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Genealogical Extracts
The Vancouver Times, 5 Sep 1864 - 29 Apr 1866
Death Notices

Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
**Spellings are as they appear in the newspaper**

DEATHS: 1864

San Francisco, Aug 22, Mr. E.H. VEINBERG, 65, late of Victoria.

Saanich, Oct 30, Francis Maria, 22 years and 7 months, wife of John STEVENS.

Victoria, Dec 27, Fanny Louisa, aged 9 years, daughter of W. George and Mary NORRIS.

Oct. 21, at the residence of her uncle, F.A. DOVEY, in Brixton, Surrey, England, Margaret Augusta Anson, aged 8 years and 3 months, only daughter of Alexander D. BELL, Proprietor of the Vancouver Times.

DEATHS: 1865

In January, Edward Valpey, aged 1 year & 8 months, youngest son of C.S. WILDE, Revenue Officer in New Westminster.

San Francisco, Jan 23, of bronchial consumption, Horatio VARICAS, formerly of Victoria.

San Francisco, Feb 6, of consumption, George PARKINSON, 38, a resident of Victoria.

At the Parsonage, Christ Church, Feb 11, Eber CRIDGE, aged 6 years and 2 months, 3rd son of Rev. Edward Cridge.

Victoria, Feb 13, Frances Sarah, aged 32 days, infant daughter of Capt. J. SWANSON.

San Francisco, Feb 8, suddenly, Cap. Robert MURRAY of the brig "T.W. Lucas".

Victoria, Feb 25, Caroline, infant daughter of David F. and Mary FEE.

Victoria, Feb 19 or Feb 26, of dropsy, Hannah, aged 6 years, 2nd daughter of John KINSMAN.

Algiers, Feb 20, Edward HENDERSON, 36, of the firm of Messrs. Henderson & Burnaby.

Victoria, Feb 28, John HUME, 35 years and 7 months, a native of Upper Woodstock, New Brunswick.

Victoria, March 6, George HOOPER, aged 54 (In the March 6 newspaper - "the British Columbian" erroneously gave his death date as March 7)

Victoria, March 13, Mark COLES, 28, late of North Saanich and of London, England.

Victoria, March 18, James L. HELGESON, aged 1 year and 5 months, son of H.L. & Lillian Helgeson of Metchosin.

San Francisco, March 13, Charles Wentworth WALLACE, M.D., aged 65, of Victoria and formerly of San Francisco and father (full obituary in the April 16 issue - page 3).

Victoria, April 12, Margaret Helen, aged 9 years, 1 month & 2 days, eldest daughter of Duncan & Jessie CAMERON.

Victoria, April 12, William BROUGHTON, aged 30 years.

Victoria, April 26, Benjamin Morrow, aged 3 months & 6 days, son of Francis and Margaret M. CAMPBELL.

Victoria, May 18, of congestion of the brain, John Anderson, 11 years and 9 months, son of James Reid and Margaret ROBERTSON.

Victoria, June 1, of consumption, Samuel J. KENNEDY, Compositor, aged 26 years and 8 months, a native of Ireland and late of San Francisco.

Victoria, June 1, Alexandre BARRY, 45, a native of France (this notice was in french).

Victoria, June 8, Alexander HAMILTON, 53, late of Canada West.

Victoria, June 23, Eliza JACKSON, aged 6 months, infant daughter of Richard and Adele Jackson.

Victoria, Aug 23, A.J. RICE, 33, late of Illinois.

Honolulu, Sept 14, Alexander GORDON, about 50, of Aberdeen, Scotland and recently from Victoria.

Victoria, Sept 26, of consumption, Isai RITCHOT, aged 24, a native of Lower Canada.

Victoria, Oct 2, George REID, 39, a native of Fraserburg, Scotland.

Victoria, Oct 21, Elizabeth, 28, late a passenger on the "Silistria" from Liverpool, wife of John PIGGOTT.

Victoria, Dec 15, Thomas PATTRICK, 42, of Essex, England.

Victoria, Dec 22, John MAHONEY, aged 29.

DEATHS: 1866

Esquimalt, Jan 15, Dr. James FARRELLY, R.N., 28.

Cadboro Bay Road, Jan 26, at the residence of Charles DUPOD, Mr. RAVIERE, 56, a native of France.

Victoria, Feb 2, Barbara Ann, 25, wife of Thomas MANN.

Victoria, Feb 9, Robert MARR, 26, a native of London, Eng.

Victoria, March 10, George Knight, aged 5 months and 22 days, 2nd son of Samuel and Jane NESBITT.

Victoria, April 12, Margaret, 35, late of Canada West, wife of J. HATCH.
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