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The enumeration of southern Vancouver Island was split between two enmeration districts. Some confusion may arise because the names of political boundries and enumeration boundries are similar but do not share the exact boundries. The area that this work covers includes all of the Victoria enumeration district and part of the Vancouver enumeration district. Many of the smaller Gulf Islands are also in these enumeraotion districts.

The Victoria enumeration district includes the political districts of Victoria City, Metchosin, part of the Esquimalt District and part of the Victoria South District.

The Vancouver enumeration district includes the political districts of part of the Esquimalt District, part of the Victoria South District and the Victoria North District. This enumeration district also includes the remainder of Vancouver Island butthe transcription of that part will be left to others to do. Note: the City of Vancouver is not in this enumeration district; the Vancouver here stands for Vancouver Island.

Each census enumeration district is divided into a number of smaller areas. These divisions have between 5 and 52 pages of personal census. There are 20 divisions in the Victoria City enumeration area. Metchsoin is all in one division and the part of the Victoria South District that is in the Victoria enumeration district has 3.

Finally the bands of the Cowichan Indian Agency that are in southern Vancouver Island, and were enumerated, will also be added.

Two Schedules from this census are available on microfilm:

1. Population (films 6429 & 6430), and
2. Buildings and Lands, Churches and Schools (film T-6436).


The addresses were taken from Schedule No. 2. Most of these addresses are the same as those found in the 1900 directory. Some will have a slightly different number, while others are completely different. The time lag between the directory information being collected and the enumeration left plenty of time for people to move accounting for most of this discrepancy. Of course some will be enumerator errors.



1. Dwelling house
2. Family or Household

3. Name of each person in family, or household on 31st March 1901
4. Sex
5. Colour (This questioned was not transcribed)
6. Relation to head of family or household
7. Single, married, widowed or divorced
8. Month and date of birth
9. Year of birth
10. Age at last birthday
(The date of birth should be accepted with caution because you do not know who was the informant, if they were telling the truth or if they knew the truth. Many inaccurate dates were given.)

11. Country or place of birth - a 'u' (for urban) or 'r' (for rural)
may be included in this box
12. Year of immigration to Canada
13. Year of naturalization
(Some people's year of naturalization was earlier than the year 'to Canada'. Naturalization was not becoming a Canadian citizen but was becoming a British Subject. For example: a Constantine Riga migrated to England, becames a British Subject in 1866 and then moved to Canada in 1895.)
14. Racial or Tribal origin (This questioned was not transcribed)
15. Nationality (This questioned was not transcribed)
16. Religion

17. Profession, occupation or trade or means of living of each person (If person has retired from profession or trade, add "r" for retired)
The remaining questions were not transcribed.

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