1901 Victoria Census - title page

The Clergy in Victoria and area
(from 'Canadian Almanac and Directory, 1902' - 'The Clergy of Canada')
Not all religion are represented
Church of England - Diocese of Columbia
Perrin, Right Rev. William Willcox, D.D., Bishop, Victoria
Scriven, Venerable A., M.A., Archdeacon, Victoria
Rural Deans
Beanlands, Rev. Canon, M.A., Victoria
Jenns, Rev. P., M.A., Victoria
Barber, Rev. W.D., M.A., Victoria
Allen, W.B., Victoria
Christmas, F.G., Saanich
Ellison, W.G.H., Metchosin
Grundy, J., Supt. Chinese Mission
Miller, E.G., Victoria
Paddon, W.G.L., B.A., Victoria
Sharp, C.E., M.A., Esquimalt
Sweet, J.H.S., Victoria
Wilson, E.F., Salt Spring Island

Methodist Church in Canada - B.C. Conference
Balderson, B.H., B.A., Victoria
Barraclough, Wm. H., B.A. (President of Conference), Victoria
Bryant, C. (Sup'd), Mount Tolmie
Hicks, John P., Victoria
Hicks, William (Sup'd), Victoria
Rowe, Elliot S., Victoria
Tanner, Wm. G., B.A., Victoria West
Winslow, Joseph W., Sidney

Reformed Episcopal Church
Cridge, Right Rev. E., Victoria
Wilson, J.D., D.D., Victoria

Presbyterian Church in Canada - Synod of B.C.
Campbell, J, PhD., Victoria
Clay, W.L., Victoria
Foss, W., Pender Island
Fraser, A., Victoria
Gibson, C., Sooke
McCrae, D., Victoria
Gunn, Miss Carrie, Victoria (Chinese Mission)

Baptist Church in Canada - Baptist Convention of Ontario & Quebec
Teal, J.H., Victoria
Vichert, J.F., Victoria

Congregational Denomination
Vrooman, W.A., Victoria
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Churches in Victoria and area
(from 'Victoria Daily Colonist, Sunday, 31 Mar 1901'
Announcements of the activities of Victoria Churches
The Churches
Today is the sixth Sunday in Lent, and is known as Palm Sunday. It was for a long time observed in the early Christian churches as a day of special triumph, and in many places is still observed with special services. Here it is noted principally as it marks the beginning of Holy Week, the last of Lent.
Christ Church Cathedral
In Christ Church Cathedral the morning preacher will be the Bishop, while the evening services will be conducted by the Rev. W.B. Allen. The hours are, as usual, 11 o'clock in the morning and 7 o'clock in the evening. The musical selections at the different services will be as follows:
Voluntary - Pogues Fleurles (Mattly)
Psalms - For the Day
Benedicte (Turner)
Benediction (Goss)
Hymns - 96, 99, 98
Kyrie (Mendelssohn)
Voluntary - Elevation (Batiste)
Voluntary - Largetto Expressios (Sterndale Bennett)
Magnificat (Smart)
Nume Dimittis (Hayes)
Hymns - 96, 99, 98
Voluntary - Grand March 'Rinaldo' (Handel)
St. John's Church (Church of England)
At St. John's Church there will be morning prayers at 11 and evensong at 7, the Rev. Percival Jenns, being the preacher at both services. The musical arrangements are as follows:
Organ - Hear My Prayer (Mendelssohn)
Hymns - 105, 112, 263
Organ - March of Priests (Mandelssohn)
Organ - Jerusalem the Golden (Dr. Spark)
Hymns - 115, 99, 98
Organ - Praise the Lord (Whitfield)
After Evensong the fifth of the series of Lenten organ recitals will be given as follow:
Organ Solo - Adoration (Ravina) - Mr. A. Longfield
Recitation - Then Shall the Eyes of the Blind Be Opened
Air - He Shall Feed His Flock (Handel) - Mrs. Janion
Air - Come Unto Him (Handel) - Mrs. Moresby
Flute Solo - Andante in D (Thome) - Mr. Fred. W. Renworth
Bass Solo - King David's Lament (F. Swift) - Mr. Moxon
Descriptive Organ Solo - Christ's Journey Over the Sea of Gaillee (Dr. Spark) - Mr. A. Longfield
Soprano Solo - Palm Branches (Faure) - Mrs Gregson
Organ Solo - A Melody in G (Guillmant)
Organ Solo - B. Offertoire in F (Liebig) - Mr. Jesse Longfield
St. James Church (Anglican)
At St. James' Church there will holy communion at 8 and 11 0'clock, there will matins, litany and sermon. At 7 o'clock in the evening there will be evensong and sermon. In other Anglican churches in the city and district there will be usual services celebrated.
Reformed Episcopal Church
In the Reformed Episcopal Church, Bishop Cridge will preach in the morning on 'A Humble Mind' and Dr. Wilson in the evening on 'Temptation'. There will be a service on Good Friday morning at 11 o'clock, and during Passion Week daily at 4 p.m. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Mr. W.M. Oatts, representative of the Indian and Colonial Y.M.C.A. will give Bible readings.
First Presbyterian Church
In the First Presbyterian Church, Rev. W. Leslie Clay will preach at the morning service, and the pastor, Rev. Dr. Campbell, at the evening service at the regular hours. Sabbath school and Bible classes are held at 2:30 o'clock; Junior Endeavor at 10 o'clock in the morning; and Senior Endeavor after the evening service.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
At St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Rev. Dr. Campbell will occupy the pulpit at the morning service, exchanging with the pastor, who will conduct the evening service. Sabbath school and Bible class at 3 o'clock; Y.P.S.C.E. after evening service. The musical service for the day will be:
Organ Prayer (Dubois)
Psalm - 32
Anthem - And the Glory of the Lord (Pattison)
Hymns - 20, 392, 193
Organ Postlude (Tours)
Organ Andante (Lemane)
Psalm - 43
Anthem - In a Galliean City - And When He Had Entered Into a Ship - Give the Lord the Honor (Pattison)
Hymns - 129, 133
Song - Gethsemani (Barri) - Miss Kate McGregor
Organ - Largo (Handel)
Metropolitan Methodist Church
Pastor Ellioo S. Rowe of the Metropolitan Methodist Church will conduct both morning and evening services today. His morning subject is 'Gethsemane,' and in the evening the last of the addresses on the Prodigal Son, viz., 'The Prodigal's Return.'
Centennial Methodist Church
In the Centennial Methodist Church the pastor, Rev. W.H. Barraclough, will preach at the morning service, taking as the theme, 'Despised and Rejected of Men.' In the evening he will exchange churches with Rev. R. Hughes, who will preach. Sabbath school, and Bible classes are conducted at 2:30 o'clock.
Victoria West Methodist Church
Rev. J.D.P. Knox, of the Victoria West Methodist Church, will exchange pulpits with Rev. Dr. Macrae, of St. Paul's Presbyterian church for the morning service, and in the evening will preach in his own church.
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Rev. J.G. Hastings, pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, will conduct both services today. In the morning he will preach on 'Giving and Forgiving'; his evening subject will be 'A Good Neighbor.' Sabbath school is conducted at 2:30 o'clock.
Calvary Baptist Church
At Calvary Baptist Church the pastor, Rev. J.F. Vichert, will preach in the morning on 'Fact and Fiction.' In the evening he will take as his topic 'The Reconciling Christ.' The Sunday school and Bible classes meet at 2:30 o'clock. At the church services the musical portion to be rendered are:
Organ - Andante (Farmer)
Hymns - 98, 326, 664
Anthem - Bless the Lord (Gabriel)
Organ - Prayer (Auber)
Organ - Quoniam (Mozart)
Hymns - 329, 403, 424
Anthem _ Jesus Lover of My Soul (Ashford)
Solos - Miss Andrew, G.F. Watson
Orran Dona Nobis (Eybler)
Congregational Church
At the Congragational Church, Pandora Avenue, appropriate services will be held on Palm Sunday, March 31, by the Rev. R.B. Blyth, B.A., who will preach morning and evening. At 11 a.m. his subject will be, 'The Beginning of the End: or Christ's Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem,' At 7 p.m. his subject will be, 'The Palm Tree Christian.' At 2:15 p.m. the Christian Endeavor Society meets; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
For the spiritualist services, R.H. Kneeshaw will lecture in the Sir William Wallace Hall at 7:30 p.m. The subject will be, 'The Coming Time.' Miss Amy Kneeshaw will sing 'Angels Ever Bright and Fair.' Miss Alice Kneeshaw will give a recitation, selected. The progressive Lyceum will meet at 10:30 a.m.
Christian Science
A Christian Science service is held at 87 Pandora Street at 7 p.m. The subject to-night is 'Unreality.'
Gospel Hall
An evangelist from Australia will preach this evening in the Gospel Hall opposite Mr. Shotbolt's drug store, Johnson street.
St. Barnabas' Church
St. Barnabas' Church: Palm Sunday: end of the mission. Services are as follows: Holy eucharist at 8: matins at 11 a.m., with address by the Rev. W.B. Allen: 3 p.m., address to children: 4 p.m., address to men only; 7 p.m. evensong with address by the Rev. C. Ensor Sharp, with after meeting and dismissal of the missioners.
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