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Genealogical Extracts
The British Columbian, 1861-69, Miscellaneous Notices
Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.
Information Wanted Notices: 1862

July 26 paper: "An anxious and distressed mother would be glad to hear from her son, Robert M. SCOTT, late of Belmont, Canada, supposed to be in British Columbia or Vancouver Island." 

December paper: "Information wanted of Mrs. J.E. COPELAND who arrived in Victoria on the Steamship Oregon about August 24. She is supposed to have gone to Cariboo."

1863 Notice Of Absence Posted On Hodge's "Wayside Inn"
Situated 5 Miles Above Yale
My whiskey's gone and credit too,
And I've put out for Cariboo,
So if you want Rum, Gin or Ale
You'll have to get it down in Yale,
And pay for it!


Newspaper Notice: 1864

Yale, August 29, 1864: The family of Mr. ROMANO, (his wife, 2 daughters, son-in-law and grandchild) arrived per Steamer Reliance, from Italy. Mr. Romano left his home in Italy 18 years ago and has been on this continent ever since.

Newspaper Notice: 1865

"Any information regarding John MURDOCK, a ship's-carpenter, who came out from Canada to these Colonies and was last heard from in August of 1860, will be gratefully received by a disconsolate wife." 

Victoria Daily Standard: 1872

" June 13  Naturalized - the following persons took the Oath of Allegiance at New Westminster Assizes before the Chief Justice, and have become naturalized British subjects: 
           J.H VAN BREMER and Henry MELVILLE, citizens of the US,  and 
           Pierre GUICHON, a Frenchman.  

And from the June 17 edition:  Naturalized on June 16 and became British citizens: 
          Jos. WASHINGTON, an American;  
          Theodore TRAJIE & Henry SPIEKMAN, Germans;  
          James MCCLOY; and 
          Ling SING, from China (it is believed that Ling Sing was the first Chinese on record to become 
                   a citizen in British  Columbia) ."