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Petition to Amend the Law for the Protection of Game

from the Sessional Papers of the British Columbia Government, 1883

extracted by Hugh Armstrong


To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia: 

We, the undersigned, respectfully request you to amend the Law for the Protection of Game, so as to provide that the shooting season, for all kinds of animals and birds mentioned in the Game Protection Acts now in force, and including, deer, wild duck, robin and snipe, commence on the same date, as we consider this the only means to adopt in order to provide for the Protection of Game in this section of the Province. 

J.W. Rowland
Wm. Jackson
Fredk. Norris
Rd. Hall, Jr. 
G.F. Langley 
Wm. Jackson, Jr.
J.M. Cowper
Geo. Coleman
Thos. Shotbolt 
John Robertson
Joseph Henley
A.W. Jones
Wm. H. Edman
W. Bickford
A.W.R. Thomson
Geo. Jaques
J.R. McKenzie
T.Y. McDowell
J.W. Knight
A.W. Atkins
C.P. Bloomfield
Gilbert Robinson
D. Dale
Jos. Rhode
George Goode
John M. Read
Thos. D. Lindsay
Geo. Morison
Henry Caselton
James A. White
L.F. Wallenstein
Henry W. Raby
Alexander Thomson
Philip Harman
Sam Hurtley 
Henry T. Pridham
Harry D. Herring
Frank Schier 
J. Sommer 
John Douley
John Ashly
Fred P. Gouge
Tom McDowle
J. Brown
Joe Carey
J. Stewart
J.J. Cowley
Edward Kelly
A. Holmes
E.W. Colman
Hy. Pike
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