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from The Victoria Daily Times, 30 Jan 1901, pg.6

The Season's Sealing Fleet

Thirty-Three Vessels Will Go Out
- Eight Bound Across To Japan
Tees Sails
Word has been received from the schooner 'Dora Sieward' from the south, she having reported all well from Monterey. It is not decided whether she will cross to the Japan coast and Copper Islands, and a same indecision prevails regarding the schooner 'Enterprise', which recently continued her cruise from San Francisco. The 'Viva', which was to have sailed on her cruise yesterday, is still in James Bay, having been delayed by the contrary winds of yesterday.

The fleet to go out will number thirty-three in all, eight going to the Japan coast and Copper Islands with white hunters, exclusive of the schooners 'Enterprise' and 'Dora Sieward', which being counted with the coast fleet, give a total of 25 schooners on the coast. Of the fleet fifteen schooners have already sailed the 'Arietis', 'Diana', 'Dora Sieward', 'Enterprise', 'Geneva', 'Otto', '' and 'Umbrina' on the coast, and the 'Aurora', 'Borealis', 'City of San Diego', 'Carlotta G. Cox', 'Director', 'Mary Taylor' and 'Vera' for the trans-Pacific sealing grounds.
The total fleet with the masters commanding the different schooners will be as follows:

On this coast:
Annie E. PaintCapt. D.G. MacauleyAinokaCapt. A. McDougal
Allie L. AlgerCapt. BakerArietisCapt. Heater
BeatriceCapt. St. ClairC.D. RandCapt. J. Searle
DianaCapt. NelsonDora SiewardCapt. O'Leary
EnterpriseCapt. GuillinE.B. MarvinCapt. Campbell
FavouriteCapt. L. McLeanFlorence M. SmithCapt. W. Cox
GenevaCapt. ByersHatzicCapt. Daley
Ida EttaCapt. H, HughesLibbieCapt. C. Hackett
OttoCapt. GoosePenelopeCapt. W. Heater
Sadie TurpelCapt. BishopTriumphCapt. C.N. Cox
TeresaCapt. FerryUmbrinaCapt. Haan
VictoriaCapt. R. BalcomVivaCapt. McPhee
Zillah MayCapt. H. Balcom  

The fleet for Japan is:
AuroraCapt. ColeBorealisCapt. Munro
City of San DiegoCapt. BlackstadCarlotta G. CoxCapt. C. LaBlanc
CascoCapt. M. RyanDirectorCapt. Anderson
Mary TaylorCapt. G. BuckholtzVeraCapt. C. Burnes

Other vessels may be added to the fleet for the coast, although it is not likely, for it is generally conceded that the schooners 'Carrie C.W.', 'Ocean Belle', 'Ocean Rover', 'Saucy Lass', and 'Walter A. Rich', all of which went out last season will this year remain in port. The fleet will number four schooners less than that of last year for both the coast and Behring Sea, and two less than the number which went out on the British Columbia coast.
The farming out of the seal hunting privileges on the Russian Islands across the Pacific, more especially on the Commander and Walrus Islands, will take place at Khabarosk in Eastern Siberia during the coming month, according to the St. Petersburg correspondent of the London Daily Mail

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