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20/11/03 Pellow, John, 6
20/11/02 Pellow, Thomas, 8
05/15/21 Pemberton, Ada G., 33
06/26/02 Pemberton, Charles, 36
05/15/23 Pemberton, Harriet S., 29
05/15/24 Pemberton, Joseph D., 27
05/15/22 Pemberton, Sophia T., 32
05/15/20 Pemberton, Theresa J., 57
05/15/25 Pemberton, William P.D., 23
01/19/33 Pendray, Amelia J., 50
01/19/34 Pendray, Ernest C., 22
The Entry for Theresa J. Pemberton shows
that she can be found in division 5, page 15,
line 20 in the Victoria City census. She was
listed as 57 years old.

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9th house Rockland Ave

05/15/20 Pemberton, Theresa J., f, head, w, 25 Dec 1843, 57, ENG, to Can: 1864, CE.
Rems: 1900/10DIR: Pemberton, Theresa J.D., wid Joseph D., res. Gonzales farm, Rockland Ave. BDWBC: Joseph Despard Pemberton, 1821-1893, mar Theresa Jane Despard Grautoff in 1 Jan 1860. HOW4, p.34: Joseph Despard Pemberton, b.Dublin, IRL, 1821, s.o.Joseph Pemberton, d.11 Nov 1893, mar 1864, Theresa Jane Despard Grautoff (b.ENG). DRI: Joseph Despard Pemberton, 11 Nov 1893, 72, Victoria. DRI: Theresa J.D. Pemberton, 24 Aug 1916, 74, Victoria.

05/15/21 Pemberton, Ada G., f, dau, s, 23 May 1867, 33, BC, CE.
Rems: HOW4, p.38: Ada G. Pemberton, mar H.R. Beaven. MRI: Hugo Robert Beaven mar Ada Georgina Pemberton, 11 Sep 1902, Victoria.
05/15/22 Pemberton, Sophia T., f, dau, s, 13 Feb 1869, 32, BC, CE.
Rems: MIV1: Sophia Theresa Pemberton mar Canon Arthur Beanlands (d.6, p.18, l.1). MRI: Arthur John Beaulands mar Sophia Theresa Pemberton, 11 Sep 1905, Victoria. HOW4, p.38: Sophia Theresa Pemberton mar Canon Beanlands, rector of Christ Church, Vic. for 25 y.
05/15/23 Pemberton, Harriet S., f, dau, s, 13 May 1871, 29, BC, CE.
Rems: MRI: William Curtis Sampson mar Harriet Susan Pemberton, 14 Apr 1909, Victoria.
05/15/24 Pemberton, Joseph D., m, son, s, 21 Nov 1873, 27, ENG, to Can: 1874, CE.
Rems: HOW4, p.38: Joseph Despard Pemberton jr, b.Victoria, 12 Nov 1877, 2nd s.o.Joseph D. Pemberton & Theresa J.D. Grautoff, mar 1 Dec 1904 at Victoria, Helen Mary Yoder Baiss (d.6, p.2, l.23), d.o.James & Susan Baiss. DRI: Joseph Despard Pemberton, 30 Aug 1916, 42, Jordan Meadows.
05/15/25 Pemberton, William P.D., m, son, s, 11 Nov 1877, 23, BC, CE.
Rems: HOW3, p.743: William Parnell Despard Pemberton, b.Victoria, 12 Nov 1877, s.o.Joseph D. & Theresa J.D. Pemberton.
05/15/26 Sing, -, m, -, s, -- --- ----, -, CHN, to Can: -, Conf, n/g.
05/15/27 Chow, -, m, -, s, -- --- ----, -, CHN, to Can: -, Conf, n/g.
05/15/28 Quong, -, m, -, s, -- --- ----, -, CHN, to Can: -, Conf, n/g.

The Pembertons lived at the 9th house Rockland Ave. Listed are Theresa, her 3 daughters, two sons and 3 Chinese men who were probably servants but no occupation was entered.
Theresa J. Pemberton, was female (f), the head of the family (head), a widow (w), born on 25 Dec 1843, 57 years old, born in England (ENG), came to Canada in 1864 and her religion was Church of England (CE).

A list of abbreviations used can be found from the 1901 Victoria Census - title page.

After her census information a remarks (Rems:) section includes information that comes from many other sources. On the 1901 Victoria Census - title page there is a link to a complete list on these sources.

Note: some of the questions asked on the census were not answered. A '-' or n/g (not given) would be entered. For Sing (05/15/26) only one name was given. I have entered this as a surname but it may be a given name. Also marital status, date of birth, age, year to Canada and occupation were not entered.

While most of the census is clear some information is not legible and 'unreadable' has been entered.