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Genealogical Extracts
The New Westminster Mainland Guardian, Marriage Notices
31 Aug 1870 - May 1875

Donated by an Ardent BC Genealogist
* all spellings as they appear in the paper (I really do know that we no longer spell Chilliwack with an "h")


New West, Nov 9, by Archdeacon Woods, John MCCUTCHEON of Chilliwhack, to Caroline MOREY, 2nd daughter of Jonathan Morey of New Westminster.


Sapperton, Jan 14, by Archdeacon Woods, Adolphus PEELE, youngest son of R.W. Peele of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, England, to Julia Ada, daughter of J.H. PITTS of San Francisco.

Yale, May 23, by Rev. D. Holmes, D. MCDONALD of the spruce Company, Cariboo, to Miss PRATT, daughter of Mrs. WRIGHT, of the Blue Tent.

Yale, Oct 28, Mr. P. CLAIR, Yale merchant, to Madame M. TREYNOR of New York.

Burrard Inlet, Dec 5, by Rev. R. Jamieson, J.C. HUGHES, to Leonora, daughter of the late George DEBECK.


Sapperton, Feb 3, by Archdeacon Woods, A. Jefferson JACKSON, 3rd son of A. Jackson, to Sarah Sophia SMITH of New Westminster.

Yale, Feb 22, by Rev. D Holmes, Charles MOOREHOUSE, to Annie, only daughter of Edw. ___?___, both of Lancashire, England.

San Francisco, April 30, by Rev. H.D. Lathrop, D. Henry H. NAGLE, eldest son of J. Nagle of Victoria, to Emma K. AKERS, only daughter of the late Dr. Akers of Newark, New Jersey.

By Rev Jamieson, Robert ANDERSON, 2nd son of Robert Anderson of Vancouver Island, to Margaret MCNAMARA, 2nd daughter of the late P. McNamara (no date given - in the May 29 paper).

Sumass, Sept 10, by Rev. T. Crosby, Henry COOPER, to Elizabeth MARTIN of Victoria.

As of September 1, 1872, all births, deaths, and marriages were required to be registered: Births within 60 days, Deaths within 30 days after interment, and Marriages within 90 days. Fines for not complying ranged from $5 - $20.

The following few marriages, were mentioned in the newspapers of the day, but are not on-line, or if on-line have extra information which might prove helpful to anyone researching them.


Marriage: New Westminster, August 5, Valentine Blacklock, only surviving son of the late William TAIT of Kent, England, to Martha, daughter of the late George GLYDE of Whitchurch, Canoncorum, Dorset, England.


Marriage: New Westminster, January 14, by Rev. Horris, John Carmichael HAYNES, Stipendiary Magistrate and eldest son of the late Jonas Haynes of County Cork, Ireland, to Emily Josephine, daughter of Captain G. PITTENDRIGH.
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