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Genealogical Extracts
The Victoria Daily Standard, 1872, Death Notices

Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.

added August 2005

1872 Deaths from the Victoria Daily Standard newspaper

March 13, Plumpers Pass, Salt Spring Island, murdered, John JOHNSON
                 (survived by brother Herman Johnson).

April 2, in Bristol, England, aged 73, William ANDEAN, father of William 
            Andean of Victoria.

April 18, in San Francisco, Harry COULTER (early British Columbian)

April 21, at Harvey Creek in the Cariboo, Nicholas BAILEY of Ireland. 
              Buried at Harvey Creek the next day.

April 28, John CREELMAN, 28, of Seattle

May 6, at the Royal Hospital in Victoria, Isaac CUMMINGS.

May 6, died in the city prison, John MURRAY, 45, a native of Harrington, 
            Cumberland, England and came to British Columbia about 1862 from 
            New Zealand.  Ship’s carpenter.

May 7, at Esquimalt, Jennie GOUDIE.

May 8, in Victoria, Polly Rose, daughter of William and Matilda EVANS.

May 9, James Bay, died suddenly at age 17, the son of John COPELAND.

May 14, Esquimalt, David CAMERON, 68, ex-Chief Justice of Vancouver Island.

May 15, Victoria, John Richardson STUART, late Capt. In HM 19th Regt, 
               and formerly of the 85th Royal county Down, aged 45 years.  Mr. 
               Stuart was the Librarian of the Victoria Literary Inst.

May 16, Nanaimo, drowned, 2nd Officer of the “Gussie Telfair”, Harry QUINN.

May 21, at Staven’s Hotel in South Saanich, George LEGGATT, 31, eldest son 
              of the late George Leggatt, Esq., of Guilford, Surrey, England.

May 22, Victoria, Samuel HOCKING, 45, a native of Helston, Cornwall, 
              England.  With brother, came to BC in 1862 and was a shareholder in 
              the “Eleven of England” claim on Lightning Creek. Survived by brother 
              at Lightning Creek.

May 26, at Beecher, Will County, Illinois, Annie, wife of John SOLLITT and 
              sister of Charles ROWNTREE.

May 27, Metchosin, William Martin, 4 mos old, youngest son of Hans & Lilian 

June, at Omineca in the Cariboo, from eating poisonous mushrooms,  David 
         HUMPHREYS of Lexington, Kentucky (to California in 1850, then to 
         BC in 1858);  Capt. A.E.B. MANN of New York (died June 13); 
         and William COOK of Victoria (died June 15).  Mr. Cook was born 
         in England and leaves a young wife in Victoria.

June 2, Victoria, Eliza A., aged 6 yrs & 8 mos, daughter of George & Isabella

June 10, Victoria, Adam P. HEFFLY, late of Kamloops, but born in the US. 
           Survived by a child attending St. Ann’s Convent.

June 30, Lac La Hache, William, aged 1 month and 2 weeks, infant son of 
              Thomas and Nellie ROPER.

July 3, at the McLaughlin Company (hydraulic) claim in the Cariboo,  Colin 
          CHISHOLM of Prince Edward Island, about 50 years old (buried at 
          the Catholic Cemetery at Richfield);  and Roland ROWLAND, about 
          30 years old, a native of North Wales (buried at Cameronton)

July 9, Victoria, Catherine BALDEN, aged 43 (?) years.

July 20, Charles VEREYDHEN, architect, aged 52, early resident of British 
             Columbia and a native of Belgium.

July 21, Victoria, Edward, aged 33, of consumption, eldest son of the late Capt. 
             Edward STAMP, a native of Alnwick, Northumberland, England. 
             (Capt. Stamp died about 6 months previously in London, England).

Aug 6, Victoria, John, aged 12 yrs & 6 mos, eldest son of John and Maria 
           WINGER, a native of London, England.

Aug 13, Victoria, James HUGHES, 39, a native of England.

Aug 17, Victoria, Charles RIDLEY, long-time resident of B.C. and a native of 
             Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, of consumption.

Aug 22, Victoria, Hugh MILLER, aged 30, a native of Ireland, of heart disease.

Aug 26, at sea, on board the ‘Prince Alfred’, off the coast of Vancouver Island, 
             William ROLF, aged about 51 years and a native of New York. 
              Survived by a wife and family in Portland, Oregon.

Aug 28, New Westminster, Captain William IRVING, a pioneer of the British 
             Columbia coast.

Sept 1, drowned in Victoria Arm, Edward HAWKINS, 46, a native of England.

Sept 7, Victoria, David Monnastes, aged 8 months & 1 week, infant son of I.M. 
            & E.J. STARR.

Sept 10, Victoria, Joseph JOSEPH, 62, a native of Liverpool, England and 
              Messenger of the City Council.

Sept 11, Victoria, William John, aged 3 yrs & 27 days, only son of James & 
              Margaret SMITH.

Sept 12, Victoria, Alexander YOUNG, aged 41, a native of Berwick on Tweed. 
              VP of the St. Andrews & Caledonia Society and VP of the B.C. 
              Pioneer Society.

Sept 12, “Alick” YOUNG, was an “1858-er” and leaves a wife.

Sept 13, at Brockville, Ontario, Harry Vaux, youngest son of W.E. SANFORD
              Esq. (of Sanford, Hickley & Vall).

Sept 30, Lytton, Lillian Booth GOOD, aged 4 yrs & 6 mos, daughter of the 
              Rev. & Mrs. J.B. Good.

Oct 3, at Cedar Hill at the residence of her daughter Mrs. J. Spence,  Mrs. Jane 
               LAING, aged 60.

Oct 17, New Westminster, Mr. HUME, many years purser of the’Onward’ and 
             the ‘Lillooet’, of typhoid fever.

Oct 19, accidental drowning from the sloop ‘Mystery’, Richard PEARCE, a native 
            of Cornwall.

Oct 20, David SOLLASOLTON, Wesleyan Methodist Indian Missionary.

Oct 21, at his residence in James Bay, Capt. John SWANSON, in the service of 
             the Hudson Bay Company for 31 years, the last vessel being the 
            ‘Enterprise’. Capt. Swanson was born near Moose Factory in Rupert’s Land.

Oct 25, Skeena River, of accidental drowning:    Mr. COLLINS, abt 37, a native 
             of Cavan, Ireland; Mr. DOWNEY, abt 40, of Washington Territory; 
             Mr. TAYLOR, abt 45, of Ohio.

Oct 27, at South Saanich, Jane MCMILLAN, aged 62 years & 5 mos, wife of 
             Jesse McMillan.

Oct 31, San Francisco, Andrew T. JAMIESON, of Lillooet, a native of Aberdeen, 
             Scotland, coming to BC in 1858, before which time he was for several years 
             a resident of the US.  He was 49 years of age at the time of his death.  He 
             had put up the first mill at Douglas and built a grist and sawmill at Lillooet of 
             which he was the proprietor with Mr. MARSHALL, his partner.

Nov 5, execution by hanging, George W. BELL (convicted of murder of Thomas 
            DATSON).  Note:  first white man hanged in Victoria.

Nov 7, Victoria, after a long illness, Bridget, wife of Timothy ROBERTS.

Nov 8, on board the H.M.S. Scout, William ADAMS, an Englishman, aged abt 
            19 or 20.

Nov 12, of yellow fever, E.G. ALSTON Esq., Queen’s Advocate and formerly 
              the Registrar General of BC.

Nov 25 (?), Victoria, David BROWN, 23, of consumption, a native of Nacton, 
             Suffolk, England.

Nov 25, in San Francisco, Margaret, wife of Henry Charles LAWSON of Victoria. 
              Deceased was 30 yrs & 8 mos old, a native of Lynn, Norfolk, England.

Nov 30, Victoria, William Anderson PACE(?), 64, a native of Norfolk, Virginia.

Dec 1, Lake District, John George BLENKINSOP, aged 18

Dec 1, Victoria, William BEDDER, 42, a native of Washing City, D.C.

Dec, in San Francisco, Mr. WHERRY, late of the Black Bull Company, Lowhee
            Creek, Cariboo.

Dec 7, at Mount Elgin, Mrs (Dr.) EVANS, wife of the Rev. Ephraim Evans.

Dec 9, Victoria, at the residence of her daughter Mrs. Caselton, Mrs. Martin 
           WILLIAMS, the beloved wife of John Williams of North Saanich, aged 
           72 yrs & 3 mos.  Deceased was a native of England.

Dec 12, Pioche City in Nevada, Charles GOING, who was the managing supervisor 
             of the Lane & Kurtz & Company’s Works in the Cariboo 2 years.

Dec 12, Victoria, W.M. ROBERTSON, 61, a native of Glasgow, Scotland. 
             Assistant Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum.

Dec 14, Victoria, Giovanni ZANOLI, 48, a native of Lossigno (?), Tricate(?), a 
             pioneer of 1858.

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