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A description of the cities and towns in the Victoria and southern
Vancouver Island area as mentioned in the 1900 Hendersons Directory

Beaver Lake A station on Victoria and Sidney railway, 8 miles from Victoria, in Lake District. Reservoir for Victoria water works.
Beaver Point (See also Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne Bay and Ganges Harbor.) A country post office on south end of Salt Spring Island, Island district. Nearest telegraph office and railway station Sidney, distance 8 miles, steamer landing Fulford Harbor, distance 3 miles and Burgoyne Bay, distance 8 miles. Its principal industries are farming, fishing and mining; has a public school and Episcopal and Methodist churches. Mails weekly.
Beechy Bay A Indian reserve near Metchosin; distance from Victoria, 21 miles.
Burgoyne Bay (See also Fulford Harbour and Salt Spring Island.) Post office closed 1900; mail to Salt Spring Island. A money order post office on west side of Salt Spring Island. It is a steamboat landing, distance 13 miles from Sidney. Fulford Harbor, on east side of Island id 3 1/2 miles. Population 1900 - 400.
Cedar Hill (See Mount Tolmie.) A district including Mount Tolmie & Gordon Head, adjoining Victoria city, in the north.
Colwood A country post office on the Sooke Road, in the Esquimalt District. Mails weekly from Victoria; distance 8 miles; nearest telegraph office Victoria.
Craigflower A suburb of Victoria, distance four miles.
East Sooke (See also Sooke) A post settlement in the Sooke district, on the south side of Sooke Harbor. Mails from Victoria (via Metchosin), distance 26 miles. Population, 1900: 80.
Elk Lake Situated in Lake District, 7 miles north of Victoria City on V. & S. Railway. Reservoir for Victoria water works system.
Emory A station on the V. & S. Railway. Distance from Victoria 7 miles.
Esquimalt About 3 miles from Victoria, connected by electric railway making trips every fifteen minutes. Has telegraph office, telephone connection with Victoria. It is the chief naval station on the Pacific coast; has a dry dock, length 450 feet, width at entrance, 65 feet, depth 26 feet. It has a post office, arsenal and naval hospital; a money order post office, meals daily. Anglican and Catholic churches and schools.
Fulford Harbor (See Salt Spring Island, Beaver Point, Burgoyne Bay and Ganges Harbor.) Post office closed, mail to Salt Spring Island. A post settlement on the east side of Salt Spring Island, 3 1/2 miles across from Burgoyne Bay. Sidney 8 miles. Victoria distance 30 miles. Has Anglican church and public school.
Galiano A post settlement on Galiano Island, area 1600 acres, adjoining Plumbers Pass, Gulf of Georgia, midway between Victoria and Vancouver. Has Presbyterian and Anglican churches. Farming, sheep and cattle raising are industries.
Ganges Harbor (See also Salt Spring Island, Burgoyne Bay and Beaver Point.) Known as the Central Settlement, Salt Spring Island, Island District. Steamer landing. Burgoyne Bay distance 5 miles, Salt Spring Island Post Office distance 2 1/2 miles. Chemainus is nearest railway station, telegraph and express office, distance 13 miles, generally reached by the Victoria and Nanaimo steamer twice a week. Distance from Victoria 40 miles. Logging and sheep raising are the principal industries.
Garnham (includes Strawberry Vale. See Also Royal Oak.) A post settlement 4 1/2 miles from Victoria, situated on the banks of the Colquitz river at crossing of Wilkinson and Carey roads, Lake District. Royal Oak station distance 1 mile. Has Anglican and Methodist churches, public school and public hall. Industries: Market gardening, dairy and chicken ranches. Population: 250.
Glanford A station on the Victoria & Sidney Railway. Distance from Victoria 3 miles.
Goldstream A station and post office on the E. & N. Railway, 11 miles from Victoria in the Esquimalt district. Mails daily. Telegraph office Victoria. This is a popular summer resort. Has telephone connection with Victoria. Population, 1899, about 50.
Gordon Head A settlement on De Haro Straits, 5 miles northeast of Victoria. Nearest Post Office Mount Tolmie, distance 2 miles.
Gossip Island Situated on northeast side of Galiano Island, close to Plumber Pass Post Office.
Hagan (See also Slugget.) A post settlement, South Saanich district. Distance from Victoria, 12 miles.
Happy Valley (See also Metchosin.) A settlement in the Esquimalt district. It is northeast of Metchosin. Telegraph office, Victoria, distance 12 miles.
Heal (See also Royal Oak.) A settlement on the Victoria & Sidney Railway. Distance from Victoria 9 miles. On West Saanich road Lake district.
Isabella Point (Post Office Fulford Harbor.)
Keating A station on the Victoria & Sidney Railway, distance from Victoria 9 miles. Telephone connection
Lake (See Royal Oak, Steven, Garnham & Heal.) A settlement 12 miles from Victoria.
Mayne Island Nearest telegraph office New Westminster. (See also Plumber Pass.)
Maywood A suburb of Victoria on Saanich road, 2 miles from Victoria post office and 1/2 mile north of city limits, reached by B.C. Electric Railway. Baptist Mission and public school. Has Anglican church (St. Mark's). Population: 400.
Metchosin (Metchosin includes Happy Valley; post office Rocky Point.) A country post office situated in the Esquimalt district, 15 miles southwest of Victoria, which is the nearest railway and express office. Telegraph, Otter Point, distance 10 miles.
Millstream A post settlement in Highland, Esquimalt district riding, 2 miles from Langford station, 10 miles from Victoria.
Milne's Landing (See also Sooke.) A settlement and steamer landing at Sooke River bridge, 23 miles from Victoria by stage. Sooke post office, distance 3 miles. Has Presbyterian Mission and Public School; mails by stage semi-weekly. Goldstream Railway Station distance 14 miles. Population 1900: 100.
Moresby Island Situated in Islands district, 9 miles from Sidney.
Mount Tolmie (See also Oaklands and Gordon Head.) A suburban post settlement 3 1/2 miles northeast of Victoria.
North Saanich (See Saanichton.) (See also Sidney & Turgoose.) A country post office in the Victoria district on Shoal Bay, 18 miles north of Victoria and 2 1/2 miles north of Sidney, terminus of V. & S. Railway. Has Anglican church, public school and saw mill.
North Salt Spring (See also Vesuvius Bay and Salt Spring Island.) A post settlement at the north end of Salt Spring Island, Chemainus, nearest railway station distance 12 miles. Weekly steamer from Victoria.
Oak Bay A suburb of Victoria.
Oaklands (See also Cedar Hill.) A suburb of Victoria city. Lansdowne and Oakland Avenues and Cedar Hill Road.
Otter Point (see also Sooke and Shirley.) A post settlement and telegraph station in the Esquimalt district, it is situated 7 miles southeast of Sooke (post office. Mails weekly from Victoria, distance 25 miles.
Parker Island (See Plumber Pass Post Office.) Situated in Islands district along the west side of Galiano Island.
Parson's Bridge A settlement in the Esquimalt district, 6 miles from Victoria, on the E. & N. Railway.
Pender Island A post settlement on the route of the C.P.N. Co.'s steamers, Victoria to Vancouver; railway station Sidney, 12 miles. Has Presbyterian Mission and public school. Principal industry, sheep raising.
Plumber Pass (Post Office called Mayne Island.) A money order post office on Mayne Island, on the Victoria, Vancouver and New Westminster steamboat route, Islands district, half way between the above ports, distance 35 miles. Telegraph New Westminster or Victoria. It is reached by steamer daily. Sidney distance 20 miles. Excellent fruit is grown here. It has good sea bathing. Has public school and Anglican and Methodist churches. It includes the following islands: Mayne, Pender, Tumbo, Prevost, Galiano, Saturna, Samuel and Narrow. Industries: Farming, sheep raising, fruit growing and fisheries for oil and table fish for market in abundance.
Port Renfrew A steamboat landing and trading post, 56 miles west of Victoria, at the mouth of the San Juan River, southwesterly point of Vancouver Island.
Port San Juan (Post Office, Port Renfrew.) A settlement and telegraph station on the Straits of San Juan.
Prevost A lighthouse station on Main steamer channel. Islands district, Gulf of Georgia, one mile from Pender Island Post Office.
Renfrew (See Port Renfrew.)
Rocky Point (See also Metchosin.) A post settlement, 25 miles from Victoria. In Metchosin district, near Race Rocks.
Royal Oak (See also Garnham and Heal.) A station on the Victoria & Sidney Railway, 6 miles from Victoria, at junction of East and West Saanich roads, Lake District. Population, 1900: 100.
Russells A suburban station on the E. & N. Railway; post office Victoria West.
Saanichton (See Turgoose post office.)
Salt Spring Island An island in the Gulf of Georgia, North Saanich electoral district, situation, just north of the Saanich Peninsula and east of Cowichan district. The principal points on the island are Salt Spring Island (post office), known as Central Settlement, Ganges Harbor, Vesuvius Bay, Burgoyne Bay, Beaver Point and Fulford Harbor.
Salt Spring Island (See also Ganges Harbor, North Salt Spring and South Salt Spring.) A money order post office in the Islands district, known as the Central Settlement, situated at the north end of Salt Spring Island, 2 miles from the steamer landing at Vesuvius Bay, or Ganges Harbor. It is reached by the regular steamer. Nearest railway station, telegraph and express office. Chemainus distance 8 miles; being 37 miles north from Victoria into the Gulf of Georgia. Has Episcopal and Methodist and Roman Catholic churches, public school and public hall. Mail twice a week. Population, 1899: about 400.
Samuel Island Situated southeast of Mayne Island, and lies between it and Saturna Island. Post office, Plumber Pass.
Saturna Island (See also Pender Island.) In Victoria district, near Plumber Pass; 5 miles southeast of Mayne Island. Has steamer landing.
Shirley (See also Otter Point). A country post office; telegraph, Otter Point distance 6 miles; Victoria, 30 miles. Situated at Sheringham Point, Esquimalt district.
Sidney (See Thurlow North Saanich.) The terminus of the Victoria & Sidney Railway, distance from Victoria 17 miles. Telephone communication. Mails daily. Has Anglican and Methodist churches and public school. There is a large saw mill here and fine coal lands in the vicinity. It is becoming popular as a summer resort.
Slugget (See also Hagan.) A rural post office 11 miles from Victoria City on West Saanich road. Keating railway station distance 1 1/2 miles. Saanichton 3 miles. Has Roman Catholic, Anglican, Baptist and Methodist churches and West Saanich public school.
Sooke (See also East Sooke, Milne's Landing and Otter Point.) A country post office in the Esquimalt district, 24 miles southwest from Victoria, on Strait of Juan de Fuca. Mail weekly from Victoria. Nearest railway station Goldstream, 14 miles; telegraph Victoria. Has Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches and public school.
Sooke Lake (Post office: Goldstream.) A settlement on the Nanaimo road; nearest post office and telephone Goldstream ten miles distant. It is inhabited principally in summer by tourist and pleasure seekers.
South Saanich A district on the Saanich Peninsula, South Victoria Electoral district. Post offices: Young, Turgoose and Saanichton, on East road, Sluggett and Hagan, on west road.
South Salt Spring A post office on Vancouver Island, seven miles southwest of Beaver Point. It has mails four times a week from Victoria and twice a week from Nanaimo.
Steven Post office Royal Oak. On the West Saanich road, distance from Victoria 7 miles, Lake district.
Swan Lake (Post office Maywood.) A suburb of Victoria on the Saanich road distance from Victoria 2 miles.
Telegraph Bay Near Victoria.
Thetis Lake A settlement in the Esquimalt district 1/2 mile from Parson's Bridge, on the Goldstream road. The Esquimalt Waterworks, are situated here.
Tumbo Island Situated 10 miles east of Mayne Island.
Turgoose Station is called Saanichton. (See also Saanichton and Young.) A post office 12 miles from Victoria, mails daily by V. & S. Railway, has Episcopal, Methodist and Indian (Catholic) churches, Baptist and Japanese missions, Saanich Agricultural Hall, Orange and Temperance Halls.
Vesuvius Bay (See also Salt Spring Island.) A settlement and steamer landing on the west side of Salt Spring Island. Post office Salt Spring Island, distance 2 1/2 miles. Ganges Harbor, distance 5 miles. Chemainus distance 9 miles. Has Anglican church and public school.
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