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for the Cariboo-Lillooet District, 1887

from the Sessional Papers of the British Columbia Government, 1887
extracted by Hugh Armstrong

To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for copies of all Orders in Council, minutes, letters, telegrams, and other documents and correspondence, of every nature and kind whatsoever, in any way relating to the appointment of a mounted constable in the Cariboo-Lillooet District. 
By Command. 
                      Jno. Robson, 
                                   Provincial Secretary.
                                             Provincial Secretary's Office, 24th February, 1887.

Mr. Bird to the Attorney-General.

150-Mile House, 21st February, 1886.

Dear Sir, - I am requested to forward you the enclosed petition, and to state that the amount asked for building of a suitable building for a gaol will not exceed $800, and the salary of a constable at $50 per month. The Alkali Lake appointment for constable has been withdrawn, and it is requested that a constable should be appointed at this place instead, as it is more central. 
                                                                                    Yours truly, 
                                                                                     (Signed) Henry Bird, J.P. 
To the Honourable A.E.B. Davie, Attorney-General:
For a Gaol and Resident Constable for Williams Lake, District of Cariboo, in the vicinity of 150-Mile House, being about half-way between Clinton and Quesnelle, and junction of roads from Forks of Quesnelle, Horsefly, Chilcotin, Chimney Creek, and Alkali Lake, and also showing the number of population in that neighbourhood. We, the undersigned, residents of within twelve miles of the 150-Mile House, petition the Government to provide us with a resident Constable, also a suitable building to retain prisoners, and to avoid the great expense of special constables taking prisoners to Richfield or Clinton, and also to protect us in future from the many acts of lawlessness to which we have been exposed. We earnestly pray that the Government will comply with our petition. - 
141-Mile House
Jefferson Hough, Labourer D. Murphy  John Murphy, Farmer
150-Mile House
John Armitage, Miner
Henry Bird, Justice of the Peace
J.H. Coon,
Gavin Hamilton, Proprietor
Charles O. Hamilton, Carpenter
Thomas R Humphreys, Farmer
George Johnston, Blacksmith
W.H.G. Thompson, Clerk
Pedro Bere, Packer
Thomas Bishop, Teamster
Miller Henry Felker,Trader 
Ernest Hilton, Miner
Peter O. Hamilton, Farmer
A. Meiss
Frederic Rose 
Vieth & Borland, Traciers 
Anthony Bishop, Labourer
A.H. Boucher
James Ford, Farmer
John Hudson, Carpenter
Samuel Kyes, Miner 
Isaac Ogden
Joseph Stephens, Packer
Wm. Manson, Public School Teacher, 19 pupils in charge
No address given
At the Mission School, 12 boys and 18 girls
J.D. Chiappini, Catholic Priest
B.F. English
Santiago Huerta, Farmer
Charles Marchal, Priest
George Steitz, Gardener
J.W. Bowman, Wheelwright
B. Cunningham
Frederick Guertin, Catholic Priest
Maurice Mansfield, Farmer
Frederick Rainville Trafesser
Chimney Creek
Amedee Isnardy, Farmer Frank Isnardy, Farmer Joseph Isnardy, Farmer
Williams Lake
T. Chambers, Farmer
Dan. McCallum

St. Joseph's Mission
Onward Ranch
3-Mile Creek

Henry Gillotte, Tailor
D. Withrow

John Huff, Labourer
E.S. Peters
Samuel Hunt
Jonny Naison

E. Harper, Carpenter 

    The Attorney-General to Mr. Bird.
                                                                                        Victoria, 1st March, 1886. 

Sir, - I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of 21st ult., enclosing requisition for a constable and lock-up at the 150-Mile House. I have laid the same before the Executive, and hope to have the matters fairly entertained when the Estimates are considered. 
                                                                   I have, &c., 
                                                                            (Signed) Alex. E.B. Davie, 

    Mr. F. Soues to the Attorney-General.
                                                                                       Government Office, Clinton, B.C., 
                                                                                       March 8th, 1886. 

Sir, - The accompanying petition to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council is handed to me by the Dog Creek mail carrier, with the request that I forward the same to you. 
                                                               I have, &c., 
                                                                  (Signed) F. Soues, 
                                                                                Government Agent.

His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor in Council: We, the undersigned, residents of Cariboo and Lillooet Districts wish to bring before your notice the necessity of appointing a resident Constable for the Districts of Soda Creek, Chilcotin, Williams Lake, 150-Mile House, Alkali Lake and Dog Creek. That there is not a Constable or Government Agent between Quesnellemouth and Clinton, a distance of one hundred and eighty-four miles. That during the past year an alarming illicit whisky trade has been carried on amongst the Indians, and also a large number of cattle stolen from various ranches or farms. That the services of a Constable could be utilized in the collecting of Government Taxes, licenses, &c., from Chinese and others, which at, present are not collected, on account of present collectors being only able to visit the above districts occasionally. That the agricultural interests of said districts are steadily increasing, and the settlers and residents generally seek that protection due them and which is accorded to every other district in the Province. Hoping your honourable body will give the above your earliest consideration. Your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray. 

Soda Creek
P.C. Dunlevy/Soda Creek
Robert McLeese
J.C. Starrett/Soda Creek

W.A. Johnston

H.F. Davis

James Cummings
Charles Towns

W. J. Anders
Wm. Lyne
Wm. Pinchbeck

A. Hants
Sam. Whetrow 

Thomas Meldrum

H.0. Bowe
F. Chiari
J.P. Rozeti Pall

Wm. Laing Meason, J.P. 

Soda Creek Mills:
Springfield Farm:
Deer Park:
Bridge Creek:
Dog Creek:

James Griffin/Soda Creek
Thos. P. Reed/Soda Creek
Henry Yeates/Soda Creek 


James Reid


R. J. Skinner

No Address Given

Charles Hine

Williams Lake

D. Copp
Wm. Lyne, Jr
Wm. Pinchbeck, Jr


Donald McIntyre

Chilcotin Ranch

Thomas Swords

Alkali Lake

Henry J. Bowe
Rozeti Guzepe

Little Dog Creek

Wm. L. Meason, Jr., (per W.L.M.)

R.A. Collins
J.F. Hawkes
B.F. English
Thos. M. Hamilton
W.H. Wright
H.H. Crawford

Frank Higman/Soda Creek
Wm. Robertson/Soda Creek

D.W. McDonald

Henry Gillotte
Dan. McCallum
D. Withrow

L.W. Riske

Felix Chiari
John E. Moore,

Malcolm L Meason (per W.L.M.)

    The Attorney-General to Mr. F. Soues.
                                                                                                               Attorney-General's Office, 
                                                                                                               Victoria, B.C., 15th March, 1886. 

          Sir, - I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your communication, enclosing petition with reference to appointment of Constable for Soda Creek, Williams Lake, and Alkali Lake. 

                                  I have, &c., 
                                                      (Signed) Alex. E.B. Davie, 

Copy of a Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Executive Council, approved 
by His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor on the 24th day of April, 1886.

          The Committee of Council recommend that William Frederick Allen, now of Clinton, British Columbia, be appointed a Constable and Collector of Provincial Revenue Tax, for the Electoral Districts of Lillooet and Cariboo, to usually reside at the 150-Mile House, at a salary of one hundred and twenty-five dollars a month, to take effect from the first day of May now next. 
                                                        (Signed) T. Elwyn, 
                                                                      Deputy Clerk Executive Council

The Provincial Secretary to Mr. W.F. Allen.

Victoria, 24th April, 1886. Sir, - 

          I have to inform you that you have been appointed, as from the 1st proximo, a Constable and Collector of Provincial Revenue Tax for the Electoral Districts of Lillooet and Cariboo. 

          You are to reside and usually perform your duties at the 150-Mile House, and your salary will he at the rate of one hundred and twenty-five dollars a month. 

                                      I have, &c., 
                                                        (Signed) John Robson, 
                                                                          Provincial Secretary.

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