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Government Gazette, vol.2, 27 Jun 1863 to 23 Jul 1864

(British Columbia)

extracted by Hugh Armstrong

8 Aug 1863 Anthony WALKEM, barrister-at-law of the Province of Canada applying to be admitted to practice in BC
22 Aug 1863 bankruptcy Edgar DEWDNEY, Richfield, BC, auctioneer, dealer & chapman
13 Oct 1863 bankruptcy Thomas MALONEY, Barkerville, Williams Creek, Victvalle
27 Jun 1863 William DINGLE, formerly in the Royal Engineers, employed by the boundry commission under Lieut.Col. HAWKINS, R.E., discharged at Walla Walla on the 21st Apr 1862, is requested to communicate his present address to Col. MOODY, R.E., New Westminster
27 Jun 1863 Child Stealing £100 Reward Sun 30th Mar 1862, Elizabeth HUNTER, 8 years old was decoyed away by a respectable dressed man from the bottom of Green Man's Lane, Frog Lane, Lower Road, Islington
23 Jul 1864 bankruptcy Jacob ROSE & T. PETERSON, Lillooet, dealers & chapman
23 Jul 1864 Alexander Rock ROBERTSON, the younger, of the city of Victoria, in Vancouver Island and a barrister-at-law in the Colony of Upper Canada apply to practice in BC
23 Jul 1864 New Westminster Frontages Notice is hereby given that the following water frontages, lately held under lease from the Crown, have been, and are hereby declared, forfeited to the Crown, for breach of stipulations of such leases,
particularly of the covenants for the payment of rent. 
By command, Arthur N. BIRCH, Colonial Secretary's Office, 1st July, 1864. 
Name of lessees: C.W.WALLACE, Captain STAMP, Robert MCLEESE, J.A.R. HOMER, S.T. SCOTT and R.C.  MOODY.