, spin., 25, Meth, r.Prince Rupert, b.Hartley bay, d.o. Lewis Edgar, b.Port Simpson & Bessie Blackwell, b.Victoria, 24 Sep 1921, Prince Rupert.
DR: Daniel Lidstone, b.Victoria, 19 Jul 1902, d.North Vancouver, 30 Mar 1967, r.1278 West Keith Rd, North Vancouver, crane operator, shipbuilding, h.o. Ella Louise Edgar, s.o. Thomas John Lidstone, b.NF & Pricilla Mugford, b.NF.

Vol. 5 Pages 286 Petitioner: husband
Nicholas Herbert Lewis and Hardy Annie
Married 15 Mar 1920 Dissolved: 26 Nov 1928
Co-respondent(s): Roy Donald MacGregor
Remarks: Children: Herbert Lewis & Gracia Doreane.
MR: Herbert Lewis Nicholas, 28, bach., railroader, r.Vancouver, b.Warren, OH, USA, CE, s.o. John D. Nicholas, business & Grace D. Pfieffers mar Annie Hardy, 19, spin., r.Vancouver, b.ENG, CE, d.o. Robert Hardy, farmer & Sarah Hardy, 15 Mar 1920, Vancouver.
DR: (s0n): Herbert Lewis Nicholas, b.Calgary, AB, 13 Jul 1921, d.Vancouver, 27 Oct 1967, r.1411 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, divorced from Laverne Smith, s.o. Herbert Lewis Nicholas, b.Spokane, WA, USA & Annie Hardy, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 287 Petitioner: wife
Stokes William Henry and --- Daisie
Married 6 Jul 1917 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 28 Nov 1928
Co-respondent(s): Hilda Hinder
Remarks: Child: John Adrain.

Vol. 5 Pages 289 Petitioner: wife
Locke William Leonard and Meldram Henrietta Maude
Married 20 Jul 1909 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 30 Nov 1928
Remarks: MR: William Leonard Locke, 23, r.Victoria, b.Antwep, BEL, printer, Ang, s.o. Leonard Pye & Emily mar Henrietta Maude Meldram, 21, r. & b.Victoria, Ang, d.o. James Watson & Catherine Jane, 20 Jan 1909, Victoria.
DR: Henrietta Maude Locke, b.Victoria, 16 Jul 1887, d.Victoria, 19 Feb 1959, r.307 Vancouver St, Victoria, divorced from William Locke, d.o. James Watson Meldram, b.SCT & Catherine Smiley, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 290, 293, 326 Petitioner: wife
Allen Walter Elliston and Holden Marjorie Joan
Married 28 May 1921 at Vernon, BC Dissolved: 15 Feb 1929 Absolute: 26 Sep 1929
Remarks: Children: Michael Walter & Lavender Joyce.
MR: Walter Elliston Allen, fruit grower, 28, Ang, r.Penticton, b.ENG, s.o. Percy Elliston Allen, b.ENG & Florence West, b.ENG mar Margorie Joan Holden, 21, Ang, r. 'just arrived from England', b.ENG, d.o. John Sinclair Holden, b.IRL & Mary Agnes, b.ENG, 28 May 1921, Vernon.

Vol. 5 Pages 291, 331, 339 Petitioner: husband
Wescott Stanley H. and Shappa Clara Thirza
Married 8 Oct 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 31 Oct 1929
Remarks: A copy of the citation was served to Clara Hirza's step-father, Jeremiah B. Twombley, 305 E. 46 St, Vancouver.
MRI: Stanley Haughton Wescott mar Clara Thirza Shappa, 8 Oct 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Stanley Haughton Wescott, 10 Jul 1967, 71, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 292, 296 Petitioner: wife
Biscoe Francis Ramsey Fraser and Carwithen Margaret Bluhm
Married 23 Jan 1912 at Sandwick, BC Dissolved: 22 Feb 1929
Remarks: Children: Alice Fraser Biscoe & Reginald William Fraser Biscoe.
MR: Francis Ramsay Fraser Biscoe, 28, r.Courtenay, b.Secunderabad, Deccan, IND, bach., real estate, CE, s.o. William Fraser Biscoe & Mary Alice Crozier mar Margaret Bluhm Carwithen, 24, r. & b.Sandwick, spin., CE, d.o. Reginald Terry Carwithen & Margaret Hay, 23 Jan 1912, Sandwick.
WWI Attestation: Francis Ramsey Fraser Biscoe, b.Tramancore, IND, 24 Jan 1884, r.864 Esquimalt Rd, farmer. NOK: Madge Bluhm Biscoe, wife, 864 Esquimalt Rd, Victoria. Papers signed: 3 Jun 1918, Victoria.
DRI: Francis Ramsay F. Biscoe, 27 Dec 1967, 83, Victoria.
DRI: Margaret Bluhm Biscoe, 24 May 1977, 89, Comox.

Vol. 5 Pages 295 Petitioner: husband
Peter Harmon Tandy and Smith Georgina
Married 24 Jul 1912 Dissolved: 30 Feb 1929
Co-respondent(s): Charles Brown
Remarks: Children: William Harmon, b.19 May 1913; Lillian Charlotte, b. 31 Oct 1914 & Kenneth Francis John, b.23 Mar 1921 - all b.Victoria.
MRI: Harmon Tandy Peter mar Georgina Smith, 24 Jul 1912, Victoria.
DRI: Harmon Tandy Peter, 30 Nov 1955, 67, Sidney.

Vol. 5 Pages 297, 312 Petitioner: husband
Jones Frederick Llewelyn and --- Francis
Married 25 Aug 1923 at Ushaw Moor, DUR, ENG Dissolved: 8 May 1929
Co-respondent(s): Jim Mitchell
Remarks: DR: Frederick Llewellyn Jones, b.ENG, 5 Feb 1895, d.Vancouver, 8 Jun 1973, r.#214 - 1999 Nelson St, Vancouver, salesman Hudson's Bay, h.o. Blodwen Rhys, s.o.Richard Jones, b.WLS & Hannah Bowen, b. n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 298 Petitioner: husband
Quinn John Patrick and Wood Gustava May
Married 25 Feb 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 27 Feb 1929
Co-respondent(s): Charles H. Gray
Remarks: MR: John Patrick Quinn, longshoreman, bach, 23, RC, r.46 Montreal St, Victoria, b.Montreal, QC, s.o. John Quinn, b.COR, IRL & Mary Louisa Mayhew, b.Montreal mar Gustava Mae Wood, clerk, spin., 21, Meth, r.3429 South St, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. Alfred Wood, b.FRA & Evelyn Charlotte Sarvic, b.Danville, QC, 25 Feb 1921, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 299, 306 Petitioner: husband
Gilbert William and --- Annie Elizabeth
Married 22 Dec 1917 at London, ENG Dissolved: 21 Mar 1929
Co-respondent(s): Vincent Thomas Burgess

Vol. 5 Pages 300 Petitioner: wife
Lisney William James and Bremner Adele B.
Married 18 Aug 1914 Dissolved: 21 Mar 1929
Remarks: Child: Frances Marion.
MR: William James Lisney, 24, r.New Westminster, b.Croydon, ENG, painter, Ang, s.o. Frederick James Lisney, mother n/g mar Blanche Eugenia Kirrage, 27, r.Vancouver, b.ENG, Ang, d.o. James Frederick Kirrage, mother n/g, 27 May 1908, Vancouver.
DRI: Blanche Eugenie Lisney, 26 Jan 1913, 32, Vancouver.
MR: William James Lisney, 30, wid, car conductor, r.Vancouver, b.Croydon, ENG, CE, s.o. Frederick James Lisney, decorator & Charlotte May mar Adele Bremner, 29, school teacher, r.Nanaimo, b.Charlottetown, PE, d.o. George Brenner, surveyor & Annie Bouyer, 18 Aug 1914, Vancouver.
1901CEN: Charlottetown, PE, d.8, p.13: Bremner: George, 40, PE; Annie, 54, PE; Frank C., 6, PE; Mable, 28, PE; Gerald, 10, PE; Adele, 19 (b.19 May 1881), PE & Frederick, 6 (b.1884), PE. All Bapt.
DR: Adele Bremner Thomson, b.PE, 29 May 1886, d.Prince Rupert, 25 Nov 1941, r.Prince Rupert, w.o. Sydney Charles Thomason, d.o. John Bremner, b.PE, mother n/k.
DR: William James Lisney, b.ENG, 25 May 1878, d.Vancouver, 13 Jan 1966, r.1012 Eveleigh, Vancouver, painting, h.o. Hazel n/k, s.o. Charles Frederick Lisney, b.ENG, mother n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 301 Petitioner: husband
Clayards Edward Golder and McGeorge Anna Harkness Wylie Bennee
Married 28 Sep 1923 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 25 Mar 1929
Co-respondent(s): Robin C. Ledingham
Remarks: Children: William Edward, b.30 Dec 1923 & Jean Anita, b.15 Apr 1925.
MR: Edward Golder Clayards, seaman, marine engineer, bach., 21, CE, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. William Clayards, b.ENG & Jane Golder, b.ENG mar Anna McGeorge, clerk, spin., 18, Psb, r.Victoria, b.SCT, d.o. Samuel McGeorge, b.SCT & Jean Clarke, b SCT, 28 Sep 1923, Vancouver.
DRI: Edward Golder Clayards, 23 Nov 1955, 50, Oak Bay.

Vol. 5 Pages 302 Petitioner: wife
Dickinson Tyson David and Williams Lydia
Married 11 Aug 1923 Dissolved: 26 Mar 1929
Remarks: MR: Tyson David Dickinson, vulcanizer, bach., 22, CE, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, s.o.Richard Dickinson, b.ENG & Alice, b.ENG mar Lydia Williams, spin., 19, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. David Williams, b.ENG & Polly, b.ENG, 11 Aug 1923, Victoria.
DRI: Tyson David Dickinson, 5 Aug 1976, 71, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 303 Petitioner: wife
Matterson Joseph Sutherland and Wright Maud Lillian Collier
Married 19 Oct 1920 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 25 Mar 1929
Remarks: See his second divorce, v.3, p.121. He was entered as living in London, ENG (p.122, 30 May 1919).
MR: Joseph Sutherland Matterson, farmer, div, 46, CE, r.Parksville, b.IRL, s.o. Joseph Matterson, b.IRL & Agnes, b.SCT mar Maud Lillian Collier Wright, spin., 39, r.Parksville, b.London, ENG, d.o. John Robert Wright, b. London, ENG & Mary Ann Elizabeth, b.London, ENG, 19 Oct 1920, Victoria.
DR: Joseph Sutherland Matterson, 75, b.IRL, Sep 1874, d.Nanaimo, 25 Mar 1950, r.French Creek, retired, h.o. Marie, s.o. Joseph Matterson, b.ENG & ----- Moffat, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 304, 305 Petitioner: wife
Barlow Claude Reginald and Elgood Christine Kate
Married 2 Feb 1909 at Salmon Arm, BC Dissolved: 12 Apr 1929
Remarks: Children: Bernard Cecil; Kenneth Brabason & Eileen Amphlett.
MR: Claude Reginald Barlow, 22, r.Salmon Arm, b.Barrowstone, LEI, ENG, bach., rancher, CE, s.o. Thomas Disney Barlow & Letitia Amelia McLean mar Christine Kate Elgood, 22, r.Silver Creek, b.LEI, ENG, spin., CE, d.o.John Elgood & Caroline A. Lord, 2 Feb 1909, Silver Creek.
DRI: Claude Reginald Barlow, 24 Sep 1968, 81, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 307, 324 Petitioner: wife
Vowles William, jr. and --- Marie
Married 25 Jan 1924 at Los Angeles, CA, USA Dissolved: 7 May 1929
Remarks: DR: William Vowles, r.1937 Maple Ave, Sooke, b.ENG., 13 Apr 1900, d.Victoria, 29 Dec 1965, h.o. Sarah Michelsen, s.o.William Vowles, b.ENG & Ada Drewry, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 308, 311, 334 Petitioner: husband
Verdier Francis and Michell Julia
Married 20 Jan 1927 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 10 Oct 1929
Co-respondent(s): Thomas William Jones, otherwise known as Thomas William Kerswell
Remarks: See his first divorce v.5, p.139. See v.5, p.345 for Thomas William Jones' divorce.
MR: Francis Verdier, retired, divorced, 61, RC, r. & b.Saanich, s.o. ---- Verdier, b.FRA & Norah ----, b.IRL mar Julia Michell, wid, 42, CE, r.Victoria, b.QC, d.o. Frank Michell, b.ENG & Catherine ----, b.ENG, 20 Jan 1927, Victoria.
DR: Francis Verdier, r.West Saanich Rd, b.Saanich, 2 Apr 1865, d.Victoria, 25 Sep 1947, timber cruiser, wid, s.o.Stephen Ettiene Verdier, b.FRA & Honorah Killey, b.IRL.

Vol. 5 Pages 309 Petitioner: wife
Allen William James and Halliday Ethel
Married 22 Dec 1920 at Alert Bay, BC Dissolved: 26 Apr 1929
Remarks: Child: William A.
MR: William James Allen, storekeeper, 26, Meth, Kingcome Inlet, BC, b.Vancouver, s.o. William Henry Allen, b.Portland, DOR, ENG & Mary Anderson, b.Aberdeen, SCT mar Ethel May Halliday, clerk, 21, Ang, r.Alert Bay, b.Toronto, ON, d.o. William ---ay Halliday, b.Drayton, ON & Jane Richmond, b.Perth, ON, 22 Dec 1920, Alert Bay.

Vol. 5 Pages 310, 323 Petitioner: wife
Foxgard Stanley Edwin and Castle Alice May
Married 21 Apr 1916 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 23 Apr 1929
Remarks: Children: Stanley George, b.25 May 1928 & Edna May, b.26 May 1920.
MR: Stanley Edwin Foxgard, 24, bach., mechanic, r.Victoria, b.San Francisco, CA, USA, SD, s.o. Nelson Foxgard, mechanic & Emma Bailey mar Alice May Castle, 19, spin., r.Victoria, b.ENG, Meth, d.o. George Castle, mechanic & Ann Stralton, 21 Apr 1916, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 313 Petitioner: wife
Deane-Freeman Edward and Seriver Marion Isobel
Married 21 Nov 1910 at St. Mary's Parish, Newington, London, ENG Dissolved: 22 May 1929
Remarks: Children: Brian & John.
WWI Attestation: Edward Theophilus Deane-Freeman, b.COR, IRL, 29 Apr 1873, r.1609 Amphion St, Victoria, clerk. NOK: Edith Deane-Freeman, wife, same address. Papers signed: 3 Mar 1919, Esquimalt Military Hospital. States that his military service was with the C.E.F. Feb 1914 - Mar 1919.

Vol. 5 Pages 314 Petitioner: husband
Sinclair Reginald William and Marrs Margaret Norah
Married 3 Apr 1925 Dissolved: 31 May 1929
Co-respondent(s): John McLean
Remarks: MR: Reginald William Sinclair, storekeeper, bach., 33, CE, r.Inverness, BC, b.New Westminster, s.o. Joseph W. Sinclair, b.ENG & Helen Louise Bailey, b.Yale, BC mar Margaret Norah Marrs, spin, 20, CE, r. North Pacific, b.ENG, d.o. John J. Marrs, b.ENG & Elizabeth Rule, b.SCT, 3 Apr 1925, Prince Rupert.

Vol. 5 Pages 315, 321 Petitioner: husband
Forde Daniel Victor and Wallace Florence Margaret
Married 24 Aug 1927 at Vancouver, BC
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 26 Jun 1929, by reason of the impotence of Florence Margaret.
MRI: Daniel Victor Forde mar Florence Margaret Wallace, 24 Aug 1927, Vancouver (not filmed).

Vol. 5 Pages 316, 320 Petitioner: husband
Mutter George William and Doering Beatrice Alexandra Lillian
Married 4 May 1910 Dissolved: 19 Jun 1929
Co-respondent(s): Mathias H. MacMillan
Remarks: Children: Charles Doering; George William Morrison; James Islay Allen; Sheila Sarah Beatrice; Gloria Blanche; Norma; Thomas Henry Alexander & Hugh Clarke Drummond.
MRI: George William Mutter mar Beatrice A.L. Doering, 4 May 1910, Ashcroft (not filmed).

Vol. 5 Pages 317, 332 Petitioner: wife
McDonald Hugh Anthony and Dalby Floreen Hannah
Married 10 Oct 1925 at Cumberland, BC Dissolved: 22 Oct 1929
Remarks: Child: Ronald Francis, b.11 Jan 1927. The wife's name was entered as 'Floreen Hannah (an infant by Frank Dalby, her next friend and guardian)'.
MR: Hugh McDonald, lineman, 25, RC, r. c/o BC Telephone Co., Nanaimo, b.St. Peters, NS, s.o. John McDonald, b.St. Peters, NS & Rebecca McDonald, Halifax, NS mar Hannah Floreen Dalby, occ. - 'just finished business school course', 17, Ang, r. & b.Cumberland, BC, d.o. Frank Dalby, b.Victoria & Kathleen Walker, b.Nanaimo, 10 Oct 1925, Cumberland.

Vol. 5 Pages 318, 325 Petitioner: wife
Gaunt Thomas William and --- Emily
Married 2 Jun 1906 Dissolved: 9 Sep 1929
Remarks: Children: William; Roy Arthur; Alexander; Sidney & Evelyn Catherine.
WWI Attestation: Thomas William Gaunt, b.London, ENG, 1 May 1882, machinist. NOK: Mrs Gaunt, wife, 1306 Camosun St, (new address 1508 Fernwood Rd) Victoria. Papers signed: 22 Sep 1914, Valcartier.
DR: Thomas William Gaunt, b.London, ENG, 1 May 1886, d.Vancouver, 7 Sep 1946, r.2182 Cadboro Bay, h.o. Winnifred Walker, s.o. William Gaunt, b.ENG & Catherine Cowan, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 322, 350 Petitioner: husband
Day John and Milne Agnes
Married 7 Oct 1922 Dissolved: 14 Jan 1930
Co-respondent(s): Joseph Chadderton
Remarks: Child: John, b.28 Sep 1924.
MR: John Day, jr, poultry dealer, 28, religion - 'none in particular', r.Victoria, b.Wolverhampton, ENG, s.o. John Day, b.Wolverhampton, ENG & Mary Jane Beaven, b.Wolverhampton, ENG mar Agnes Milne, 21, RC, r.Victoria, b.North of ENG', d.o. John Milne, b.Fraserburough, SCT & Mary Farrell, b.Pearson's Green, KEN, ENG, 7 Oct 1922, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 327, 335 Petitioner: husband
Lumsden Thomas Byron and Cobley Beatrice Malinda
Married 25 Dec 1924 Dissolved: 22 Oct 1929
Co-respondent(s): Ernest J. Begin
Remarks: Ernest J. Begin and Beatrice Malinda had married at Los Angeles, CA, USA.
MR: Thomas Byron Lumsden, tin dealer, bach, 25, Psb, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. Thomas Lumsden, b.ENG & Barbara Rose, b.Paisley, ON mar Beatrice Malinda Hill, cashier Hudsons Bay, divorced, 26, Ang, r.Victoria, b.Hamilton, ON, d.o.James Henry Cobley, b.Hamilton, ON & Laura Beatrice Warner, b.Hamilton, ON, 25 Dec 1924, Saanich.
DRI: Thomas Byron Lumsden, 22 Jul 1981, 81, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 328 Petitioner: husband
Johnston Robert and Roe Mabel
Married 29 Jun 1903 at New Westminster, BC Dissolved: 7 Oct 1929
Co-respondent(s): Gerald (alias Jerry) Johnston
Remarks: 1901CEN: Robt. Johnstone, d.2, p.19, l.9.
MR: Robert Johnston, 21, r.Victoria, b.Edinburgh, SCT, boiler maker, Psb, s.o. John & Euphemia mar Mabel Roe, 18, r.Victoria, b.London, ON, RC, d.o. Martin & Louisa, 29 Jun 1903, New Westminster.

Vol. 5 Pages 329, 346 Petitioner: wife
Brookbank William Joseph Elliott and Robinson Kathleen Colvin
Married 12 Oct 1923 at Cobble Hill, BC Dissolved: 29 Nov 1929
Remarks: Children: Kathleen Joan; William John Elliott & Mary Isobel.
MR: William Joseph Elliott Brookbank, book keeper, bach., 21, CE, r.Genoa Bay, BC, b.Casham?, Hants, ENG, s.o. George William Brookbank, b.Wimbledon, ENG & Ellen Mary Elliott, b.Hancross, SSX, ENG mar Kathleen Colvin Robinson, nurse, 22, CE, r.Cobble Hill, b.Leeds, YKS, ENG, d.o. John Edward Robinson, b.Wakefield, ENG & Mary Kate Elliott, b.Wakefield, ENG, 13 Oct 1923, Cobble Hill.

Vol. 5 Pages 330 Petitioner: husband
Johnson Harold Livesey and --- Harriet
Married 1 Sep 1917 Dissolved: 9 Oct 1929
Co-respondent(s): Donald Alexander Campbell & Douglas H.B. Strank
Remarks: Children: Margaret; Winnifred Mabel; Gertrude & Harold.
DR: Harold Livesey Johnson, 69, b.LAN, ENG, 14 Apr 1893, d.Victoria, 7 Oct 1963, r.1239 Bay St, Victoria, h.o. Violet Whiting, s.o. Frederick George Johnson, b.ENG & Margaret Livesey, b.ENG.
DN, Times, 8 Oct 1963: Harold L. Johnson, r.1235 Bay St, in Victoria since 1925, leaves wife Violet; son George, Ladysmith; daus: Mrs Peggy R. Shambrook, Sooke; Mrs W. Stones & Mrs Gertrude Foote, Victoria; Miss J.D. Johnson, Nanaimo; step-dau: Mrs D. Key, Rockford, IL, USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 333 Petitioner: wife
Little Louis Archibald and --- Nellie
Married 3 Nov 1921 at Halifax, NS Dissolved: 16 Nov 1929
Remarks: Child: Constance Eva. See his second divorce v.5, p.367.

Vol. 5 Pages 336 Petitioner: wife
Witherow Sydney Joseph and Willsie Sadie Paula
Married 28 Aug 1917 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 25 Oct 1929
Remarks: BRI: Sadie Paula Willsie, 28 Oct 1895, Victoria.
MR: Sydney Joseph Witheron, 22, engineer, r.Point Renfrew, b.Burton-on-Trent, ENG, Ang, s.o.Joseph Witherow, engineer & Elizabeth Deakin mar Sadie Paula Willsie (adopted), 20, r.Esquimalt, b.Victoria, Psb, d.o. Joseph John Baird (foster), mining director & Emily Marie Gibson (foster), also: father - Luther Byron Willsie & mother - Sadie Walkem, 28 Aug 1917, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 337 Petitioner: wife
Waterhouse Robert and Price Mary Jane Helena
Married 31 Mar 1908 at Capetown, South Africa Dissolved: 26 Oct 1929
Remarks: DR: Mary Helena Waterhouse, r.170 Obed, Saanich, b.Capetown, South Africa, 31 May 1871, d.Victoria, 22 Jul 1935, divorced from Robert Waterhouse, d.o. John Price, b.ENG, mother n/k.
DR: Robert Waterhouse, r.Florence Lake Rd, Langford, b.North IRL, 18 Mar 1877, d.Victoria, 11 Mar 1952, accountant, wid of Mary Helena, s.o.Abraham Waterhouse, b.IRL & Sophia Hull, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 338 Petitioner: wife
King Henry Lancelot and Taylor Jean
Married 6 Jun 1919 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Oct 1929
Remarks: Children: George Benjamin & Lillias Alice.
1901CEN: Jennie Taylor, d.6, p.8, l.47.
BRI: Jane Kerr Oswald Taylor, 3 Aug 1900, Victoria.
MR: Henry Lancelot King, 23, bach., mechanic, r.Victoria, London, ENG, CE, s.o. Harry Grover King, gentleman & Alice Jamieson mar Jean Taylor, 19, spin., r. & b.Victoria, Psb, d.o. Benjamin Taylor, gentleman & Lillias McEwan, 6 Jun 1919, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 340 Petitioner: wife
Fagan Mathew Patrick Stephen and Burke Eleanor
Married 8 Nov 1923 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 1 Nov 1929
Remarks: Children: Mathew & Patricia.
MR: Stephen Matthew Fagan, clerk, bach, 22, RC, r.Vancouver, b.Wellington, BC, s.o. Patrick Stephen Fagan, b.USA & Norma Lucille Cantrell, b.Black Diamond, WA, USA mar Eleanor Burke, 19, RC, r.108 Hastings, Vancouver, b.Ladysmith, BC, d.o. Patrick Joseph Burke, b.GAL, IRL & Jessie C. Parsons, b.ON, 8 Nov 1923, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 341, 342, 349 Petitioner: husband
Partridge Herbert Alexander and Raitt Lillian MacLean
Married 24 May 1928 at Naramata, BC
Remarks: Her name was entered as Lillian MacLean Raitt (otherwise Lillian MacLean Partridge). This marriage was ordered null and void, 7 Jan 1930, by reason of the frigidity or impotence of Lillian MacLean Raitt.

Vol. 5 Pages 343, 352 Petitioner: husband
Coupland Albert William and --- Martha
Married 15 May 1909 at West Derby, Liverpool, ENG Dissolved: 10 Feb 1930
Co-respondent(s): Jack Wiley & Mr. Henshaw
Remarks: The citation was sent to Martha care of Mr & Mrs Thornton, Trouquier Building, Aughton St, Ormskirk, near Liverpool, ENG.
DN, Times, 27 Nov 1939, p.11: Albert William Coupland, r.Brentwood, d.Victoria, 24 Nov 1939, 52, leaves wid; son: Albert William, Victoria & dau: Edith.

Vol. 5 Pages 344 Petitioner: husband
Wallberg Frank Wust de and German Eugenia
Married 19 Jun 1923 at Budapest, HUN Dissolved: 3 Dec 1929
Co-respondent(s): Lassio Nagy

Vol. 5 Pages 345, 375 Petitioner: wife
Jones Thomas William and Dickinson Dorothy Lillian
Married 28 Nov 1924 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 9 Dec 1929 Absolute: 24 Jun 1930
Remarks: Children: Monica & Catherine Annie. Their names were entered as Dorothy Lillian Jones, otherwise known as Dorothy Lillian Kerswell and Thomas William Jones, otherwise known as Thomas William Kerswell. He was the co-respondent in the Verdier divorce at v.5, p.308.
MR: Thomas William Kerswell Jones, electrician, bach., 26, Ang, r.1314 Yates St, Victoria, b.WLS, s.o.John Richard Jones, b.WLS & Mary Kerswell, b.WLS mar Dorothy Lillian Tait, divorced, 27, Psb, r. & b.Alberni, d.o. William Dickinson, b.SCT & Catherine Fletcher, 28 Nov 1924, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 347 Petitioner: wife
Morris Henry Robert and --- Ellen Christina
Married 5 Sep 1901 Dissolved: 12 Dec 1929

Vol. 5 Pages 348 Petitioner: husband
Alexander Norman Elwood and Wright Mary Ellen
Married 24 Jun 1921 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 18 Dec 1929
Remarks: Children: Ruby Elizabeth & Elizabeth Elwood.
MR: Norman Ellwood Alexander (d.10, p.9, l.12), 22, bach., motor truck driver, r.1159 Yates St, Victoria, b.Victoria, Bapt, s.o. Thomas Alexander, teamster & Corinthia Elizabeth Pierre mar Mary Ellen Wright, 17, spin., r.Victoria, b.Galiano Island, Psb, d.o. Robert Anthony Wright, fisherman & Isabella Trueworthy (d.H2, p.1, l.34-5), 24 Jun 1921, Victoria.
DRI: Norman Elwood Alexander, 26 Aug 1968, 69, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 351, 356 Petitioner: wife
Fairweather David Andrew and --- Martha Gemmell
Married 6 Mar 1919 at Winnipeg, MB Dissolved: 26 Feb 1930
Remarks: DR: David Andrew Fairweather, 55, b.Montrose, SCT, 12 Sep 1887, d.Essondale, 23 Nov 1942, r.Victoria, divorced, druggist, s.o. David Arthur Fairweather, b.SCT, mother n/g.

Vol. 5 Pages 353 Petitioner: wife
Aldred Edgar and --- Ellen
Married 15 Sep 1928 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 18 Feb 1930
Remarks: MN: Times, 30 Oct 1933, p.6: Catherine, 2nd d.o. Mr & Mrs C.M. Law, Princess Ave mar Edgar G. Aldred; will live at 'The Gables', Fort St.

Vol. 5 Pages 354 Petitioner: husband
Beasley Harry Burkholder and Keating Gertrude
Married 15 Jan 1915 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 18 Feb 1930
Co-respondent(s): Adrian Jacob Sem Van Alphen
Remarks: Child: Gladwyn Helen.
MR: Harry Burkholder Beasley, 22, bach., braker, r.943 St. Charles St, Victoria, b.Donald, BC, Ang, s.o. Harry Exeter Beasley, General Supt., of E. & N.R.R. & Catherine Griffith mar Gertrude Keating, 21, spin, housekeeper, r.1015 Carberry Gardens, b.Toronto, ON, RC, d.o. Frank Keating, dec. & Catherine O'Brien, 5 Jan 1915, Victoria.
DRI: Harry Burkholder Beasley, 26 Nov 1972, 79, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 355 Petitioner: wife
Robilliard John Isaac and Lyons Charlotte Annie
Married 21 Feb 1920 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 20 Feb 1930
Remarks: MR: John Isaac Robilliard, 27, bach., vulcanizer, r.1121 Keefer St, Vancouver, b.Alert Bay, BC, Meth, s.o. John Robilliard, fisherman & Matilda Cartwright mar Charlotte Annie Lyons, 23, spin., r.Vancouver, b.London, ENG, CE, d.o. Edwin Henry Lyons, builder & Elizabeth Jones, 21 Feb 1920, Vancouver.
DRI: John Isaac Robilliard, 12 Jun 1957, 64, Nanaimo.

Vol. 5 Pages 357 Petitioner: wife
Jensen Neils Lund and --- Frances Cruikshanks
Married 5 Dec 1921 at Calgary, AB Dissolved: 26 Feb 1930
Remarks: Child: Earl Austin.

Vol. 5 Pages 358 Petitioner: wife
Brill Benjamin and --- Mary
Married 23 Aug 1916 at Winnipeg, MB Dissolved: 26 Feb 1930
Remarks: DR: Mary Brill, b.RUS, 15 Deb 1893, d.Victoria, 23 Jun 1973, r.1115 Richardson St, Victoria, divorced from Benjamin Brill, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 359 Petitioner: husband
Rose Ernest Warwick and Dobbie Hannah Elizabeth
Married 5 Oct 1927 Dissolved: 11 Mar 1930
Co-respondent(s): Charles Allison
Remarks: DR: Hannah Elizabeth Rose, b.ENG, 24 Sep 1897, d.Victoria, 7 Apr 1952, r.1281 Debman St, Victoria, divorced from Ernest Warwick Rose, d.o. ---- Dobbie, b.ENG, mother n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 360, 363, 369 Petitioner: husband
Ballam Charles and Crichton Maud Gladys
Married 23 Nov 1922 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 Mar 1930
Co-respondent(s): John M. Sloan
Remarks: See his first divorce v.4, p.120.
WWI Attestation: Charles Ballam, b.Liverpool, ENG, 25 Dec 1885, mechanic, single. NOK: Richard Ballam, Chief of Police, Liverpool, ENG, father. Papers signed: 5 Feb 1915, Victoria.
MR: Charles Ballam, plumber, divorced, 36, free thinker, r.127 Bushby St, Victoria, b.Liverpool, ENG, s.o. Richard Ballam, b.CAV, IRL & Frances Seaman, b.CAV, IRL mar Maud Gladys Crichton, cashier in business house, 26, free thinker, r.Victoria, b.London, ENG, d.o. William Frederick Crichton, b.Plymouth, ENG & Ellen Carter, b.London, ENG, 23 Nov 1922, Victoria.
DRI: Charles Ballam, 80, b.Liverpool, ENG, 25 Dec 1885, d.Saanich, 4 Feb 1966, r.1133 Goodwin St, Oak Bay, retired plumber, h.o. Ellen Petticrew, s.o. Richard Ballam, b.IRL & Frances Seaman, b.IRL.

Vol. 5 Pages 361, 368, 373 Petitioner: wife
Pimm Thomas William and Rudling Alice Annie
Married 3 Mar 1917 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 19 Mar 1930
Remarks: Children: Edith Mary, b.22 Sep 1919 & Robert Edward, b.6 Jun 1922.
MR: Thomas William Pimm, 33, bach., steward, r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, s.o. John W. Pimm, engineer & Mary Ann Kamp mar Annie Alice Rudling, 33, spin, r.Victoria, b.ENG, Ang, d.o. John Rudling, painter & Martha Saunders, 3 Feb 1917, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 362 Petitioner: wife
Bland Francis Christopher and Thomas Mary Martha
Married 5 Oct 1912 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 19 Mar 1930
Remarks: Children: Frank Walter, 17 y; Mary Irene, 16; Dorothy Kay, 7 & June Flora, 3.
MR: Francis Christopher Bland, 22, r.Victoria, b.BC, bach., engineer, Ang, s.o. Henry Joseph Bland & Mary Frances Ryan mar Mary Martha Thomas, 21, r.Victoria, b.BC, spin., Ang, d.o. William James Thomas & Mary Ellen Waterhouse, 5 Oct 1912, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 364 Petitioner: wife
D'Arcy James Christopher and --- Nellie Ellen
Married 23 Jul 1928 Dissolved: 24 Mar 1930
Remarks: DR: James D'Arcy, b.IRL, Aug 1906, d.Victoria, 26 Jan 1935, r.816 Kings Rd, Victoria, single, laborer, s.o. James D'Arcy, b.IRL & Mary O'Conner, b.IRL.
DN, Times, 8 Jan 1935, p.9: James D'Arcy, 28, s.o. Mr & Mrs James D'Arcy, r.816 Kings Rd, b.Dublin, IRL, d.Victoria, in Victoria 24 y, leaves parents; sis: Miss Madeline, Mrs H. Mercer & Mrs R. Simpson, Victoria;
BR: Christopher, Seattle, WA, USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 365 Petitioner: wife
Birnie Charles Henry and Schofield Hilda
Married 17 Jul 1920 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 27 May 1930
Remarks: See his first divorce, v.4, p.131. Her name was entered as Hilda Schofield, otherwise known as Hilda Birnie. He was already married to Ethel May Hand when he married Hilda Schofield. Children: Charles Henry Johnathan, b.11 Feb 1920 & Vincent Sibbald, b.26 Jan 1921.
DR: Vincent Sibbal Birnie, 11, b.Seattle, WA. USA, 26 Jan 1921, d.Saanich, 9 Feb 1932, r.931 Inverness St, Saanich, s.o.Charles Henry Birnie, b.ON & Hilda Graves, b.ENG.
WWI Attestation: Charles Henry Birnie, b.Simcoe Co, ON, 2 Sep 1886, painter. NOK: Ethel May Birnie, wife, 1348 Grant St, Victoria. Papers signed: 21 Aug 1918, Vernon, BC.
MR: Percival Charles Richards, reporter, bach., 21, Meth, r.1048 1/2 Pandora Ave, Victoria, b.Bristol, ENG, s.o. Frederick W. Richards, b.ENG & Emily Healey, b.ENG mar Hilda Schofield, spin, 21, Meth, r.1142 Caledonia Ave, Victoria, b.Victoria, d.o. Charles Schofield, b.ENG & Hannah McKinlay, b.ENG, 20 May 1925, Victoria.
DR: Charles Birnie, b.ON, 2 Sep 1886, d.Vancouver, 25 Jan 1875, r.2548 Pandora St, Vancouver, retired, h.o. Edith Selene Waterfield, s.o. James David Birnie, b.ON & Janet ----, b.ON.

Vol. 5 Pages 366 Petitioner: husband
Okell George Arthur and --- Norma A.
Married 20 Aug 1928 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 31 May 1930
Co-respondent(s): Homer H. Craver, sr
RBCR: Okell, George Arthur, 83 y, 10 Feb 1962 BC, b.ENG.
DR: George Arthur Okell, b.ENG, 21 Mar 1878, d.Victoria, 10 Feb 1962, r.2829 Lake End Rd, Langford, retired city assessor & collector, h.o. Mabel Mary Essler, s.o. Samuel Mosscrop Okell, b.ENG & Mary Elizabeth Holland, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 367 Petitioner: wife
Little Louis Archibald and --- Dorothy Beatrice
Married 15 Apr 1929 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 17 Apr 1930
Remarks: See his first divorce v.5, p.333.

Vol. 5 Pages 370 Petitioner: wife
Pownall Harry Graham and Bellew Gladys Proctor
Married 28 Apr 1920 at Vancouver Dissolved: 12 May 1930
Remarks: MR: Harry Graham Pownall, 36, bach., civil engineer, r.Victoria, b.Montreal, QC, CE, s.o. Robert Pownall, insurance agent & Margaret Diamond mar Gladys Procter Bellew, 25, spin, r. & b.Liverpool, ENG, CE, d.o. Henry Bellew, optician & Helen Rebecca Dodds, 28 Apr 1920, Vancouver.
DR: Harry Graham Pownall, b.Montreal, QC, 3 Feb 1881, d.Vancouver, 10 Feb 1950, r.1125 Granville St, Vancouver, wid of Gladys Proctor Bellew, s.o. Robert Pownall, b.ENG & Mary Margaret Diamond, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 371 Petitioner: husband
Kaltenbach Reginald Frederick and Hill Elizabeth
Married 10 Jun 1922 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 29 May 1930
Co-respondent(s): Edward Montgomery
Remarks: Children: Frederick Reginald; Rose Cleofina; Emily & Mary Rita.
MR: Reginald Frederick Kaltenbach, jeweler, bach., 19, RC, r.1956 Albart St, Vancouver, b.Cardiff, WLS, s.o. Frederick Kaltenbach, b.Cardiff, WLS & Emily Harrison, b.Cardiff, WLS mar Elizabeth Esther Hill, spin, 15, RC, r.930 Harvey St, Vancouver, b.Manchester, ENG, d.o.John Hill, b.ENG & Agnes Andrew, b.Glasgow, SCT, 10 Jun 1922, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 372, 390 Petitioner: husband
Abbott Charles William and Carloss Susan Harriett
Married 25 Mar 1926 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 23 Dec 1930
Co-respondent(s): Andrew Vernon Hart
Remarks: MR: Charles William Abbott, general work, bach., 24, CE, r.Saanich, b.Victoria, s.o. John, b.ENG & Ada, b.ENG (d.12, p.17, l.17-8) mar Susan Carloss, spin, 22, CE, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Daniel, b.ENG & Harriett, b.ENG, 22 Mar 1926, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 374, 381 Petitioner: husband
Ross Reginald Carew and Bevan Mary Maud
Married 27 Feb 1930 at Bellingham, WA, USA Dissolved: 2 Oct 1930
Remarks: Her name was entered as Mary Maud Ross (otherwise Bevan). Both were entered as 'of Victoria'. This marriage was annulled - no reason was given.
DR: Reginald Carew Ross, 78, b.Edinburgh, SCT, 5 Jun 1876, d.Saanich, 19 Apr 1955, r.Union Club, Victoria, wid of Ethel Thomas, s.o. William Ross, b.Edinburgh, SCT & Ellen Gibson, b.Edinburgh, SCT.

Vol. 5 Pages 376, 382 Petitioner: husband
Leason Roy and Vasheresse Angeline
Married 8 Aug 1927 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 14 Oct 1930
Co-respondent(s): Alexander Wilkinson & Charles Cave
Remarks: DR: Angelina Josephina Leason, b.Nanaimo, 14 Feb 1909, d.Chemainus, 7 Feb 1981, w.o. Roy Leason, d.o. Albert Vasheresse, b.FRA & Philomine Day, b.BEL.

Vol. 5 Pages 377 Petitioner: wife
Witty John Frederick and Smith Sarah Queenie
Married 2 Oct 1922 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: Filed 2 Oct 1922.
MR: John Frederick Witty, bach., 25, Meth, r & b.Victoria, s.o. John Witty, b.Victoria & Emily Davis, b.Victoria mar Queenie Sarah Smith, spin, 18, CE, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o. William Smith, b.ENG & Jemima? Smith, b.ENG, 2 Oct 1922, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 378, 380 Petitioner: wife
Crouch Philip Gordon Chester and --- Bessie Belmont
Married 25 Sep 1907 at Battleford, SK Dissolved: 23 Sep 1930
Remarks: Children: Phyllis, Cecil & Maureen.
WWI Attestation: Philip Gordon Chester Crouch, b.Bibsagel, IND, 10 Apr 1885, r.816 Dunsmuir Rd, Esquimalt, mechanical engineer, married with 4 children. NOK: Bessie Belmont Crouch, 816 Dunsmuir Rd, Esquimalt, wife. Papers signed: 13 Jun 1916, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 379, 383, 385 Petitioner: husband
Wilson James and Wederell Gladys Edith
Co-respondent(s): William Howard Carnes McGregor (d.13, p.1, l.12)
Remarks: This petition for divorce was dismissed, 10 Nov 1930.
DR: Gladys Edith Wilson, b.ESS, ENG, 18 Dec 1885, d.Coquitlam, 17 Sep 1972, r.Port Coquitlam, wid of James Wilson, d.o. Arthur Hugh Wederell, b.ENG & Edith Allen, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 384 Petitioner: husband
Pullen John Cecil and Gallaway Edith May
Married 17 Mar 1927 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 12 Nov 1930
Co-respondent(s): L.A. Baker
Remarks: Child: Beatrice Constance.
MR: John Cecil Pullen, electrician, bach, 25, CE, r.649 Admirals, Victoria, b.JSY, CI, s.o. George Herbert Pullen, b.CON, ENG & Lilly Elizabeth Whitt, b.Fording Bridge, SOM, ENG mar Edith May Gallaway, cashier, spin, 21, Psb, r.218 Beverley Apts, Victoria, b.Fort Ruge, Winnipeg, MB, d.o. George Gallaway, b.Cremore, ON & Elenor Winson, b.Manchester, ENG, 17 Mar 1927, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 386 Petitioner: husband
Philbrook Harold Gordon and France Mabel
Married 9 Jun 1920 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 27 Nov 1930
Co-respondent(s): Sidney Ware
Remarks: MR: Harold Gordon Philbrook, 23, bach., clerk, r.Vicoria, b.ENG, CE, s.o. George, gentleman & Esther mar Mabel France, 21, spin., r.Victoria, b.ENG, CE, d.o. Herbert, gentleman & Emily, 9 Jun 1920, Victoria.
DRI: Harold Gordon Philbrook, 18 Nov 1966, 69, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 387, 389 Petitioner: husband
Newman John Nelson and Luthe Mary Frances
Married 5 Dec 1913 at Saskatoon, SK Dissolved: 23 Dec 1930
Co-respondent(s): William Alexander Gardiner
Remarks: DR: John Nelson Newman, b.Lennox, ON, 13 Jul 1883, d.Victoria, 16 Mar 1948, r.999 Burdette Ave, Victoria, retired steam engineer, divorced from Mary Frances Luthe, s.o. ---- Newman, b.Bedford, ENG, mother n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 388 Petitioner: wife
Edmunds Thomas Morgan and Dopping-Hepenstal Juanita Irene
Married 2 Nov 1926 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 19 Dec 1930
Remarks: Child: Diana Dopping.
MR: Thomas Morgan Edmunds, paper mill employee, bach., 27, CE, r.Powell River, b.Nanaimo, s.o. William Edmunds, b.Cardiff, WLS & Mary Hurst, b.Bolton, LAN, ENG mar Juanita Irene Dopping-Hepenstal, nurse, spin., 21, CE, r.Duncan, b.Brownsburg, QC, d.o. Ralph, 2 Nov 1926, Vancouver.
DRI: Thomas Morgan Edmunds, Dopping-Hepenstal, b.LOG, IRL & Ruby Thompson, b.Montreal, QC, 21 Nov 1942, 43, Nanaimo.

Vol. 5 Pages 391 Petitioner: husband
Connor Martin and Campbell Mary
Married 13 Nov 1927 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 23 Dec 1930
Co-respondent(s): Archie Ward
Remarks: MR: Martin Connor, seaman, bach., 24, RC, r.2640 Rose St, Victoria, b.ENG, s.o. James Connor, b.ENG & Elizabeth Metcalf, b.ENG mar Mary Campbell, spin., 21, Psb, r.409 Simcoe St, Victoria, parents n/g, 13 Nov 1927, Victoria.
DRI: Martin Connor, 22 Mar 1969, 65, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 392, 396 Petitioner: wife
Hanley Kenneth Martin and Green Annie
Married 9 Sep 1918 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 23 Feb 1931
Remarks: WWI Attestation: Kenneth Martin Hanley, b.Glengarry, ON, 2 Jul 1886, r.464 Gorge Rd, Victoria, carpenter. NOK: Annie Hanley, wife (married 10 Jan 1910), same address. Papers signed: 1 Oct 1918, Vancouver.
MR: Kenneth Martin Hanley, 23, r.Michel, BC, b.Greenfield, Glengarry, ON, bach, carpenter, Psb, s.o. Alexander Hanley & Annie Urquhart mar Frances Agnes Kay, r.Michel, BC, b.DFS, SCT, Psb, wid, d.o. William Kay & Mary Stewart, 10 Jan 1910, Cranbrook.
MR: Kenneth Martin Hanley, 39, divorced, carpenter, r.139 Cordon? St, Vancouver, b.Glengarry, ON, Psb, s.o. Alexander Hanley, farmer & Annie Urquhart mar Annie Green, 36, spin., waitress, r.Victoria, b.ENG, d.o.Walter Green, dead & Rosella Lawton, 9 Sep 1918, Vancouver.

Vol. 5 Pages 397 Petitioner: husband
Handley Oswald Henry and Hine Olive Winifred
Married 25 Mar 1930
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 24 Feb 1931, by reason of an existing marriage between Olive Winifred Handley and Walter John Duncalfe.(see v.5, p.398)
MR: Oswald Henry Handley, 22, bach., engineer, r.Vancouver, b.ENG, Psb, s.o. Philip Handley, farmer & Julia Elizabeth Edwards mar Sarah Fields Fairley, 21, spin, waitress, r.Vancouver, b.SCT, Psb, d.o. Henry Fairley, baker & Margaret Fields, 25 Nov 1914, Vancouver.
WWI Attestation: Oswald Henry Handley, b.9 Mar 1892, r.1033 Howe St, Vancouver, locomotive engineer. NOK: Sarah Fields Handley, wife same address. Papers signed: 5 Jul 1916, Vancouver.
MR: Henry Johnston Archibald, 32, divorced, clerk, New Westminster, b.Brisbane, AUS, Bapt, s.o. David Johnston Archibald, engineer & Margaret Dixon mar Sarah Field Handley, 22, divorced, housekeeper, r.Vancouver, b.Broxham?, SCT, Psb, d.o. Henry Handley (as entered - should be Fairley), baker & Margaret Fields, 8 Jan 1920, New Westminster.
DRI: Henry Oswald Handley, 25 Jul 1978, 86, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 398 Petitioner: wife
Duncalfe Walter John and Hine Olive Winifred Bennet
Married 22 Mar 1909 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 24 Feb 1931
Remarks: Children: Walter John & Eleanor Olive. See also v.5, p.398 for her other matrimonial dispute.
1901CEN: Walter Duncalf, d.19, p.1, l.30.
MR: Walter John Duncalfe, 21, r.Victoria, b.Winnipeg, MB, bach., street car conductor, CE, s.o. Walter John Duncalfe, mother n/g mar Olive Winifred Brunet Hine, 17, r.Victoria, b.ENG, CE, spin, d.o. Charles & Annie Hine, 22 Mar 1909, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 399, 408; v.6, p.93, 94 Petitioner: wife
Syrja Jacob and Hartman Elina Sofia
Married 2 Jun 1909 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 10 Feb 1931
Co-respondent(s): John Hill
Remarks: DR: Elina Syrja, 81, b.Elina Syrja, b.Helsinki, FIN, 26 Sep 1884, d.Chase River, 29 Jul 1966, r.Chase River, BC, divorced from Jacob Syrja, d.o. ---- Hartman, b.FIN, mother n/k.
DRI: Jacob Syrja, 88, b.Lappa, FIN, d.Nanaimo, 20 Jul 1970, r. Chase River, BC, retired, h.o. Hilme Mackie, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 400; v.6, p.244 Petitioner: wife
Sandy Henry Rupert and Ruscoe Agnes Victoria
Married 21 Apr 1925 Dissolved: 23 Feb 1931
Remarks: Child: Margaret Gwenyth. On 25 Sep 1935 she was entered as Margaret Gwenyth, 9 1/2 y.
MR: Henry Rupert Sandy, salesman, bach., 22, RC, r.4 Menzies St, Victoria, b.Stafford, STS, ENG, s.o.William Edward Sandy, b.Stafford, STS, ENG & Euphemia Jane Reading, Cheltenham, ENG mar Agnes Victoria Ruscoe, wid, 27, r.435 Bay St, Victoria, b.Campbellton, NB, d.o. Allan J. Pr-------, b.St. John, NB & Agnes Collumbe, St. John, NB, 21 Apr 1925, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 401 Petitioner: wife
Christy Roland Gilbert and Elliott Isabella
Married 28 Mar 1922 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 25 Feb 1931
Remarks: Children: Richard Roland; Thomas; Pamela isabella Elliott & Deryek Gilbert.
WWI Attestation: Roland Gilbert Christy, b.Sao Paulo, Brazil, 12 Apr 1898, clerk, single. NOK: T.H. Christy, father, c/o general delivery Victoria, BC. Papers signed: 10 Nov 1914, Victoria.
MR: Roland Gilbert Christy, bond broker, bach., 23, CE, r.Victoria, b.Sao Paulo, Brazil, s.o. Thomas Howard Christy, b.Sydenham, ENG & Victoria Wellman, b.ENG mar Isabella Sophia Elliott, spin, 23, Bapt, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. Richard Thomas Elliott, b.St. John, NB & Isabella Crawford Portman, b.St. John, NB, 28 Mar 1922, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 402 Petitioner: husband
Taylor Arthur Leopold and --- Mary Josephine
Married 31 Aug 1920 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 19 Mar 1931
Co-respondent(s): Frank Hawkshaw

Vol. 5 Pages 403 Petitioner: wife
Rainaldi Edward and Le Normand Marie Yvonne
Married 15 Nov 1910 at Victoria, BC
Remarks: This petition for divorce was dismissed, 14 Apr 1931.
MR: Edward Rainaldi, 27, r.Victoria, b.ITL, bach., stonecutter, RC, s.o. Salvara & Sabbatt mar Mary Yvonne Le Normand, 30, r.Victoria, b.FRA, spin., RC, d.o.Yves & Jayette, 15 Nov 1910, Victoria.
DR: Marie Yvonne Rainaldi, 79, b.FRA, 16 Apr 1875, d.Coquitlam, 24 Dec 1955, r.879 Tillicum Rd, Esquimalt, w.o. Ed Rainaldi, parents n/k.
DR: Edward Rainaldi, 72, b.ITL, Jun 1884, d.Victoria, 24 Sep 1957, r.879 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, retired contractor, wid of Marie, s.o. Salvatore Rainaldi, b.ITL & Elizabeth Di Bernadini, b.ITL.

Vol. 5 Pages 404 Petitioner: husband
Youson Clarence and --- Vera
Married 9 Aug 1930 Dissolved: 28 Apr 1931
Co-respondent(s): Sidney Colbourne

Vol. 5 Pages 405, 406 Petitioner: husband
Robson Edward Logan and --- Louise Jane
Dissolved: 29 Apr 1931
Remarks: Filed 29 Apr 1931; last entry 8 May 1931. This petition concerned alimony.
DR: Edward Logan Robson, 72, b.Colwood, 11 May 1907, d.Goose Bay, 2 Aug 1979, r.Cowichan Bay, BC, retired logger, h.o. Catherine Owens Havens, s.o. William Robson, b.SCT, mother n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 407, 423 Petitioner: wife
Kean Robert Irwin and Grant Violet Marion
Married 28 Aug 1912 Dissolved: 5 Jun 1931
Remarks: Child: Doris Aurelia.
MR: Robert Irvine Keane, 22, r.Victoria, b.Loc----, ENG, bach., chauffeur, CE, s.o.Albert Charles & Harriet mar Violet Marion Grant, 21, r.Royal Oak, b.Victoria, spin., Cong, d.o. James A. & Isabella, 28 Aug 1912, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 409 Petitioner: wife
Punt Harry Wesley and Reed Lottie May
Married 21 Mar 1911 Dissolved: 26 Jun 1931
Remarks: Children: Maurice Wesley; Russell Harold; Ruth Irene; Alvin Harry & Ralph Lester.
WWI Attestation: Henry Wesley Punt, b.Hamilton, ON, 24 Apr 1891, r.7357 92nd St, Edmonton, AB, chauffeur. NOK: Mrs Lottie Punt, wife, same address. Papers signed: 10 Apr 1916, Edmonton.
DR: Lottie May Punt, 40, b.MB, 8 Jun 1892, d.Victoria, 27 Mar 1932, r. Seven Oaks, Saanich, wid, d.o. ----Reed, b.ON, mother n/k.
DR: Henry Wesley Punt, 54, b.Hamilton, ON, 24 Apr 1891, d.New Westminster, 26 Mar 1946, r.Port Kells, Surrey, service man, Surrey School Board, h.o. Annie May McDonald, s.o. George Punt, b.ENG & Margaret Baker, b.IRL.

Vol. 5 Pages 410 Petitioner: husband
Forbes Campbell Edward and Stevens Beatrice Victoria
Married 19 Apr 1911 at Vancouver, BC Dissolved: 29 Jun 1931
Co-respondent(s): Norman Badminton
Remarks: Child: Vincent.
MR: Campbell Edward Forbes, 28, r.Vancouver, b.London, ENG, bach., accountant, Psb, s.o. Edward James Forbes & Emily Jessie Hardy mar Beatrice Victoria Stevens, 24, r.Vancouver, b.KEN, ENG, spin, Ang, d.o. John G. Stavens & Mary Fanny ---ait, 19 Apr 1911, Vancouver.
DRI: Campbell Edward Forbes, 13 Jun 1950, 64, Powell River.

Vol. 5 Pages 411 Petitioner: husband
McDonald Alexander Bruce and Winger May
Married 24 Apr 1926 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 30 Jun 1931
Remarks: MR: Alexander Bruce McDonald, general work, bach, 21, Psb, r. & b.Victoria, s.o. William McDonald, b.SCT & Margaret McDonald, b.SCT mar Viola May Winger, spin, 21, CE, r. & b.Victoria, d.o. William Winger, b.Victoria & Ruth, b.ENG, 24 Apr 1926, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 412 Petitioner: wife
Forrester James Bryant and Warburton Florence Mary
Married 11 Jan 1919 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 26 Jun 1931
Remarks: 1901CEN: James B. Forester, d.12, p.26, l.28.
MR: James Bryant Forrester, 24, bach., clerk, r.1018 Amphion St, Victoria, b.Victoria, Psb, s.o. James Litster Forrester, merchant & Sarah Arabella Bryant mar Florence Mary Warburton, 19, spin., r.Victria, b.ENG, Ang, d.o. Harry Warburton, contractor & Emily Rogers Hartley, 11 Jan 1919, Victoria.
DRI: James Bryant Forrester, 17 May 1977, 83, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 413, 421 Petitioner: husband
Hamer Edward and Thomas Mary Rodda (Minnie)
Married 28 Oct 1911
Co-respondent(s): Henry Thomas
Remarks: This marriage was ordered null and void, 9 Dec 1931, because she was still married to Henry Thomas at the time she married Edward Hamer.
1881CEN: Higher Alsia, St Buryan, CON, ENG: RODDA: William, Jnr., 49, farmer of 65 acres; Grace, 37, b.St. Sennen, CON, ENG; William C., 10; James T., 9; John G., 8; Annie R., 5; Mary, 4; Elizabeth, 4 & John, 47, brother. All, except Grace, b.St Buryan, CON, ENG.
MR: Edward Hamer, 31, r.414 Bay St., b,Bury, LAN, ENG, bach., engineer, CE, s.o. Jethro & Martha Jane mar Mary Rodda Thomas, 34, CE, r.856 Pandora Ave, Victoria, b.St. Buryan, CON, ENG, wid, d.o.William & Grace Rodda, 28 Oct 1911, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 414 Petitioner: husband
Pelland Lyle Leon and --- Leota Mae
Remarks: Filed 5 Oct 1931.

Vol. 5 Pages 415; v.6, p.11 Petitioner: husband
Raynor Howard Humphreys and Allin Cecelia Evelyn
Co-respondent(s): Leslie Edward Smith
Remarks: This petition for divorce was dismissed 29 Oct 1931.
DR: Cecilia Evelyn Raynor, b.DEV, ENG, 22 Mar 1911, d.Victoria, 5 Feb 1945, r.910 Cook St, Victoria, divorced from Howard Raynor, d.o. Samuel John Allin, b.ENG & Susan Evelyn Harknett, b,ENG.
DR: Howard Humphreys Raynor, b.Victoria, 3 Nov 1909, d.Victoria, 15 Dec 1966, r.Victoria, cab driver, h.o. Evelyn, s.o. Malbourne Raynor, b.ON & Leona Humphreys, b.OH, USA.

Vol. 5 Pages 416 Petitioner: husband
Johnson William Allden and d'Esker Marie
Remarks: This petition was dismissed.
DR: William Allden Johnson, 68, b.Aldershot, ENG, 14 Aug 1883, d.Saanich, 2 Apr 1952, r.831 McKenzie Ave, Saanich, h.o. Marie Anne d'Esker, s.o. John George Johnson, b.ENG & Mary Allden, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 417 Petitioner: wife
Knox Vincent Howard Andae and Tayler Violet Minnie
Married 18 Apr 1922 at Oak Bay, BC
Remarks: MR: Vincent Howard Andre Knox, army (his occ.), bach., 25, CE, r.892 Colville Rd, Victoria, b.Vancouver, s.o. Louis Adrain Knox, b.London, ENG & Beatrice Alma Lindsay, b.SCT mar Violet Minnie Andrews Tayler, spin., 25, CE, r.2312 McNeil Ave, Oak Bay, b.IND, d.o. William Fothergill Cooke Tayler, b.IND & Violet Margaret Sophie, b.IND, 18 Apr 1922, Oak Bay.
DRI: Vincent Howard Andre Knox, 12 Jan 1965, 67, Saanich.

Vol. 5 Pages 418 Petitioner: wife
Vye James Putnam and --- Katherine Annie
Married 31 Dec 1926 at Seattle, WA, USA Dissolved: 5 Nov 1931
Remarks: Child: Frank Alexander.
1901CEN: James P. Vye, d.16, p.5, l.11.
DR: James Putnan Vye, 74, b.Cape Cove, NS, 11 Aug 1880, d.Saanich, 19 Feb 1955, r.4618 West Saanich Rd, Saanich, retired medical doctor, h.o. Grace Mary Hedges, s.o. Alexander Vye, b.ENG & Margaret Cameron, b.ENG.

Vol. 5 Pages 419 Petitioner: wife
Moraes John Tolmie and Rowe Doris Lydia
Married 14 Feb 1929 at Bellingham, WA, USA Dissolved: 31 Oct 1931
Remarks: MN, Times, 5 Jan 1934, p.7: John Tolmie Moraes mar Norah, 2nd d.o. Mr & Mrs T. Muckle, 2 Jan 1934, Victoria.

Vol. 5 Pages 420 Petitioner: husband
Rivers John Charles and --- Fanny Mary
Married 24 Sep 1906 Dissolved: 12 Nov 1931
Co-respondent(s): David W. Davies
Remarks: DR: John Charles Rivers, b.Douglas, IOM, 30 Jun 1883, d.Victoria, 16 Oct 1965, r.Saltair, BC, secretary, manager, Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Branch, h.o. Annie Grace Murton, parents n/k.

Vol. 5 Pages 422 Petitioner: husband
Smith Harry Elwood Grafton and --- Henrietta Adrienne
Married 21 Oct 1930 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 11 Dec 1931
Co-respondent(s): Walter Ernest Thomas Ward
Remarks: BRI: Harry Elwood G. Smith, 21 Sep 1901, Victoria.
DRI: Harry Elwood G. Smith, 21 Feb 1964, 62, Lake Cowichan.

Vol. 5 Pages 424; v.6, p.8 Petitioner: wife
Stevens Nathaniel Harry and Walker Olive Josephine
Married 19 Mar 1915 at Victoria, BC Dissolved: 28 Jan 1932
Remarks: Filed 5 Nov 1931.
MR: Nathaniel Henry Stevens, 33, bach., Serjeant, Corp Military staff clerks, r.Work Point Barracks, Esquimalt, b.Colchester, ESS, ENG, Ang, s.o. George Stevens, tenant farmer & Mary Ann Smythe mar Olive Josephine Walker, 20, spin, r.Old Esquimalt Rd, Esquimalt, b.Portsmouth, ENG, d.o. George Lymington Walker, wood dealer & Mary Jane Kemp, 19 May 1915, Esquimalt.
DRI: Nathaniel Henry Stevens, 16 Aug 1942, 56, Lynn Valley.