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Genealogical Extracts
The Victoria Daily Standard, 1871, Marriage Notices
Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.

Victoria, Jan 13, Byron Z. HOLMES of Portland, Oregon, to Mulda Grace, 3rd daughter of A. FRANCIS, late U.S. consul.

Victoria, Feb 2, Edward QUENNELL(?), to Julia Sophia, 2nd daughter of James WILCOX, all of Victoria.

Victoria, at the American Hotel, Feb 8, C. BAKER of Lowell, Washington, to Emma R. CEAVEY (SEAVOY?) of Maine.

Esquimalt, Feb 18, Henry COGAN of Craigflower Farm, to Mary Caroline, eldest daughter of Thomas RABSON of Esquimalt, formerly of Kent, England and of the Pashley & Cottenden Estates in Sussex.

New Westminster, March 10, G.B. MURRAY, Bookseller in New Westminster, to Agnes, youngest daughter of John SMITH of Princeton, Ontario.

Victoria, April 4, Annie MONROE, to William MCDOWELL.

Victoria, April 13, Mr. Augustus LEITLER(?), Hannah SANDWITH.

Victoria, April 26, James T. LAWSON, of the Hudson Bay Company, to Ann Janet MCDONALD, youngest daughter of Alexander MCDONALD of Handsworth, England.

Victoria, June 8, Clement Francis CORNWALL of Ashcroft, 3rd son of Rev. A.G. CORNWALL of Gloustershire, England, to Charlotte, 4th daughter of Rev. A.G. PEMBERTON, Vicar of St. John's, Kensal Green.

Victoria, June 19, Rev. David HOLMES, to Susan Abercrombie, 2nd daughter of J. NAGLE of Victoria.

Fort Simpson, June 29, Thomas HANKIN of the firm Cunningham & Hankin of Skeena River, to Maggie MACAULEY.

New Westminster, July 5, Francis Edward WADE, Douglas, to Kate CHASTAFUA.

Sumas, July 7, Edward HALL, to Helen MUSSELWHITE, both of Sumas.

Washington Territory, July 8, William G. LAWSON, to Mary EDMUNDS, both of Victoria.

San Francisco, July 11, Simon ANDERSON, to Mrs. Fannie M. PARKINSON, both formerly of Victoria.

Victoria, August 14, Archibald RUTHERFORD of Perthshire, to Janet HENDRY of Goven near Glascow, Scotland.

Victoria, August 22, Bruno MELLADO of Santiago, Chile, to Mary Anne THOMPSON of Nanaimo.

San Francisco, August 29, William, eldest son of William FISHER of Esquimalt, to Mary Robertson, youngest daughter of James SOMERVILLE of Blacket Place, Edinburgh.

Victoria, September 6, at the residence of N. Shakespeare, Richard THORNHILL, to Anne JEFFS(?) of London, Eng.

Yale, Sept 21, James ROBINSON, to Ada Katherine WARD.

New Westminster, Sept 26, Benjamin DOUGLAS of Yale, to Julia INSLEY, youngest daughter of Capt. Insley.

Victoria, September 30, Richard WOODHAM, to Jennie SMITH, both of Victoria.

Victoria, October 12, Mathew George STAPLES, to Sydney, 4th surviving daughter of the late Alexander MACDONALD of Handsworth, England.

Victoria, October 23, Daniel PENNY of Southampton, England, to Mrs. Mary BEATTY of Liverpool, England.

Victoria, October 26, Charles H. ROBINSON of Olympia, Washington, son of Mr. Robinson of Nottinghamshire, England, to Mary Jane JEFFERY of Victoria.

Vienna, Austria, November 1, Julius GRUNBAUM, formerly of Victoria, to Anna SPITZER.

Victoria, November 10, William Thomas GILLIHAN, to Eliza Rickards FRANCIS, 4th daughter of the Hon. Allen Francis, ex US Consul of Victoria.

Noveber 11, by Reverend Kirley, William LOWE, of Chellenham, Gloustershire, England, to Julietta C. CUTE of Dublin, Ireland.

Victoria, November 21, John Egerton CURTIS, late of H.M. 45th Regiment (Sherwood Foresters), to Mary, 2nd daughter of the late M. WALLACE of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Victoria, Noveber 25, Edward Augustus WHITTINGHAM, to Emma ROWBOTTOM, both of Victoria.

Married: Mr. A.B. GRAY, draper of Governemt Street in Victoria, has take a wife since his arrival in England. He and his bride are expected in Victoria in about 2 months (Dec. 4, 1871 paper)

At Burrard Inlet, December 5, J.C. HUGHES, to Honora(?), daughter of the late George DEBECK.

New Westminster, December 6, Lawrence THORNBER, to Lavinia, youngest daughter of W.D. FERRIS of Rosebank Farm, North Arm, Fraser River.
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