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Genealogical Extracts
The Victoria Daily Standard, 1873, Marriage Notices

Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.

added August 2005

1873 Marriages from the “Victoria Daily Standard” newspaper

Jan 7, at the Manse, George JANES Esq., formerly of Bridgewater, 
          Somersetshire, England, to Anna Maria, daughter of E. POWERS 
          of St. Johns, New Brunswick.

Jan 11, at Driard House in Victoria, Capt. Howell Henry LLOYD, to Corinne 
            HARNED (could be HAMED), both of Washington Territory.

Jan 14, at the residence of Dr. T.J. Bowden in Victoria, Charles Henry 
            Frederick HEISTERMAN of Bremen,  to Laura A., youngest daughter 
            of Perley HAYNES of Dedham, Maine.

Feb 6, at Rosebank in Victoria, James GAUDIN, Esq., Commanding HHB 
           ship ‘Lady Lampson’, son of Thomas Gaudin, Esq., of La Croix au 
           Maitre, St. Martins, Jersey, to Agnes, 2nd daughter of Alex. C. 
           ANDERSON, Esq., J.P., of Rosebank.

Feb 24, at Brampton in Ontario, J.H. TODD, Esq., J.P. of Cariboo, B.C., to 
             Rosanna (?) WIGLEY of Brampton.

Feb 25, in Victoria, Augustus Cecil COUVES of Victoria, to Lucy, oldest daughter 
             of Stephen JONES of Clinton, Ontario.

March 18, in Esquimalt, the Rev. Francis Charles AUTRIDGE, M.A., Chaplain 
                 of HMS Scout, son of Capt. C. Autridge, R.N., to Merelina Isabella, 
                 daughter of the late Sir John DE VEULLE, Knight High Bailiff of the 
                 Island of Jersey.

Apr 12, Elgin, James LESH of Cariboo, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late 
             James MCBRIDE, Architect, Elgin.

Apr 27, in Victoria, Julius Lewin FRANKLIN to Miss Paula LATZ.

May 8, Mr. LOWE of Osoyoos to Miss SIMPSON

May 12, in Victoria, James ORAM, 3rd son of Thomas C. Oram of Castle Cary, 
              Somerset, England, to Mary Ann, only daughter of John BROWN of 
              Blackpool, Liverpool, England.

May 19, on board the Steamer ‘North Pacific’:   
              George CLINTON  to Sarah BULEY;  and 
              Thomas HOOD to Mary WREN

June 5, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Mr. E. JUNGERMAN of Victoria, BC, 
            to Sadie M. BUSHMAN of Gettysburg.

June 17, in Santa Clara County in California, David M. HENDERSON of Oakland, 
              to Jeanie R. BYRON.

June 30, on board the ship ‘Niagara’ at Hastings Mill in Burrard Inlet, George 
              CLAYTON to Helen BAKER

Sep 23, at the Indian Mission School in connection with the Wesleyan Church in 
             Victoria, members of the Tsimpsean Tribe: 
             Alfred DUDOWRED  to  Mary Catherine HOLMES, both of Fort Simpson; 
             Joseph NASS  to Annie SOOKE, both of Fort Simpson

Oct 8, in Brant township (Ontario??), John W. WILSON of B.C., to Isabella, 
           eldest daughter of Thomas WILSON of the township of Brant.

Oct. 11, in Victoria, at the residence of the bride’s brother (John BILLING),  Mr. 
              C.W. GRAFTON of Chilliwack, to Mrs. Sarah LEVER of Victoria.

Oct 13, at the Manse in Victoria, Henry STUSSE to Mrs. Honor AXLEY, both 
             of Victoria

Oct 21, at San Juan Island, at the residence of the bridegroom’s parents,  Isaac 
             SANDWICH of San Juan Island, to Sarah H. PORTER, youngest 
             daughter of Mr. J. Porter of Victoria.

Oct 29, at the residence of George TURNER, stepfather of the bride, in Matsqui;  
            Hugh BOYD of the North Arm Settlement, to Mary Ann, oldest daughter of 
            the late William McCOLL of the Parish of Curluke in Lanark, Scotland.

Nov 16, Victoria, Jacob LEIZER to Caroline LENTZ

Nov 19, in Victoria, Charles TODD, MPP for Kootenay, to Isabella Maria INGRAM 
              of North Saanich, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Ingram of County 
              Donegal, Ireland.  The sister of the bride acted as bridesmaid and Mr. 
              DOWNEY, husband of another sister, gave the bride away.

Dec 5, John NORTON to Annie, eldest daughter of W.H. ROBINSON, both of 
           Salt Spring Island.

Dec 16, in Seattle, Hannah, eldest daughter of the late Richard SMITH of Saanich, 
             to John H. DECKER of New York

Dec 24, in Victoria, Frank GUTTENBURG of Seattle, to Mrs. Emma MOESNER 
             of San Francisco.

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