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Genealogical Extracts
The British Columbian, 1861-69, Marriage Notices
Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.


Victoria, Feb 19, by Rev. Evans, D.D. Robert MOORE of San Francisco, to Frances, 2nd daughter of J.T. PIDWELL of Victoria.

Victoria, Aug 15, by Rev. Cridge, Augustus F. PEMBERTON, to Jane Augusta, 3rd daughter of the late Tomkins BREW.

New Westminster, Nov 12, by Rev. C. Knipe, William E. STEIN, of Hot Springs, to Frances, daughter of Sergeant MOREY of the Roayl Engineers of New Westminster.

Victoria, Dec 9, by Rev. R. Dundas, W.F. ARMSTRONG, merchant in New Westminster and formerly of Durham County in Canada West, to Miss N.C. LADNER of Victoria and formerly of Cornwall, England.

Victoria, Aug 19, by Rev. Mr. Cridge, Robert DICKINSON of New Westminster, to Caroline Matilda ROGERS.


Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France, Feb 1, William KELLY, Barrister in Yale, to Madame Emile MERTENS.

Victoria, Mar 31, by Rev. Mr. McFie, Major William DOWNIE, formerly of Downieville, Cal., to Adeline DAVIDSON, formerly of Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Victoria, Apr 3, by Rev. E. Vaenberg, B.F. MOSES of New Westminster, to Kate LEVY, daughter of John Levy of Victoria.

New West, on Good Friday, (April 18?), by Rev. J. Sheepshanks, William HARRIS of San Francisco, to Adeline WATERFORD of New Westminster.

Victoria, Sept 18, by Rev. Mr. Cridge, H.N. STEELE of the Cariboo firm Steele & Co., to Janet E. FOREST, late of San Francisco.

New West., Dec 3, by Rev. Sheepshanks, William JOHNSTON, to Elizabeth BURR, niece of William Burr of Victoria and niece of Hugh Burr, proprietor of the Columbia Hotel in New Westminster.


Hope, Jan 8, by Rev. A.D. Pringle, Edward Howard SANDER, Police Magistrate of Yale, to Annie, eldest daughter of William MORESBY.

Victoria, Jan 8, by Rev. Cridge, John A. WEBSTER of New Westminster, to Martha Wilhelmina, 2nd daughter of the late Thomas P. KEMP of Cork, Ireland.

Mansfield, Ohio, Jan 14, at the residence of the bride's father, Mortimer COOK of Lytton, to Miss N.F. POLLOCK.

Victoria, Sept, 22, by Rev. R.J. Dundas, Francis George CLANDET, to Fanny, eldest daughter of Charles FLEURY of Weymouth, Dorset, England.

New West, Oct 7, ceremony performed by the bride's father, Lieut. Henry Spencer PALMER, youngest son of the late Col. J.S. Palmer, to Mary Jane Pearson, eldest daughter of the Venerable H.P. WRIGHT, Archdeacon of Columbia, Chaplain to the Forces, and Chaplain to H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge.

Victoria, Oct 8, by Rev. W.S. Reece, Henry Reynolds LUARD, Captain Royal Engineers, to Caroline Mary, eldest daughter of the late George LEGGETT.

Nanaimo, Oct 7, by Rev. E. White, Joseph GANNER of Nanaimo, to Dorothy PRESTON of Nanaimo and late of England.

Yale, Nov 2, by Rev. W.H. Reeve, Edward JOHNSTON, to Mary EVANS, late of London.

New West, Nov 4, by Rev. J. Sheepshanks, James ELLARD of the Royal Engineers, to Emma QUINN.


Hope, March 28, by Rev. A.D. Pringle, Edward DEWDNEY of Richfield, to Jane Shaw MOIR, eldest daughter of the late Stratton Moir of "Dhekinde", Ambegamon, Ceylon, and step-daughter of Thomas GLENNIE of Hope, B.C.

New West, May 10, Arthur Walter Shaw BLACK, son of George Balck of Birdholme House, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England, to Elizabeth Kathleen, youngest daughter of the late Thomas P. KEMP of Cork, Ireland.

New West, May 12, Jonathan Hay BROWN, to Sarah BAYLISS, both of New Westminster.

Nanaimo, Nov 29, by Rev. E. White (brother-in-law of the bride), Thomas CUNNINGHAM of the firm Cunningham Bros. of New Westminster & Nanaimo, to Emily WOODMAN, 3rd daughter of William and Mary Ann Woodman of New Westminster.


Victoria, Jan 11, by Rev. D. Cridge, Richard WOLFENDEN of New Westminster, to Kate COOLEY, late of Canterbury, England.

Victoria, Feb 21, by Archdeacon Gilson, Thomas Ellis LADNER, of B.C., to Edney, 3rd daughter of William BOOTH of Victoria.

New West, March 16, by Rev. E. White (brother-in-law of the bride), James CUNNINGHAM, to Mary Ann, 4th daughter of William WOODMAN of New Westminster.

San Francisco, March 2, Uriah NELSON of Port Douglas, to Anna H. SMITH of Buffalo, New York.

New West, March 22, by Rev. E. Robson, Isaac KIPP of Chilliwack, to Mary Ann NELUMS, daughter of William Nelums of Osford, Canada West.

New West, April 1, by Rev. P. Jenns, Frank HOWLETT, son of the late Rev. William Howlett of Congham, Norfolk, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of the late John JOYCE, Collector of Customs in Carlisle, Cumberland, and formerly of the City of Cork, Ireland.

New West, April 1, by Rev. L. Fouquet, Francis ROBERTS of Pemberton, to Adeline BUYERE of Lachine, Canada East.

April 16, by Rev. D. Duff, Alexander Douglas MCINNES, to Annie RODDY, both residing on Williams Creek.

New West, June 14, by Rev. E. Robson, John Alloway GALRICK, to Lydia Ann CHURCH, both of New Westminster.

New West, June 27, by Rev. H. Reeve, Walter MOBERLY of New Westminster, to Blanche, 2nd daughter of Horation COMPIGNE of Gosport, England.

Cameronton, June 12, by Rev. D. Duff, William ALLAN, to Janet MORRIS, late of Scotland. Both are residents of Williams Creek.

Victoria, Aug 10, Robert HORTON, to Margaret BOYDE, daughter of John Boyde of Glascow, Scotland.

Williams Creek, Sept 11, by Rev. D. Duff, William MEACHAM, to Mira GOUDIE, late of Victoria.

New West, Nov 4, by Rev. E. Robson, John Gundry JENNINGS of Cariboo, to Annie Maria HOLMES, daughter of William Holmes of Brunette Farm, New Westminster.


Victoria, Jan 29, by Rev. A.C. Garrett, Ernest PICHT of New Westminster, to Anna GASCH of Seattle, W.T.

Sapperton, Feb 10, by Rev. Percival Jenns, Henry, eldest son of Mark RUSHTON of Spring Gardens, London, to Eva de Berkeley, 4th daughter of the Rev. Henry GOOD, Priest-Vicar of Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire.

Victoria, Feb 12, by Archdeacon Gilson, W.H. LADNER, to Mary A., 4th daughter of William BOOTH of New Westminster.

New West, March 7, by Rev. D. Duff, Walter BLACKIE, to Mary ARDREY, late of Manchester, England.

Yale, March 9, by Rev. E. Robson, Charles EVANS, to Jane WELLS, both of Yale and formerly of Canada West.

Victoria, March 20, by Rev. Thomas Somerville, Thomas Russell BUIE of Lytton, to Agnes LAUMEISTER of Victoria.

Yale, April 10, by Rev. Father Harris, Edward HALEY, to Miss B. GILBRIDE.

New West, June 13, by Rev. D. Duff, John S. CLUTE, youngest son of John S. Clute of H.M. Customs, Picon, C.W., to Jennie, 2nd daughter of William CLARKSON, all of New Westminster.

Victoria, Nov 19, by Rev. A. Browning, John WILLIAMS, to Sophia WOODBRIDGE, both of Victoria.

New West, Nov 28, by Rev. E. White, Charles G. MAJOR of Hope, to Mary Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of William CLARKSON of New Westminster.


Nanaimo, Feb 12, by Rev. R. Jamieson, Isaac JOHNS, to Isabella MCGREGGOR.

At the residence of the bride's father, April 19, by Rev. Hamilton Gibosn, John BROWN, late of Williams Creek, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Charles TOUGH of the Township of Stanley, Canada West.

Yale, May 30, by Rev. L. Foquet, B.T. MULLEN of New Westminster, to Mrs. Mary Ellen BOWDEN of Yale.

Victoria, June 25, by Rev Thomas Somerville, Alexander BRUCKMAN of the Western Union Telegraph Office in New Westminster, to Nellie E. SMITH of Philadelphia.

Victoria, Nov 16, by Rev. Arthur Browning, Thomas CARRINGTON, to Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of William HOLMES of Brunette Farm, New Westminster.

Sapperton, Nov 27, by Rev. W.E. Hayman, Henry Valentine EDMONDS, to Jane Fortune, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Patrick KEMP of Cork, Ireland.

Sapperton, Dec 5, Rev. J.C.B CAVE, 7th son of the late Thomas C.B. Cave of Cliff Hall, Warwickshire, England, to Charlotte, relict of the late Edward WRIGHT, late of Penzance, Cornwall.


Sumass, Feb 26, by Rev. E. White, James L. CHADSEY, to Harriett HALL, both of the Samass Settlement.

Victoria, March 18, George Stephen BUTLER of Lytton, to Fanny Catherine, eldest daughter of H. BRETT, of Porchester(?, must be Dorchester?), England.

New West, May 2, by Rev. E. White, John SMITH, to Fanny Jane APPLIN, both of Sapperton.

May 7, by Rev. E. White, Donald MCGILLVRY, to Susan HALL(?), both of Sumass, B.C.

Hope, Sept 26, by Rev. W.E. Hayman, J. Carmichael HAYNES, son of the late Jonas Haynes of Landscape, Cork, Ireland, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late William MORESBY, Solicitor, London


Victoria, Feb or March, by Rev A. Browning, Stephen Henry MASTERS, to Maria Louisa DOITZ.

Woodbine Cottage, May 10, by Rev Thomas Somerville, Frederick William FOSTER, Merchant, Lillooet, to Catharine Maitland, daughter of Emanuel SONES of Lindores, Scotland.

July 1, by Rev. Thomas Somerville, Robert William SAVAGE, to Jane OMASH of Summertown, Oxford, England.

Victoria, July, by Rev. P. Jenns, Sewell Prescott MOODY, of Burrard's Inlet, to Janet WATSON, daughter of A. Watson.
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