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Genealogical Extracts
The Victoria Daily Standard, 1872, Marriage Notices

Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.

added August 2005

1872 Marriages from the “Victoria Daily Standard” newspaper

April 29, in Victoria, George WILLIAMS to Octavie DASSONVILLE

April 30, in San Francisco, at the Church of the Advent, Henry NAGLE, eldest son of J. Nagle of Victoria 
                to Emma K. AKERS, only daughter of the late Dr. Akers of Newark, New Jersey.

May 8, in Victoria,  Henry JEWELL to Elizabeth Jane FIELD, eldest daughter of William Field of Victoria.

May 25, at New Westminster, Robert ANDERSON, 2nd son of Robert Anderson of near Victoria, 
               to Margaret Ann MCNAMARA, 2nd daughter of the late P. McNamara.

June 22, Victoria, George H. MAYNARD to Mary Elizabeth DAVIES.

June 24, Victoria, Jonathan PRINCE to Zaidee TURNER of Olympia, Washington Territory.

July 2, Victoria, Henry Charles POOLE to Caroline KROUZ, both of South Saanich.

July 2, Victoria, late of Portnalick, Sutherlandshire, Scotland, Donald MCKAY
             to Harriet, only daughter of the late Thomas COTSFORD, both of Victoria.

July 4, Victoria, the Rev. Joseph HALL of Barkerville, 
             to Bessie, 2nd daughter of the Rev. William POLLARD of Victoria.

July 6, Victoria, Mr. B. WAKEFIELD, to Eliza WILSON, both of Victoria.

July 15, Victoria, at the residence of Stephen Sandover, Ralph Buck RICHARDSON of Cowichan, 
               to Judith WILD of Lincoln, England.

July 23, Victoria, Mr. L. TILLEY of Olympia, Washington Territory, 
              to Miss Mary TOY of Savanna’s Ferry of British Columbia.

August, British Columbia, by the Rev. F.C. Antridge, Chaplain HMS Scout,  Charles Frederick MORRISON
                of the Hudson Bay Company in Fort Simpson and son of George Morrison, Esq., merchant in 
                 London, England, to Odelle, daughter of the late Francis QUINTALL, also of the Hudson Bay 

August 11, in Vancouver, Washington:  3 couples all from Victoria were married: 
                    Edward DUPRES (?) to Hannah SHEPPARD
                    Mr. GOODWIN to Mary PRICE
                    George WEBER to Mary BASBY or BASHY.  (article reprinted from the “Portland Bulletin”)

August 13, in Victoria, Mr. James P. GOODHUE of Portland, Oregon and Purser on the steamer ‘California’, 
                    to Fanny Mary, 2nd daughter of Captain James COOPER.

Oct. 18, in San Francisco, J.R. HELEN, Esq., to Alice, 2nd daughter of Digby PALMER of Victoria.

Oct 27, in South Saanich, Robert WHITE of Cowichan, to Anna Maria YARDLEY of Victoria.

Nov 4, in San Francisco, Oswald LUBBOCH
            to Minnie Louise, relict of the late James S. MCMILLAN of Victoria.

Dec 17, in Victoria, William, son of William WILSON, Esq., of Malton, Yorkshire, England, 
              to Emily, youngest daughter of Thomas HARRIS, ex-Mayor of Victoria.  This was the 
              first wedding to take place in the new Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria.


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