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Genealogical Extracts
The Victoria Daily Standard, 1871, Death Notices
Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper, so may not be terribly accurate.
If not quite legible, I have put a question mark after the name.

Funeral, Victoria, Jan 22, for John COSTELLO. Services conducted by Rev. Seghers of the Catholic Church.

Victoria, Feb 6, Edward MCCAFFRY, aged 38.

San Francisco, Feb 22, James MCNISH, aged 40, a native of Brockville, Ontario and formerly of Comox, B.C.

Lac La Hache, Feb 23, E. Elden ROPER, aged 2 years & 8 months, beloved child of Thomas and Ellen Roper.

Victoria, Feb 24, James WOOSTER, aged 55, a native of London, England.

Victoria, Feb 28, Matthew HOLLOW, aged 37, a native of Cornwall, England.

Victoria, Mar 6, Frederick, aged 10 months, youngest son of Mr. S. DUCK.

Victoria, Mar 10, Robert Armstrong INGRAM, aged 3 months & 11 days.

Victoria, Mar 15, Robert ROLLS, aged 52, a native of Baltimore, Maryland.

Victoria, Mar 17, George PEARKES aged 45, a native of Guildford, Surrey, England.

Victoria, Mar 18, Joseph CHAMPION, aged 35, a native of Bahia, South America.

Victoria, Apr 1, Councillor John Gordon MCKAY, aged 50, a native of the Highlands of Scotland. Deceased came to British Columbia from California in 1858.

Cowichan, Apr 4, Mr. Thomas WILLIAMS, Senior, aged 68, a native of Tiverton, Devonshire, England.

Victoria, Apr 9, Francis TREVETT, aged 34, a native of Dorsetshire, England.

Knight Inlet, Apr 11, Capt. William Alexander MOUATT, aged 50, Chief Trader of the Hudson Bay Company.

Dusseldorf, Germany, Apr 26, in his 81st year, Martin Frederick KLAUCKE, Senior.

Victoria, Apr 27 or 28, John WILKIE, aged 39, a native of Peebles, Scotland. Deceased emigrated to the colony in the spring of 1863.

Victoria, May 2, Mr. William EMERY, a native of Northampton, England.

Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, May 4, aged 73, Joseph BEAUMONT, woolen cloth manufacturer and father of William Beaumont of Maple Bay.

At his residence on Burnside Road at the head of Victoria Arm, May 7, pioneer James Murray YALE, aged 73, formerly a Chief Trader with the HBC. He joined the HBC service in 1818, resided at Langley for 30 years previous to 1859 and it was after him that Yale was named.

Victoria, May 12, P.F. CARBLUERE, 65, a native of St. Savin, France.

Victoria, May 21, Josephine A. ESMAR, aged 36.

Victoria, May 22, Dr. David TURNER, aged 50, a native of New Galloway, Scotland.

Victoria, May 25, James BAILLY, aged 52, a native of Liverpool, England.

Victoria, June 2, Mrs. Maylinda Ann WHITLEY, aged 45, a native of Georgia, USA and wife of Stephen Whitley.

Olympia, Washington, June 3, Minnie, aged 5 months & 27 days, infant daughter of L.H. BRIGGS.

Victoria, June 16, of consumption, James Stephen MCMILLAN, aged 23, eldest son of James E. McMillan.

Victoria, June 26, W. CAEN, aged 68, a native of France.

Victoria, July 2, Joseph AUSTIN, aged 89, a native of Halifax, N.S.. Survived by his nephew, Victoria resident R.H. Austin.

Victoria, July 2, Augustus M. HUNTLEY, aged 32, a native of Dorset, England.

Comox, July 7, Miles M. TITUS, aged 52, a native of Connecticut (*Ohio & Missouri papers to copy*).

San Juan Island, July 16, Thomas MASKEY or MACKEY, late of the San Juan Island Lime Kiln.

Victoria, July 19, James ORR, a native of Coatbridge, by Ardric, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Victoria, July 22, Dr. J. NICHOLS, aged 81, a native of London, England.

Victoria, July 28, the Right Reverend Modest DE MERS, aged 63, Roman Catholic Bishop of Vancouver Island. Born in Lower Canada on October 11, 1808 and ordained a priest in 1836, he was made the first Bishop of Vancouver Island on November 29, 1847 by Pope Pius the ninth.

James Bay, Aug 6, Daniel DEASEY, aged 17 years & 6 months.

Victoria, Aug 16, Anne, aged 31, wife of Hy. BROWN, a native of Chelsea, England.

Victoria, Aug 18, Joseph FISHER, aged 51, a native of France.

Victoria, Aug 19, Emily, aged 5, daughter of George JENKINSON.

Victoria, Sep 9, Sarah, aged 3 months & 6 days, daughter of J.F. & K. GREENMAN.

Burrard Inlet, Sep 14, Henry Alexander COURTNEY, aged 23 months, only son of Hnry Classen courtnery, Solicitor in Victoria.

Victoria, Sep 16, Henry MILLS, aged 46, a native of Redruth, Cornwall, England.

On the voyage from San Francisco on board the Steamship Prince alfred, Sep 19, Mrs. Julia GORDON, aged 47, lately a resident of Olympia.

Queenstown, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, Sep 20, John Gundry JENNINGS, formerly of B.C., from injuries received by the explosion of a boiler.

Victoria, Sep 20, Edith Lilian, infant daughter of Mr. W.B. TOWNSEND.

Victoria, Sep 22, James MARQUIS, a native of Durham, England.

Victoria, Sep 25, Mrs. Josephine Benitus BOOTH, aged 41 and a native of Puerto Rico, wife of Edward A. Booth.

Harrisonmouth, Sep 26, James DONNALLEY, aged 40, a native of Niagara, Canada.

Victoria, Sep 28, Frederick Lincoln WHITE, aged 8 months, youngest son of Mr. & Mr. S. White.

Victoria, Sep 30, Alfred Warnes, aged 5 months, son of William and Mary C. HEATHORN.

Quamichan on Vancouver Island, Oct 1, William Frederick CRATE, aged 64.

Victoria, Oct 3, Constance Maria GRIBBELL, aged 2 months.

Victoria, Oct 5, Samuel DOWNS(?), aged 69, a native of Somersetshire, England.

Victoria, Oct 16, Joseph Beatie BETTS, aged 36 (known in B.C. as Joseph GRAHAM), 3rd son of Joseph Beattie Betts of London, England.

Victoria, Oct 16, John MELVIN, a native of the U.S.

Victoria, Nov 12, of heart disease, William DOUGLAS, aged 50, a native of Scotland and lately employed on board the "Byzantium".

Victoria, Nov 14, William HEDGES, aged 54 or 64, a native of Baltimore, Maryland.

Port Essington, B.C., Nov 15, of heart disease, William HENDERSON, late of F. Company of the U.S.Infantry.

Salem Oregon, Nov 23(?), Thomas JAMES, about 32 yrs of age, formerly a merchant in Nanaimo.

Victoria, Nov 29, Christian Anton SCHMID, aged 48, a native of Bavaria, Germany.

Victoria, Dec 3, Margaret, aged 64, wife of Thomas PRITCHARD.

Victoria, Dec 17, of heart disease, W.H. ROYAL, aged 42, a native of Georgia, U.S.
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