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Page 102
Information Given
Page Line Surname, Given
Races by male and female Children: by male and female (Children) At School: by male and female
Remarks: Occupations. Also number of births, deaths and marriage in the last year.
1871DIR: Entries from the 1871 Victoria Directory
102 01 Bowden, W.
White: 2 male 4 female Children: 1 male 3 female At School: 1 male 3 female
Remarks: VDS: Death: At Victoria on July 27, 1870, Amelia Bowden, aged 40 years, wife of W. Bowden, Inspector of Police. She was a native of Kingston, Devonshire, England.
1871DIR: W. Bowden, Inspector of Police, Pandora St
102 02 Woollacott, P.
White: 1 male 2 female Native: 1 female Children: 1 female
1871DIR: Philip Woollacott, gaoler, the barracks
102 03 Pitts, S.
White: 1 male
1871DIR: Sydney J. Pitts, r. Fort St
102 04 Beaty, L.F.
White: 4 male 2 female Children: 1 male 1 female