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Genealogical Extracts
The Victoria Daily Standard, 1873, Death Notices

Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.

added August 2005

1873 Victoria Daily Standard Deaths

Jan 1, 1873, in Milwaukie, Oregon, Mrs Elizabeth J. MCGREAVY, formerly of Victoria.

Jan 13, Salt Spring Island, of consumption, Louisa, wife of John NORTON.  She leaves a family of 3 
             small children.

Jan 24, in Victoria, Mrs. J.D.B. OGILVY, aged 31.

Jan 24, in Yale, William KLEIN, a native of Germany.

February, at Towey, Cornwall, England, Major William DAVIS, H.M.L.I., father of Mrs. BISHOP
                  wife of Mr. R. Bishop, Solicitor, Victoria

Feb 12, in Victoria, Mrs. Johanna MAHONY, a native of Knockaderry, County Limerick, Ireland.

Feb 13, in Victoria, Paul STOCKER, abt 45 yrs old, a native of Scotland

Feb 15, in Victoria, aged 32, William Henry W. FLETCHER, son of Hy. Fletcher, Esq., 128 Bond St., 
              London, England.

Feb 15, in Victoria, Sotene Maxemillian DRIARD, late Proprietor of the Colonial Hotel and the Driard 
             House.  Buried at the Old cemetery on Feb 17 with full Masonic Honours.  The chief mourner 
             was M. LUCAS, nephew of the deceased.  Mr Driard was born at La Chapelle La Reine, 
             department of Seine et Marne, France.  He left France for B.C. in 1858 for the gold rush.

Feb 18, in Burrard Inlet, accidental drowning, Capt. ELLA.  Leaves a wife and 8 children.

Feb 23, in Lima, Peru,  Madame L. L’HOTELIER, formerly of Victoria, a native of Solason in France, 
             and mother of Charles LOMBARD of Victoria.

Feb 26, at the French Hospital in Victoria, aged 48, Nicolai TORELLO, a native of Genoa, Italy.  Mr. 
             Torello was a fish dealer near the corner of Government and Yates streets.  His interment 
             was probably the last interment in the Old Cemetery.

Feb 27, James Bay, accidental drowning, aged 4 ½ years, a son of Mr. COPLAND of James Bay.

Feb 28, drowned in the sinking of the barque ‘Boyne’ off the Lizard, Cornwall, England, aged 21 
             years, Alexander Lowe GRAHAME, 3RD son of James A Grahame, Esq., of the Hudson Bay 
             Company.  Only 4 men survived the sinking.

March 1, at Begg’s settlement on Salt Spring Island, aged 11 years & 6 months, Eliza Jane, daughter 
                 of Henry SAMPSON of Salt Spring and foster-daughter of Mrs. GRIFFITHS.

March 2, in Victoria, William Beauchamp Egerton, infant son of J.E. & Ella CURTIS.

March 4, in Victoria, aged 22, Mrs. Katie L. O’HARA, widow of the late William B. O’Hara of Portland, 

March 4, in Victoria, aged 16, Isabella Florence, 3rd daughter of Adam and Mary WATSON.

March 8, at Esquimalt, aged 5 years & 3 months, James, 4th son of James and Jane DUNN.

March 10, at St. Ann’s Convent in Victoria, aged 5 years, Mina Fanny, only child of William H. KAY.

March 22, New Westminster, Mr. J.C. DIETER, saloonkeeper in New Westminster.

March 27, drowned near the Hudson Bay Company’s wharf, deckhand from the schooner ‘Orcas’, 
                   aged about 30, William POTTINGER, a native of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Scotland.

Apr 12, in Victoria, aged 58 years, 11 months & 11 days, William H. MILLER, a native of Maryland. 
              Mr. Miller was an old pioneer of the city, a coloured man well known in Victoria.  The 
              April 13 funeral was large.

Apr 13, found drowned near Victoria, Charles H. POOL.  Survived by a brother in Clinton, B.C.

Apr 13, Marianne, widow of Capt. Paulet METCHEAR, R.N., eldest daughter of the late Rev. James 
              WRIGHT, Rector of East Harling, Norfolk, England, and beloved mother of Jane, wife of 
              Digby  PALMER, Esq., of Victoria.

Apr 16, at Paddock, Hudderfield, Yorkshire in England, aged 73, Mary, relict of Joseph BEAUMONT
              and mother of William Beaumont of Maple Bay.

Apr 19, in Victoria, George FOX, 47, a native of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

Apr 21, in San Francisco, John R. CUTLER, 50, a native of New York and lately of British Columbia.

May 1, in Victoria, Thomas Joseph BAKER, accountant, aged 44.

May, in Victoria, Fred JONES, about 55, a native of New York.

May 7, at Parkgate, Cheshire in England, at an advanced age, Mrs. Elizabeth HOLBROOK.

May 13, in Victoria, Jessie Melville, wife of W.C. BERKLEY and daughter of J. NAGLE, Esq.

May 19, in Victoria, Jean Baptiste TIMMERMAN, real estate agent.  Deceased was a native of France 
               who came to California in 1849 and to Victoria in 1858 and was the first President of the 
               French Benevolent Society in Victoria.  The funeral will take place to-morrow from Mme. 
               Petibeau’s, his late residence.

NOTE:  from the May 19 edition of the newspaper is the following article:  Naturalized - the following persons took the Oath of Allegiance at New Westminster Assizes before the Chief Justice, and have become naturalized British subjects:  J.H VAN BREMER and Henry MELVILLE, citizens of the US,  and Pierre GUICHON, a Frenchman.  And from the June 17 edition:  Naturalized on June 16 and became British citizens:  Jos. WASHINGTON, an American;  Theodore TRAJIE & Henry SPIEKMAN, Germans;  James MCCLOY; and Ling SING, from China (it is believed that Ling Sing was the first Chinese on record to become a citizen in British Columbia)

May 21, drowned while crossing the Nicola River in B.C., George MUIR, 43, a native of Erskine, near 
               Glasgow, Scotland.  Mr. Muir was on his way down to Yale to meet his betrothed who had 
               just arrived in Victoria direct from Scotland on the Steamer ‘Prince Alfred’.

May 23, in Victoria, Catherine Jane, infant daughter of W.C. BERKLEY, Esq.

July, in Victoria, by drowning, Joseph MARTIN, born 1845 in Switzerland and a nephew of Mr. STELLY.

July 6, in Victoria, aged 2 years & 8 months, Mary Ann STYLES.

July 6, at South Saanich, aged 59 years, Nancy, wife of William JACKSON.  Deceased was a native 
             of New York.

July 8, at Lowhee Creek in the Cariboo,  Mr. T. HOWELLS, aged about 38, (fell down the shaft of the 
            Calaveras Claim at Lowhee Creek.  Deceased was a native of Wales.

July 13, by drowning at Royal Roads, aged 26, William NORRIS, cook and steward of the barque 
              ‘Star of Jamaica’, a native of Bath in England.

August, at Milltown Pass, West Meath in Ireland, Mr. George LONG, aged 70.

Aug 1, drowned in False Creek in Burrard Inlet, Robert Cameron COLEMAN, formerly the J.P. of Comox 
             and lately employed at the Hastings Mill.  Mr. Coleman came to BC in 1863 on the Steamer 
              ‘Robert Lowe’ and was a native of Forfarshire in Scotland.

Aug 3, in San Francisco, Lumley FRANKLIN, aged 65, came to California in 1854 and to B.C. in 1858, 
             brother of Selim Franklin of England.

Aug 19, in Victoria, Catherine MILLS, the eldest of 3 sisters, all former school teachers in Victoria.

Aug 20, in Victoria, aged 48, James MCIVER, a native of Scotland.

Aug 27, in Brockville in Ontario, aged 1 year & 7 months, Marcus Adam Robert, youngest son of 
              Marcus SMITH, Deputy to the Chief Engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway Surveys in 
              British Columbia

Sept 1, on board the Steamer ‘Victoria’, enroute to Victoria from Grouse Creek in the Cariboo, 
             Mr. BOWDEN.

Sept 1, on the homeward passage between New York and Liverpool, Mr. George LUXON, late of 
             North Saanich.

Sept 9, in Victoria, George JOHNSON, one of the Proprietors of the Adelphi Saloon, of typhoid fever. 
             Deceased was a native of Denmark and for many years a resident of BC.

Sept 16, in Victoria, Alexander MCKENZIE, aged about 63, a native of Ireland.

Sept 17, in Scotland, John Robertson STEWART, former wholesale merchant in Wharf Street
               in Victoria.

Sept 21, in Mitchum, Surrey, England, Lillie, wife of William BLAKENY, R.N.

Sept 22, at Yale, Elizabeth , wife of Stephen TINGLEY, from a buggy accident.  Deceased was a native 
               of Sackville, New Brunswick and was a resident of B.C. for 4 years.  Interment will be in Sackville.

Oct 1, in Victoria, aged 7, Harriet Ann Jane, eldest daughter of Isaac and Harriet LIPSETT.

Oct 1, at Olympia, aged 35, David DICKSON, late of the Steamer ‘North Pacific’.  Funeral held in 
            Victoria on Oct 3.

Oct 9, in Victoria, aged 29, Clotilda, wife of E.H. ANDERSON.  Deceased was a native of Torino, Italy.

Oct 19, in Victoria, Albert Edward, infant son of John and Maria WINGER.

Oct 20, in Victoria, aged 45, George COOP, a native of New York and lately of Kamloops.

Oct 20, in Victoria, aged 35, Abraham REID, of consumption.

Oct 20, at Burrard Inlet, aged 27, James F. WHARTON, a native of Boston, Massachusetts and Chief 
             Mate of the barkentine ‘Lulu’.

Oct 23, in Victoria, age 50 (60?) years, John WHITTY, late of Metchosin, BC.

Nov 2, aged 15, Thomas, son of William SEELEY of James Bay.

Nov 5, in Victoria, aged 60, Albert Henry GUILD, a native of Rhode Island.  Arrived in BC in 1858. 
             Survived by a daughter and son (A.H Guild) who reside in San Francisco.

Dec 14, at the St. Charles Hotel in Portland, Oregon, William T. LEIGH, son of William, city Clerk 
              of Victoria.  Deceased leaves a wife and large family.  His remains will be brought to Victoria 
              for interment by his brother E.A. Leigh of San Francisco.

Dec, 15, in San Francisco, Aaron NEELY, stone cutter, for many years a resident of Victoria.

Dec 17, drowned in the waters between DeCourcey Island and Nanaimo,  Robert BURRELL, late of the 
              Bank of British North America and currently of DeCourcey Island.

Dec 20, in Victoria, aged 8 years & 3 months, Walter Hibben, youngest son of Capt. John THAIN
              of Victoria.

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