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Genealogical Extracts
The British Columbian, 1861-69, Death Notices
Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.

DEATHS: 1861

Union Bar, April 14 (from a boiler explosion on the Steamer Fort Yale), Samuel POWERS (Blacksmith, of Hope), Joel OSBURN (Fireman), Capt. Smith B. JAMIESON (Boat's Master, aged about 26, a native of Arran, Scotland, and a brother to Arch. JAMIESON of Victoria.)

DEATHS: 1862

Bradford, Massachusetts, at his father's residence on Jan 27, of diptheria, Charles Otis KIMBALL of Lytton, B.C.

Bridge Creek, June 9, of inflammation, Isaac ARCHIBALD, aged 24, a native of Muscodived, Nova Scotia.

Yale, June 12, of typhoid fever, George EVES, partner of Mr. BEEDY of Cariboo.

New West, June 14, of smallpox, P.O. SMITH, aged 31, late of Dover, New Hampshire.

Victoria, June 22, of smallpox, John HALL or HALE, aged 22, late of Oshawa.

Notice in paper: FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD!. The above reward will be paid by the undersigned for the recovery of the body of the late Aaron BASSETT, who was drowned on the 8th of July...........J.A.Webster. (body was recovered and funeral was held on July 29).

Notice in the Aug 2 paper regarding the estate of Thomas HAMM, who died in Victoria and was formerly of Cornish, Maine.

New West, August of 1862, of bilious fever, Leslie M. WITHROW, aged 27, a native of New Brunswick. Deceased came to the Colony in 1859 with his 2 brothers. He was elected Captain of the New Westminster Fire Brigade.

Near Quesnelle Forks, July 26, murdered by person or persons unknown, D. SOKOLOSKY (late of New Westminster), Herman LEWIN (late of Victoria and brother to Hieman LEWIN of New Westminster), and ___?___ ROSSEAU (a french Packer).

Notice in the Aug 13 paper regarding the estate of Dr. William FIFER of Fort Yale.

New West, Sep 7, Matthew NICHOLAS, a native of France.

Yale, Oct 18, Capt. William Knapp KILBORNE, of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

On board the Steamer Henrietta, Nov 20, of consumption, Alexander GOURLAY, aged 40, a native of Colinsburgh, Fifeshire, Scotland. Deceased came to this Colony in 1858.

New West., Nov 21, of inflammation of the brain, James LOCKE, a native of Waterville, New York.

New West., Nov 25, of disease of the lungs, John TAYLOR, aged about 45, of Toronto. Deceased leaves a wife and family in Toronto.

New West., Nov 27, of dropsy, William CALLAHAN, aged 35, a native of Liverpool, England.

DEATHS: 1863

New West, Jan 1, in his 24th year, William TOMLINSON, late of Canada.

New West, Jan 4, in his 26th year, William Capel MORRISON of New Westminster.

New West, Jan 6, in his 29th year, William KNEALE, late of Doncaster, Canada.

New West, Jan 13, William MORESBY, aged 56, a native of England.

New West, Jan 14, in his 25th year, Joseph WILCOX, a native of Pennsylvania.

New West, Jan 16, John HERNANDEZ, aged 32, a native of St. Augustine, Florida and late of San Francisco.

New West, Jan 31, in his 26th year, Matthew KELLEY, a native of Ireland.

Yale, Feb 18, E. HURDLE, an old pioneer. His remains were followed to the grave by the whole male population; Rev. A. Browning officiating.

New West, Apr 17, Lucis FLORIS, a native of Mexico.

New West, May 5, of inflamation of the kidneys, Frank HOLBEN, a native of England.

Port Douglas, July 22, in his 44th year and by drowning, James Irwin MILLER, police officer. Deceased was a native of the north of Ireland.

Lillooet, July 23, Robert W. HUSTON, a native of Peterborough, Canada West.

New West, Sept 19, Aaron WHITE, aged 55, of Sweeze Port (Shreveport???), Louisiana.

New West, Sept 30, William Julius, aged 2 yrs & 9 mos, son of A.T. Juluis VOIGHT.

Oct. 7, in his 26th year, Fred. John ROGERS, Purser of the Steamer Flying Dutchman. Deceased was a native of Clifton, near Bristol, England, and brother-in-law to the Mayor of New Westminster.

Victoria, Oct 19, Victoria Maria, aged 1 yr & 10 mos, only child of Mr. A. Sherwood HALL, late of Brockville, Canada West.

Nov 12, boating accident near Quesnelle claims 7 lives: John WALKER, B. RANTON, J. ROBINSON., T. BEATTY, J. BEETH, Thomas ANDERSON, and __?__ SMITH. Deceased were all Canadians and all connected with the Prince of Wales claim.

DEATHS: 1864

At Chapman's Bar, Jan 7, Joshua SMALHOME, aged about 33, of Connecticut. deceased came to Fraser River in 1858. Interred at Yale.

New West, Jan 10, William S. SMULLEN, 62, a native of Ireland.

New West, Jan 10, Augustus OSBORNE, 29, a native of New Bedford, US.

Royal Engineers' Camp, New West, Jan 10, the wife of James DIXON, late of the Royal Engineers.

New West, Jan 17, James COLEMAN, 34, a native of New Brunswick.

Sapperton, Jan 22, of inflammation of the lungs, Edward TOWNSEND, 28, a native of Wolverhampton, England and late of the Royal Engineers.

New West, Mar 7, Steamboat Capt. Joseph Kerr RIDDLE, 38, a native of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

New West, June 20, Christina, wife of Richard LEWIS, Architect in Victoria.

Victoria, Aug 21, David W., aged 7 months, only son of David W. WIGGINS.

New West, Sept 20, of inflammation of the lungs, Wilhelmina, aged 1 year, 11 months & 18 days, eldest daughter of Henry and Lena EICKHOFF.

New West, Sept 25, of tertiary syphilis, Horace HUMPHRIES, 45, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, and for 4 years a resident of New Westminster.

Yale, Nov 22, Mrs. William REID.

New West, Nov 24, Charlotte Marion, aged 5 months and 10 days, daughter of Harbormaster Captain COOPER.

DEATHS: 1865

Williams Creek, Cariboo, Jan 21, of pyohamia, Charles BANKEL, a native of Prussia.

Victoria, March 7, George HOOPER late merchant and auctioneer of New Westminster, formerly of P.E.I. Deceased was a native of Haitland, Devonshire, England.

New West, March 9, Jeannet, aged 6, daughter of J.T SCOTT.

New West, Mar 10, Elizabeth Annie, aged 9 months, youngest daughter of William HARVEY.

New West, Mar 31, of spasmodic croup, Edward Wallace SCOTT, aged 4 years and 10 months, son of J.T. SCOTT.

New West, Apr 20, Charles A. RINES, 30, a native of Athens, Maine.

New West, May 4, aged 7 months, infant daughter of John WHITFIELD.

Victoria, June 12, George MUNRO, son of Malcolm Munro, contractor.

New West, June 14, Charles, aged 2 years and 7 months, son of Charles BREAD.

Barkerville, July 20, of inflammation of the lungs, B.F. BOHN, miner, formerly of Hamburg, Germany.

New West, Aug 4, Maria Jane, infant daughter of Samuel and Annora HOWES.

Kootenay, July 11, of Mountain Fever, Robert MUSGROVE, a native of Georgia, USA and one of the earliest pioneers of British Columbia.

New West, Sept 30, of heart disease, Murdock CAMPBELL of Nova Scotia.

New West, Oct 14, Michael Willis RALEIGH, 22, a native of Govan, Scotland.

New West, Dec 19, Alfred Edwin, aged 2 years and 5 months, youngest son of E.B. HOLT.

DEATHS: 1866

New West, March 19, Valentine HALL, 49, a native of Ireland and for many years a resident of Oxford County, Canada West.

New West, May 17, George Rashleigh GOMPERTZ, 33, late Captain, Glamorgan Militia, of Tranmatic Titanus.

New West, July 1, John F. WHITFORD, 45.

Victoria, July 1, Benjamin BURR, 87.

New West, July 6, Margaret REDMAN, a native of Ireland.

Olympia, W.T., Aug 12, of diptheria, Alice Pendergast, aged 2 yrs, 1 month & 28 days, daughter of Capt. J.R. and Abbie J. FLEMING.

Cariboo Hospital, Aug 18, of liver disease, George MILLER, 36, a native of Bavaria.

DEATHS: 1867

New West, Jan 6, Martha Selina, aged 13 months, daughter of Thomas E. LADNER.

Victoria, Jan 7, of consumption, Mrs. Henry YOUNG, faithful and valued servant of the Governor and Mrs. Seymour.

At sea, Feb 15, on the passage from Adelaide to Sydney, George Pender RAMSAY, aged 4 years and 10 months.

New West, at the Mansion House, March 1, James WOODWARD, 50, late of Williams Creek, Cariboo, and a native of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

New West, March 31, Neil CAFFERTY, 38, a native of Connought, Ireland.

At Brunnette Farm, April 19, Laura, aged 11(?) years and 9 months, daughter of William HOLMES.

San Francisco, May 29, Sophia, wife of Coote Mulloy CHAMBERS, formerly of Victoria.

Cariboo, May 26, of heart disease, John CHISHOLM, 41, a native of Scotland.

New West, July 18, George HAZELWOOD, 38(?), a native of Yorkshire, England.

At the Camp, New West, Sept 10, Georgina Kate, aged 7 months & 4 days, 2nd child of R. WOLFENDEN.

DEATHS: 1868

New West, May 13, Charles SMITH, 54, a native of Finland.

New West, May 13, James NAHUA, aged 51.

New York, May 13, Mary FLEMING, 72, mother of Capt. John Fleming of the Steamer Lillooet.

Yale, June 9, Gilbert Wolfenden, aged 16 months, only son of A. BARLOW.

At Burrard Inlet, June 12, Timothy COAKLEY, 40, a native of Ireland.

New West, Dec 21, Henry, aged 8 years, eldest son of H. EICKHOFF.

DEATHS: 1869

Victoria, March 19, Edward DIGBY, about 40, a native of England.

Victoria, March 23, Emily Collins, aged 4 years and 2 months, 2nd daughter of William A. & Jane FRANKLIN.

Victoria District, March 26, Helen, 40 years and 8 months, wife of George BLEAKENSOP.

Victoria, March 31, Donald MCDOUGALL, 36, a native of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Victoria, April 3, of consumption, Charles MCCARTHY, 40, a native of Cork, Ireland.

Victoria, April 13, Jane Henrietta, aged 5 years and 6 months, eldest child of William & Jane FRANKLIN.

Victoria, April 16, James HEPBURN, of Tolvil Place near Maidstone, England.

Victoria, April 17, of diptheria, Frederick arthur, aged 2 years and 4 months, son of William & Jane FRANKLIN.

Victoria, April 24, Joseph DARCEY.

Victoria, April 29, Elizabeth, 65, wife of Henry DAWSON, late of London, Canada.

Esquimalt Harbour, May 12, William LAUGHTON of South Ronaldshay, Orkney, Scotland.

Victoria, May 20, John D.B. OGILVY, 5 years, son of the late J.D.B. Ogilvy.

At Salt Spring Island, May 22, Benjamin Franklin WALL, a native of Ohio.

Alameda, May 25, John BULE, 39, a native of Scotland.

Esquimalt, June 15, the Hon. Horace Douglas LASCELLES, 34, Commander R.N.

Lytton, May 28(?), William, aged 3 years and 1 month, son of Louis HAUTIER.

Victoria, June 19, Thomas W. CLARKE, 30, a native of Annen, Scotland. Deceased leaves a wife and family.

Victoria, June 22, John HALL, 31, a native of Athens, Maine.

June 23, Annie Helena, infant daughter of Frederick CAINE(?).

Victoria, July 4, John S. TITCOMB, 47, a native of Ireland.

Victoria, July 5, Joseph J. BROWN, 39, a native of Scotland.

On board the Steamer Emily Harris, July 12, of heart disease, George GREENWOOD.

Victoria, June 16, Mary, 56, wife of M. WELLS, a native of Scotland.

Hillside, Victoria District, July 11, Catherine, 27, wife of Charles W. WALLACE, and 6th daughter of the late John WORK, Chief Factor of the Hudson Bay Company.

Esquimalt, July 23, William C. SMITH, 27, late of Over Durwen, Lancashire, England.
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