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Genealogical Extracts
The Vancouver Times, 5 Sep 1864 - 29 Apr 1866
Miscellaneous Notices

**Spellings are as they appear in the newspaper**

April 26, 1865

WANTED A butler or indoor servant who thoroughly understands his business. References as to character indispensible. Apply to the Colonial Secretary.

May 25, 1865

LOST Mrs. Marion Davis offers two bits reward for her support from her husband.

June 7, 1865

$1000 REWARD Whereas on the 6th day of May, John D. B. Ogilvy, Deputy Collector of Customs & Indian Agent, was wilfully murdered on board the Schooner "Langley", at Bentinck Arm.

$1000 is offered for the apprehension of Antoine Lucanage, commonly known on the coast as "Antoine", who is accused of the murder.