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Golden, B.C., February 4th, 1888
from the Sessional Papers of the British Columbia Government, 1888
extracted by Hugh Armstrong

To the Honourable Mr. Speaker and the Honourable the Members of the Legislative Assembly.

The undersigned residents of Kootenay District, respectfully desire to represent the necessity of the appointment of a competent person to oversee and personally superintend the expenditure of money on all public works in the district We would respectfully represent that there are no permanent improvements to mark the very considerable amount of public money which has been expended on bridges, trails, &c., during the last four years, with the exception of the waggon road and bridge over the Kootenay River, the latter of which is not considered by competent judges as at all likely to be permanent. We would humbly express our opinion that the appointment of a competent person would tend greatly to the economizing of public money. Your Petitioners pray that you will take this subject into your favourable consideration.

R. Lang, J.M. Kellie, A. Vachon, Jos. Frazer, C.A. Warren, Niel Morrison, A. McMundo, Alex. Campbell, J.B. Soumande-Cote, Neil McRae, Noel Arnold Wallinger, W.J.G. Webster, F.C. Lang, Frank P. Hayes, Thos. Lusk, W.S. McLean, Alexis Tremblay, Wm. Archer, John Telfer, Thomas Duke, F. Michid, J.C. Klingman, Harold Jackson, Charles Anderson, H.W. Flockton, C.A. Watt, J. Rutledg,e Caranine Ricci, L.H. Estall, Severin Ferlands, M. Alexander, William Tait, H.R. Moodie, W.C. Bott, P. Sebastian Gateno, Mancouso T. Wright, Edwin Boyee, Geo. Scott, William McDonald, Robt. C. Rusk, John Campbell, Alfred St. Pierre, J.C. Gunn 

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