1901 Victoria Census - title page

Government Officials
for Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island, 1901
of Canada
of Canada
Members of the Parliament of Canada

EARLE, THOMAS (Victoria, B.C.)
B. of Irish parents in Leeds Co., Ont., Sept 27, 1837. Is a wholesale grocer in Victoria. Has been Pres. of Victoria Bd. of Trade and a mem. of City Council. El. to Ho. of Commons at bye-election of 1889. Re-el. at g.e., 1891, 1896 and 1900. M., 1875, Miss Elizabeth Mason. A Conservative.
B. May 21, 1853, at Dallowgill, near Ripon, Yorkshire, Eng. Second s. of the late Rev. Henry Prior, who was rector of that parish, and afterwards Vicar of Baston, Lincolnshire, and Hannah Mouncey Kendell, his wife, both English. Ed. at Leeds Gram. sch., and served his articles as a mining engineer with the late J. Tolson White, M.E., at Wakefield. Came to Vancouver Island in Dec., 1873, as mining engineer and surveyor for the Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Co. Was Govt. Insp. of Mints from Aug., 1878, to May, 1880, when he resigned to commence business as an iron and hardware merchant. M., 1st, Jan. 30, 1878, Suzette, youngest d. of the late Hon. John Work, of "Hillside," Victoria. She died Dec. 9, 1897. 2nd, Feb. 4, 1899 Genevieve, d. of late Capt. Thos. Wright. El. a life mem. of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers in 1875. Is Lt.-Col. commanding the 5th Reg. Can. Artil. Apptd. an Hon. A.D.C. to the Gov.-Gen. of Canada in Jan., 1889. Commanded the Canadian Rifle team at Bisley, Eng., July, 1890. Was twice el. Pres. of the Dom. Artil. Assn., and is now a V.P. of same and also of the Dom. Rifle Assn. Was one of the Canadian contingent present at the Queen's Jubilee in London in 1897. El. to the Legislature, B.C., July 6, 1886, and sat till Jan. 23, 1888, when he resigned at the request of his constituents, and was el, by accl. the same day to the seat in the Dom. Ho. of Commons vacated by Mr. Noah Shakespeare. Was re-el. at g.e., 1891, and again Jan. 6, 1896, on his being sworn a mem. of the Privy Council and Controller of Inland Revenue, In the Admn. of Sir Mackenzie Bowell. Held same portfolio in Sir Charles Tupper's Adinn. and was again re-el. at g.e., 1896. Resigned his seat in the Cabinet, July 8, 1896, when Hon. Wilfrid Laurier's Admn. came into power. Re-el. at g.e., 1900. An Episcopalian. A Conservative.
Second s. of Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, Bt. B. at Amherst, N.S., Aug. 3, 1855. Ed. at Windsor Acad., N.S., and McGill Univ., Montreal, where he won the Gov.-Gen.'s scholarship. Grad. LL.B. Harvard Univ. 1876. Called to the Bar of N.S., 1878, Q.C. 1890. Called to the Ontario Bar, 1895, and el. mem. Ex. Council, Can. Bar Assn., 1896. Practised at Halifax. El. to Ho. of Commons for Pictou at g.e., 1882, re-el. at g.e., 1887, 1891, 1896 and 1900. Entered the Macdonald Admn. as Minister of Marine and Fisheries, May 31, 1888, and held same office in Abbott Admn. and Tbompson Admn. Became Minister of Justice in Bowell Admn., Dec. 21. 1894. Resigned Jan. 4, 1896, acting in concert with six of his colleagues. They again accepted office, but he remained out. Apptd. Solicitor-General in his father's Admn., May 1, 1896, and went out of office with the Govt., July 8, 1896. As Minister of Marine and Fisheries was concerned with the negotiations respecting the Behring Sea, f1sheries, and in June, l892, was apptd. agent for H.M.'s Govt. at the Behring Sea arbitration whicb met at Paris, Feb. l893. In acknowledgment of these services created, by H.M., Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George. As Minister of Justice was responsible for the Remedial Order on the Manitoba Govt. respecting Separate Schools. Was one of the Can. Ministers who attended conference with delegates from the Govt. of Nfld., Halifax, 1892. Removed to Victoria, B.C., Nov. 1897, to practice his profession. M., Sept., 1879, Janet, d. of Hon. James Macdonald, Chief Justice, N.S. Church of England. A Conservative.
Members of the Senate of Canada

Descended from Somerled Thane, of Argyle, and Lord of the Isles. Third s. of the late Alexander MacDonald, of Valley, North Uist, and Glendale, Isle of Skye. B. in Co. of Inverness, Scotland, 29 Nov., 1832. Ed. there. Came to B.C. in 1851. M. 17 Mar., 1857, Catherine, second dau. of Capt. J.M. Reid, of Hon. H.B. Co., service. Has acted as Capt. of the Militia and a Collector of Customs. Elected Mayor of the City of Victoria, 1866, and again, in 1871. Served as a mem. of first Board of Education, Road Commr., etc. Sat for Sooke in V.I. Assembly, from 1859, for several years, and was also a mem. of the L.C. of B.C. Apptd. to the Senate on B.C. entering the Dominion, 13 Dec., 1871. A Liberal Conservative. Armadale, Victoria: Union Club, Victoria, B.C.
Scotch parents. B. in Packenham Village, Ont, Sept. 28, 1844. Ed. at the Public School there, and has since been engaged in newspaper work. M. Eva Bond at Almonte, Ont., 1869. Established the Almonte Gazette in 1867, and moving out to Victoria, B.C., in 1884, established the Victoria Times, which he has since published. An unsuccessful candidate for Ho. of Commons at g.e., 1891, at bye-election in 1896, and g.e., 1896. Called to the Senate, Nov. 18, 1897. A Liberal.
The Lieutenant-Governor

JOLY, DE LOTBINIERE, HON. SIR HENRI GUSTAVE, K.C.M.G., K.C., D.C.L., LL.D., P.C.S. Son of the late Gaspard Pierre Gustave Joly, a Huguenot native of France, and Jule Christine Chartier de Lotbiniere, grand dau. of the last Marquis de Lotbiniere. B. in France Dec. 5, 1829, and educated there. Coming to Canada, was called to the Quebec Bar, 1855; Q.C., 1878. Elected to Canadian Assembly at general election, 1861, for Lotinbiere. Took prominent part in (rebates on Confederation, acting with Dorion, Holton, Huntington and other Liberal leaders. In the first election to House of Commons, 1867, returned by acclaimation for Lotbiniere, and also to Quebec Assembly. Remained a member of both these bodies until 1874, when, dual representation abolished, he remained in the local Legislture. Led the Opposition until March, 1878, when Lieut.-Gov. Letellier dismissed his ministers, and called on Mr. Joly to form a Govt., which he did. Resigned Premiership, 1879, and acted again as leader of Opposition until 1883. Remained in Assembly until Nov. 1885, when he resigned his seat in consequence of the Riel agitation, of which he disapproved. Re-appeared in political life at the Dom. Lib. Convention, Ottawa, 1893, of which he was vice-chairman. Stood for Pontneuf at general election, 1896, and was elected. Entered the new Laurier admn. at Ottawa, July 13, 1896, as Controller of Inland Revenue. Sworn of the Queen's Privy Council of Canada, June 30, 1897, and called to the Cabinet as Minister of Inland Revenue. Declined a seat in the Senate in 1874 and again in 1877. Was offered a portfolio in the latter year by the Premier of Canada, but declined. Was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, May, 1895. Is an Hon. D.C.L. of Lennoxville Univ., 1887, and an LL.D. of Queen's Univ., Kingston, 1894. Has always taken an active interest in Forestry, and in 1885 was elected V.P. of the American Forestry Congress at Boston. Is the author of much valuable literature on the subject. Has been a mem. of the Council of Agricutlure, Prov. Que., and of various other agricultural and fruit growing associations. Has been V.P. of the Imperial Federation League in Canada. In 1888 was authorized by Leg. to add his mother's name, de Lotbiniere, to that of Joly. In September, 1896, was entrusted with diplomatic mission of conducting Li Hung Chang, Viceroy of China, through Canada. Made a mem. the Imperial Order of the Double Dragon in recognition of this service. Married, 1856, Margaretta Josepha, d. of the late Hammond Gowan; Quebec. Church of England. Appointed Lieut.Gov., June 21, 1900.
Members of the Provincial Legislature

Re-presented Cowichan during the first provincial Parliament of B.C., 1871-75. Sat for the Islands in the Sixth Parliament, g.e., 1890, and for Victoria Dist. In the Seventh Parliament, 1894-98. El. for Victoria North as a supporter of the Turner Govt. by a majority of 15. Reel. at g.e., 1900. Elected Speaker at session of 1898, the close of the Seventh Legis., and again, July 1900, for the Ninth Legis. A Conservative.
EDERTS, HON. DAVID McEWEN K.C. (Victoria South)
S. of the late W.D. Eberts, of Chatham, Ont. B. at Chatham, April 22, 1850. Ed. at Chatham gram. sch. and Hellmuth Coll., London. Admitted a solicitor, 1880 ; called to the Bar, 1882; bencher Law Soc., 1884; Q.C., 1892. A practising barrister. M. June, 1884, Mabel Hope, eldest d. of William Charles, late inspecting chief factor H.B. Co. El. to Leg. at g.e., 1890, 1894, 1898 and 1900. Was Atty.-Genl., in the Turner Admn., March, 1896 - Aug., 1898. Apptd. Attorney General in the Dunsmuir Admn., June 15, 1900. A Liberal-Conservative.
HALL, RICHARD (Victoria)
B. in Grass Valley, Cal., U.S., April 3, 1853. Parents English. Ed. at R.C. Coll. and Ch. of Eng. Collegiate Sch., Victoria, B.C. M., 1887, Louisa, d. of John Kinsman, Esq., of Victoria. Insurance and Real Estate Agent. Is owner in three sealing schooners. El. to Legis. g.e. 1898 and l900. A Liberal.
B. Oct. 23, 1867, at Dover, Kent, Eng. Ed. at Sutton, Valence Gram sch., and Dover College. From 1887 to 1893 engaged in tobacco planting in Virginia. Removed to B.C. A farmer. Pres. Central Farmers Institute; pres. Metchosin Institute; dir. Datrymen's Assn. of B.C.; sec.-treas. of the B.C. Fruit Growers' Assn. A mem. Anglican Synod. In 1898 he was defeated by 11 votes in Esquimault. Elected at g.e. 1900. Would belong to a B.C. party, if it were possible.
S. of Hon. J.S. HeImcken, at one time speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island. B. Dec. 22, 1869, at Victoria. A Barrister and a King's Counsel. Elected to Legislature at the general election of 1894; re-el. at g.e., 1898 Mid 1900. A Conservative.
B. at Richmond Hill, Co. of York, Ont., Mar. 21,1861. S. of the late George McPhillips, D.L.S.C.E. Parents both Irish. Ed. at Manitoba Coll., at Winnipeg, Man. M., Sophia Emily Davie, d. of the late Hon. A.E.B. Davie, Q.C. A Barrister-at-Law. Called to the Bar in Manitoba, in Trinity Term, 1882, and to the Bar of B.C., 1891. Presidt. of the Victoria Bar Assn., 1898-1899. Vice-Pres. of the Union Club, 1896, 1897, 1898 and 1899. Was a Lieut. in the 90th Batt. of Winnipeg in 1885, and served throughout the Northest Rebellion (medal and clasps). Retired in 1890 with rank of Captain, The author of a pamphlet on the school question. A. Roman Catholic. El. to Leg at g.e., 1898 and 1900. A Conservative.
POOLEY, HON. CHARLES K.C., C.E. (Esquimalt)
S. of Thomas Pooley, of Huntingdonshire, Eng. and, his wife Sarah, d. of Thomas Brighty. B. at Upwood, Eng., Feb. 9 1845. Ed. at the Huntingdon and Redford gram sch. Entered the public service of B.C. Called to the Bar 1877; a bencher of the Law Soc., 1884; Q.C., 1887. Has held a seat in the Leg. since 1882; Speaker, 1887-89. President of the Council in the Robson Cabinet and held same office In the Davie Ministry and in the Turner Ministry, retiring with Premier Turner, Aug. 8, 1898. A Conservative. M., Nov. 1869, Elizabeth, only d. of William Fisher, formerly M.L.A. for Esquimalt. Their d. was married Nov. 5, 1896, to Hon. Victor A. Stanley, R.N., second son of the Earl of Derby.
Municipal Officials

Nominations from the 15 Jan 1901, Victoria Daily Colonist, pg.1
For MayorCharles Hayward, acclaimed
North Ward
John Leander Beckwith, commission agent
Edward Bragg, contractor
Thomas Andrew Brydon, contractor
John Kinsman, contractor
Center Ward
Andrew Stewart, monumental dealer, acclaimed
Robert Taylor Williams, publisher, bookseller & stationer, acclaimed
John Stuart Yates, barrister-at-law, acclaimed
South Ward
Wm. George Boggs, broker
Henry Cooley, contractor
John Hall, gentleman
Joseph York, gentleman
School TrusteesBeaumont Boggs, broker
Marion H, Grant, housewife
Lewis Hall, doctor of dental surgery
Alfred Huggett, salesman
George Jay, barrister-at-law
Election results from the 18 Jan 1901, Victoria Daily Times, pg.3
(*) were elected
           North Ward                  South Ward
          *Thomas A. Brydon   630     *W.G. Cameron   352
          *J.L. Beckwith      572     *H. Cooley      328
          *John Kinsman       505     *John Hall      300
           Edward Bragg       356      Joseph York    199

           School Trustees
          *Lewis Hall       816
          *George Jay       706
          *Alfred Huggett   638
           Mrs. G. Grant    604
           Beaumont Boggs   558
City Employees
from: 'Annual Reports of the Corporation of the City of Victoria for the Year Ending 31 Dec 1901
City TreasurerCharles Kent
Assistant City ClerkEdwin C. Smith
City Engineer, City Surveyor & Water Works EngineerC.H. Topp, C.E.
Assistant City Engineer & DraughtsmanJohn S. Adam
Clerk & Accountant City Engineer's OfficeH.P. Orton
Water CommissionerJas. L. Raymur
Chief of the Fire DepartmentThomas Watson
Assistant Chief of the Fire DepartmentHenry McDowell
Superintendent Electric WorksMatthew Hutchison
Chief of PoliceJ.M. Langley
his report mentioned the following: R. Lewellyn, resigned 25 Feb to join a contingent going to South Africa
Thomas Mitten, appointed Nov 1887, d.10 Aug 1901
A.S. Mouat, appointed 1891, d.20 Aug 1901
new appointments:Wesley Harper, J. Northcott & Stuart Jackson
City Assessor, Building Inspector, Supt. Public Works & Purchasing AgentWm. W. Northcott
Assistant City Assessor, etcWm. Scowcroft
Manager of the Home for the Aged and InfirmHenry H. Hobbis
City AuditorJas. L. Raymur
LibrarianHenry Goward, M.A., LL.B.
Park SuperintendentJohn G. Thomson
Medical Health OfficerHermann M. Robertson, M.D.
Sanitary, Sewerage & Plumbing InspectorJames Wilson
Secretary Ross Bay CemeteryW.J. Dowler
City ClerkWellington J. Dowler
Assistant City ClerkErnest W. Bradley
City BarristerW.J. Taylor
City SolicitorJ.M. Bradburn
Police MagistrateH.E. Hall
Police Court ClerkFrancis Page
Street InspectorLeonard Pusey
Water Rate CollectorAuguste F. Borde
Revenue & Road Taxes CollectorW.P. Winsby
Market SuperintendentE.C. Johnson
Cemetery KeeperRobert Allen

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