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Genealogical Extracts
The Vancouver Times, 5 Sep 1864 - 29 Apr 1866
Marriage Notices

Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Spellings are as they appear in the newspaper**


Victoria, Sept 18, by Bishop Demers, Richard P. WHEAR, to Miss M.A. GOODWIN.

Victoria, by Rev J.G. Dundas, John J. AUSTIN of London, England, to Sarah Annie STOUT of Hull, Yorkshire, England (no date given - in September paper).

South Saanich, Nov 1, Francis V.T LEE, late of Cayhhan Court, Shropshire, England, to Frances D. BYRNES, formerly of Sydney.

Victoria, Nov 19, by Rev. Cridge, William Brook NAYLOR, High Sheriff of Vancouver Island, to Jane, eldest daughter of John GLASSEY, of Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland.

Victoria, Nov 28, Joseph LOEWEN, to Eva LAUMEISTER.

Victoria, Dec 22, by Reb R.J Dundas, Charles SMALLWOOD, to Amelia EGGINTON, 2nd daughter of Mr. Egginton of Birmingham.

Victoria, Dec 25, by Rev. Dr. Cohen, Saraphina PAKSHER, eldest niece of Mr. A.J. BRUNN of Victoria, to J. PINCUS of Stoilacoom(?), W.T.


Victoria, Jan 3, by Rev. Dr. Cohen, Anna PACKSHER, youngest niece of A.J. BRUNN of Victoria, to J.W. DAVIS, of the Mouth of Quesnelle.

Victoria, Jan 24, by Rev J. Hall, Richard LEWIS, to Janet, eldest daughter of Alexander MITCHELL of Calder Iron Works, Watbridge, Scotland.

Victoria, Feb 5, William MCNIFFE(?), to Ann Jane IRVIN, both of Victoria.

James Bay, Feb 21, by Rev. E. Cridge, William thomas LEIGH, eldest son of William Leigh, to Helen Vandeleur HOLMES, both of Victoria.

Victoria, Feb 21, by Rev. Father Maloney, Michael CAREY, to Ellen CARROLL.

Victoria, in February, by Rev. Father Baudre, Alexander LEVY, to Louisa MCNEAL, both of Victoria.

Nanaimo, March 8, by Rev. J. Good, Charles George DEVERIL, Assistant Manager of the Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company, and 2 nd son of the late Colonel Deverill of H.M. 90th Light Infantry, to Mary, eldest daughter of W.H. FRANKLYN, Stipendiary Magistrate and Government Agent, Nanaimo.

Victoria, April 10, by Rev. E. Evans, T. HARRISON, to Anne VAUX, both of Victoria.

Victoria, May 10, by special License, by Rev. Cridge, John DAVIS of Victoria, to Marion Bouenera BOWLEY, late of Reading, Berks, England.

Victoria, May 11, by Rev. E. Cridge, Simeon DUCK, to Sarah MILLER, both of Victoria.

Victoria, by Rev. Charles Seghers, John S. CROUGH, to Margaret HAYES. (no date given - in May 21 paper).

Victoria, June 15, by Rev. A. Browning, John FORSYTH, to susan DOWLING, both of Victoria.

Victoria, June 24, by the Venerable Archdeacon Gilson, Alexander Findlay MAIN, to Constance Sophia MOWBRAY.

Victoria, Aug 3, by Rev. E. Cridge, Philip James HANKIN, Lieutenant R.N. and Supt. of Police, son of Daniel Hankin of Pertenhall, Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire, England, to Isabella Gertrude, 4th daughter of J. NAGLE of Victoria.

Whidby Island, Sept 12, Capt. Edward BARRINGTON, to Christina MCCHROAN.

Victoria, Sept 30, by Rev. Bishop Demers, Mr. Stephenson WEYNTON, of the Hudson Bay Company, to Emma O'BRIEN, both of Victoria.

Victoria, Oct 6, by Rev. Thomas Somerville, Thomas Eric PECK, of Dean House, Kimbolton, Hants, England, to Matilda Elizabeth FERGUS of Barrow, Lincolnshire, England

St. Peter's Church, Eaton Square, Pimlico, Oct 7, by Rev. A.H. Williams, Mr. R.W. FAWCETT, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Lee Fawcett of Victoria, B.C., to Emma Louisa, 2nd daughter of Mr. John CLAYTON, of Wrockwardine, in the county of Salop.

Victoria, Nov 29, by Rev. A.C. Garrett, Albert Frederick, youngest son of Henry HICKS, Inspecting Commander of H.M. Coast Guard Service, South Brent, Somersetshire, England, to Mary Agnes, eldest daughter of R.M. HUTCHISON, of Victoria.

Victoria, Dec 17, by Rev. Dr. R.M. Cohen, Henry GRUNBAUM of Victoria, to Johanna SILBERBERG of Vienna, Austria.

Victoria, Dec 31, by Rev. T. Somerville, William WILSON, to Isabella EILBECK.
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